17 Proven ways to dry clothes in doors


If you live at a place where there is plenty of sunlight then drying clothes will not be an issue for you however sometimes you have plenty of sun light but still you don’t have space to hang your clothes for drying. The most convenient way to dry clothes is through fully automatic washing machine or using clothes dryers that fully dry your clothes but no doubt its easier but its still very expensive.


So what to do .i will give you some my home proven tips that will make your life easier.

  1. Don’t overfill the washing machine. If you want them to dry soon put lesser clothes in one wash cycle.
  2.  User Humidifier, it surely makes drying of clothes very fast.
  3. Spread the clothes as much as you can.
  4. Open the window if possible.
  5. try to select the most warm room or area of your house for drying clothes.
  6. Better to start the clothes washing process early in morning so you get some sun shine during the day time.
  7. Is possible put clothes near fan or heater.
  8. Try to remove some extra waster in the clothes by using your hands .
  9. If you need any cloth very urgently than you can use your hair drier or you can even iron you clothes to dry them immediately.
  10. If you have some spare towels in your home than if you apply the wet towels over the clothes it absorbs the moisture but please remember that some towels are very good in absorbing moisture so you should only choose such a towel.
  11. if  you are using a dryer than don’t overload your dryer.
  12. Separate the heavy clothes like towels and blankets from light weight clothes and put them separately inside the dryer.
  13. If your clothes are in open for drying,after every two hours make your clothes upside down so that the other side also get the heat.
  14. Another very good tip is that put a towel on the wet cloth and put hot iron on the towel. This will dry the clothes  very quickly .please remember that putting iron directly on the wet cloth is dangerous and can damage it.
  15. Try to hanger your pants and trousers as shown in the figure below.
    drying pants and trousers









  16. If you have a spare room than it is a good idea to install a ceiling fan in it. Just spread the clothes and start the fan within few hours your clothes will be dry like a charm.
  17. Another very effective way to dry clothes in cold or in rainy season is that put the clothes in plastic bags and put in freezer. next day you just iron it and you are ready to wear it. It may seems unbelievable but this trick also removes the bad smell and kills any residing bacteria as they cannot tolerate such cold temperature.

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