Top 5 Air purifier with heater for your bedroom in 2020

​An air purifier with a heater is a great blessing for your bedrooms because not only does it removes allergens, dust particles, pet and cigarette odor but it also provides a very effective heating mechanism for your bedroom.

​I am your blog host Amanda with another very informative article about improving your bedroom comfort level. ​Few weeks back i wrote about buying  projector with WiFi and this time i am writing about air purifiers.  I was aiming to purchase an air purifier for my bedroom and i gone through tons of added features that comes with air purifiers and the feature of builtin heating system was a very great advantage in my eyes.

​What to look for in an air purifier

​A good air purifier must perform the following tasks or in other words it must have following features

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    ​An air purifier removes all the stuff from your home that may be harmful to some one these involve all stuff of smoke, all sort of odors including odor of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, cooking, perfumes, cosmetics and mold. For this purpose HEPA filters are used.
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    ​An air purifier removes dust mites, dander and smell of animals or small kids urine from your home.
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    An air purifier can also trap mosquitoes and flies if has this optional feature.

​​Top 5 Air purifiers with heaters

Its becomes very hard in making decision of which air purifier to buy because of too many brand options but it is a great way to purchase the one with best overall user reviews. I have tried my best to choose the air purifiers that are not only budget friendly but they should also look good and aesthetically appealing in your bedroom. I also prefer to suggest amazon best seller products to my readers that are also on sale so that my blog reader get the maximum benefit.

​1) Dyson h​eater and ​fan HEPA air purifier

​Although small in size ​Dyson air purifiers works exceptionally well for heating  both large and small room. It captures all sort of allergens, pet odor, dust particles from your bed room. Heating system is very effective and warms a medium size room in just  10 minutes and its remote control is very smart looking . Another great feature is that it throws hot and cold air in all directions which plays a vital role in effective working.

​You can also control the purifier with a mobile app and above all its on huge discount at Amazon so i suggest you not to miss the deal. If you need Alexa and WiFi enabled Dyson air purifier check out this model.

​2) GOFLAME air humidifier and heater with remote

​As per reviews received by November 2020 we have added GO​FLAME air purifier and heater at the second position in our list. The reason is some really great features that includes that it is not only an air purifier but ​air cooler, heater and humidifier at the same time.Other than that it provides excellent cooling and heating in such a low price tag under ​170 dollars.

  • It has a 7 Liters water tank and you will feel an instant decrease in temperature caused by water evaporation.
  • You can put the two water bottles in freezer and later on put the bottles in the water tank and enjoy cool breeze like an air conditioner in such low price.
  • Now we come to heating mechanism which is very very energy efficient because heating in produced through ​positive temperature coefficient (PTC) mechanism.
  •  These PTC heaters are very safe and are in use for centuries for heating purpose.
  • Air purification is very convenient and after few weeks you can wash the air filter your self on do it yourself basis.
  • ​Although it throws hot air but you can easily carry it through a convenient handle or drag it in any room or near the sofa while watching your favorite Netflix shows.
  • This mobility is due to four imported and strong caster wheels fitted at the base of the heater.
  • Other very salient features are 3 level adjustable wind speed and transparent water level indicator so that you can refill its tank.

​​3) Dyson DP04 air purifier heater with Alexa

​This is another great model by Dyson and only difference it has is that it can be operated through WiFi and it is also Alexa enabled. This is a great feature and just through your voice your can control the air purifier, however you need an Alexa enabled speaker to benefit from this feature. It automatically senses and reports air quality levels on LCD display on air purifier, including ​allergens, smoke, dog or cat smell and hair. But please remember that it is not a cooler or an air conditioner its just like a fan and a heater. The android app by Dyson has a great feature that tells  filter capacity and tells you exactly when you need to change the filters.

​​4) pureHeat Energy efficient Air Purifier

​The second best air purifier cum heater which i have chosen for my blog reader is by pureHeat. It comes with excellent features like timer based control which can be set through its remote. Its kids friendly and the grill is also kids safe as you can touch it without getting burnt. LCD temperature display shows you your room temperature. It uses photo catalytic oxidation to actively purify the air and surfaces in your home from bacteria, mold, viruses, germs, and allergens.

​5) pureHeat Heater/ Air Purifier System

This is another great air purifier with builtin in heating system and off course the air purifier system that utilizes 1500 W of electricity . Its design is compact but performance in terms of heating and cleaning is up to the mark. The remote control is wireless and the front of the device is never over heated so it becomes dangerous to touch. The heater and air purifier is noise free and doesn't cause any disturbances. 

​The only drawback is that it is not meant to be used for extreme cold winters however in most of cases it succeeds in maintaining a room temperature of 30 degrees.

​6) Space Heater with air purifier

Another great heating system with builtin air purifier builtin is from BRISON. This heater has excellent user feedback and you can run it in three modes that are cool Fan, low and high heat. This is the best option if you are not in a mood to spend more. One of its great features is its intelligent heating element that maintains your room temperature at a certain level you have specified. It consumes 1500 W of electricity and it is super quite with over heat protection system. Due to its small size its ideal for use by travelers at high altitudes and in camps. 

​Air Purifier Filter Replacement

​Whatever company air purifier you are using either Dyson or pureHeat you will surely need a filter replacement after some time. So i thought to specify some amazon best seller services for filter replacement.

7) Electric Fan Heater Leafless Heater

​This leafless fan heater had excellent reviews on Amazon with a powerful air purification system. It not only works in winter but also cools your room in summers. During The dry season it can be used to humidify your room. This fan heater is totally safe for kids and pets and no exposed heating element which can give electric shock. It has patented rotation technology that spreads the warm or cool air in every direction of the room. The fur heater is very intelligent and measures the room temperature and adjusts its own air temperature accordingly. The surprising thing that was appreciated by our review team was its powerful air throw that makes it capable of warming the large room very quickly. This was made possible due to the patented air multiplier technology. The thermostat is very smart and saves lots of electricity units by automatically shutting down as soon as a specific temperature is met. Lastly it is highly efficient and silent although the air blow is little bit less.

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Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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