What is a CLAM fishing reel?

CLAM fishing reel actually has dual meanings. Firstly, a clam fishing reel, refers to a fishing reel that it is packed inside a package that is visible from outside. In simpler words, you can call any fishing reel as a clam fishing reel as long as it comes in a transparent box.

The benefit of clam box for fishing reel is that the customer can see exactly what he is buying. When you are planning to give a gift to any fishing enthusiast, then it is preferable that you chose a fishing reel that comes in a plastic clam. Here is link to one such fishing reel which is also record breaking top seller at Amazon with a bundle of positive reviews. If you need to read detailed comparison and reviews of fishing reels please see this article about push button fishing reels.

Another meaning of clam fishing reel, is the fishing reel produced by famous manufacturer of quality ice fishing equipment brand named CLAM. This brand is famous for making not only fishing reels but also fish traps, fishing rods and fishing nets. The price of clam fishing reels usually vary form 30 dollars to 100 dollars.

More about CLAM brand

CLAM brand is considered a leader in the ice-fishing industry offering a full line of hardwater fishing supplies, including the Fish Trap® (flip over shelters), Clam™ pop-up hub-style shelters, IceArmor™ by Clam (outerwear: bibs, parkas, head & hand) and Clam Ice Fishing clothing (base layer, socks, boots). Also offering a variety of Dave Genz Signature Series rods/reels and Jason Mitchell Elite Series rods/reels (ice and summer fishing).

Why people prefer CLAM fishing reel and other equipment

Ice fishing is a fun and exciting way to spend time with family and friends. It’s also a great way to get outside during the winter months, enjoy nature, and catch some fish! But it can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. That’s why CLAM brand, was born – so that everyone can experience all of the benefits of ice fishing. They sell everything from shelters to clothing so that you can stay warm while having an amazing time outdoors this winter!

Types of CLAM fishing reels

The CLAM brand is making almost 10 different types of fishing reels in different price range. Here we will mention only their names and prices.

  • Genz Ice Spooler Elite Reel (50 $)
  • Gravity Elite Reel – Hybrid (100 $)
  • Gravity Reel – Graphite (65 $)
  • Jason Mitchell Reel (35 $)
  • Predator Reel (40 $)
  • Straight Drop Reel (30$)
  • Voltage Reel (20 $)
  • Ice Team Carbon Reel (30$)
  • Kejick Reel(40$)

What makes CLAM fishing reel so special

The CLAM brand fishing reels are so special because they are designed after feed back from famous and professional fish hunters. As an example Jason Mitchell Reel is designed and developed by CLAM, after getting tips and guidelines from Jason Mitchell who is a famous hunting and fishing guide at North Dakota’s Devils Lake, United States.

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