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About Me

That’s me Doing exercise for back pain

Hi folks, my name is John Mark. I am basically a software engineer. Due to my nature of job i mostly have to sit on my work chair for prolonged duration. In March 2017 i started facing back pain specially in my lower part of spine and within a year in 2018 it grew to a level that i had to postpone all my commitments and i can hardly sit or stand at one place for a very long time.

Doctors suggested me to change my life style and to cut long things short i had to experiment various pillows and mattresses in an effort to minimize my pain.

In 2019 I  decided to start a blog on the topic of beds, mattresses and pillows and share my thoughts on the topic.

My aim will be to help you decide the best sort of mattress that suits your needs. You can always contact me via feedback form given below.


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