Ashton drake vs reborn dolls

Ashton Drake dolls and reborn dolls have several differences. First of all Ashton Drake dolls are completely made in a factory located in North Mary, United States. Every inch of an Ashton Drake doll-like eyelashes, nails, eyebrows, and feet are totally made in the factory using machines.

However, the reborn dolls are made using a different process. First of all reborn dolls are sculpted from clay and in the later step the hands, feet, and fingers are attached. These body parts are mass-produced in different factories and later on sent to different artists who use them to make reborn dolls.

The stuffing, body paint, body assembly, and hair design of Ashton Drake dolls are done in the factory by people who work for Ashton drake company. However, these steps are carried out by private artists in the case of reborn dolls.

Reborn dolls are more realistic as compared to Ashton Drake dolls. The nails of reborn dolls are more realistic and painted well as compared to Ashton Drake dolls.

Usually, Ashton Drake dolls don’t have any blushing on the cheeks, hands, and other body parts. Custom-made reborn dolls have blushing cheeks and glowing skin.

Reborn dolls have hand-painted eyebrows that are artistically made to resemble real human eyebrows. However, the Ashton drake dolls either have no eyebrows or if present they are very light-colored.

The biggest difference between the Reborn dolls and Ashton Drake dolls is in the hair present on the head of the dolls. The hair of reborn dolls is much more realistic and hair is dense and added on the head one or two hairs at a time skilfully by the artist. However, in the Ashton Drake doll’s hair, if you look closely you can see where the hair enters the head.

Ashton Drake dolls are mass-produced in factories and are cheaper and affordable compared to Reborn dolls that are hand-made by artists with every minute detail.

Why Reborn dolls are more expensive

It’s hard to believe, but reborn dolls have been around for over two decades! These incredibly life-like dolls are made from vinyl and silicone and can be customized to look like any baby imaginable. Reborn enthusiasts often spend hours painting and dressing their dolls, creating amazingly realistic scenes. Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime fan of reborn dolls, this blog post is for you! In it, we’ll explore the history of these fascinating creations and take a look at some of the best reborn artists out there. We’ll also discuss the different types of reborn dolls available today and share some tips on how to care for them. So, come on in and learn all about reborn dolls!

They can be quite expensive, but many people collect them because they are so lifelike and custom-made by artists by spending a huge amount of effort and time. If you’re interested in learning more about reborn dolls, keep reading! I’ll explain what they are, how they’re made, and who typically buys them.

More about Ashton Drake Dolls

Dolls have been around for centuries, serving as both playthings and cherished keepsakes. While the popularity of dolls may wax and wane over time, there is one type of doll that has stood the test of time: the Ashton Drake Doll. These collectible dolls are renowned for their realism and craftsmanship, and enthusiasts flock to them each year to add new pieces to their collections. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced collector, this guide will give you all the information you need to know about Ashton Drake Dolls. We’ll take a look at what makes these dolls so special, explore some of the most popular collections, and teach you how to buy them securely and affordably.

My first interaction with real dolls

Since my teen, I was always in love with babies. After my marriage I was blessed with three kids, I really enjoyed their childhood. As they grew up I was missing little babies in my home. Once I saw human-like babies in the market and they look really adorable. After that, I purchased 3 different babies that look just like real lively humans. It really feels cool when you hug them or kiss them. The most fascinating thing about them is that they can breathe just like humans. Some of these can even cry and move a bit. These features add up to their cuteness.

The real-like babies are equally popular with elders and toddlers. Elders like them for their cuteness and as a replacement for real babies in their homes. While kids use them to play different role-playing games in which they act like brothers, sisters, or parents of the baby.

It’s quite easy to find new clothes for these babies as their size is almost the same as that of newborn babies. So in just a few bucks, you can have new clothes for your baby doll.

Our selected real like baby dolls with heartbeat and movement


Linda Murray Breathing baby

Best Pick

This Linda Murray baby doll is at the top of my list because of its extreme level of cuteness and the way it responds to your touch. The great feeling of her heartbeat makes you go to sleep very early as you hug her. You can also feel the heartbeat while you hold her in your arms or put your hand on her chest. Both the skin and clothes of the baby are soft and lovable. The curly hair is just like real human hair and you feel so much relaxation as you move your fingers in the head of the baby.

At first look, the baby looks a little tan, just like Indians but I really love her from the core of my heart.

Ashton baby doll

Staff Pick

The second most adorable real-like doll in my collection is Ashton. He is a baby boy and if you are more interested in buying a human-like baby boy Ashton should be your first choice. He looks like a typical American baby and you feel an instant desire to kiss him as you hold him in your arms. I would call this doll a masterpiece of handicraft skills. If you look at the minute details like the hair, nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows and counting goes on, every part of her body is excellent craftsmanship.

When you put Ashton in bed, he closes his eyes, but you can surely feel her heart beating slowly. This scene is my personal favorite and I sometimes even keep silent so that Ashton won’t wake up.

Realistic Silicone Baby Doll

It’s a new reborn baby doll and it seems that her age is almost 6 months old. From a distance of a few meters, you cannot distinguish whether she is a dull or human baby. Its height is 22 inches and you can hold her easily in your arms with really lovely feeling. It’s very soft to hold and to sleep with. If you are feeling problems sleeping you can hug her and she will help you forget your worries. It can sit or lay down and it will keep its posture due to flexible body parts. It cannot blink its eyes so that is a little drawback. It looks like a real baby at first look and most of my friends are confused that she is real or a doll. Sometimes when I sleep with her. I can really feel her heartbeat but I know it’s all my imagination.

You should buy this for your children to give them the real experience of taking care of babies. This will boost their imagination.

Anano real like a baby doll

It’s time to buy dolls for babies which have a real look because this generation of kids are smart and they don’t like old-time dolls. Children of age 3 and above can play with it and they can role play as an elder sister or a mother. Its height is 20 inches from head to toe and it is made by hand with soft vinyl. This doll is giving a realistic feeling to the children and they spent hours dressing her and playing with her. It looks like a real baby. Every effort is made to give it a real look. When you will see its face its eyelashes, its hair and it,s lips you can’t stop yourself but just kiss it.

The baby doll’s arms and legs can be moved freely, but the baby doll cannot be put in water. It helps children to improve their imagination so that they can take care of babies in a real life. It will improve children’s love and affection for babies.

Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll

Kaydora baby doll is a new gift for your young one especially if you want to decrease their mobile or screen using time. This doll is made for kids and adults both and its material is extra soft silicone. With a size of 22 inches, it resembles a real human baby with a heartbeat. You can give this doll as a gift to your babies on Christmas and on a birthday present and they will surely love it even if they are not doll lovers. Its arm’s and legs can be moved freely. It can be seated in different postures and due to patent technology, it will maintain the posture you put her. By playing with this doll your kids will improve their imagination and they will become more responsible for looking after the doll. They can apply their learning in the real life by taking care of babies which have yet to become part of their families.

Bella Rose is breathing baby

It’s a good time to buy a Bella Rose breathing doll with all the cuteness. It has so many features which resemble a real baby from head to toe. It can breathe, move, and has a heartbeat. It is so soft that it looks like a real baby and you try to grab her cheeks instantly. Playing with it children will learn the real experience of taking care of babies. She arrives in a sleeping dress adorned with roses. The best thing about her is that she smells like a real baby due to the high-quality material used.

Realistic Baby Doll with disappearing milk

It’s a good time to buy a Realistic newborn baby doll with a magic disappearing milk bottle that makes her look just like a real baby. This feature is so much important to toddlers as they role-play as the parents of babies. They feed the doll with a milk bottle and when milk disappears it is very much satisfying to them. Pacifier, bib, and soft blanket is an excellent addition to the baby gift set and is enough to make your little daughter or son happy.

This doll has a real look as it opens its mouth for the pacifier to fit. It will give the toddlers the real-life experience, of how to feed the baby. It has newborn child effects. Its arms and legs can be moved freely and the baby can keep the sitting position for a long time. It’s a perfect gift for children at Christmas and on birthday events. It will help children to get practical experience about how to change their own clothes or the clothes of their younger siblings.

KOOKAMUNGA interactive doll

KOOKAMUNGA doll is although not much realistic as other we have mentioned above it is quite ahead in features and price is also very less. It starts sleeping when you lay it start. It takes breadth and you can feel her heart beating. When you feed her, she becomes happy and makes amusing noises. When you take her pacifier away, she will start weeping. Your toddler will feel that he has got a partner whom he has to look after and feed. This will surely make the kid more wiser and responsible.

If you feel that your toddler is too much arrogant this gift will be an aid in making him humble and soft-spoken.
A great sight of enjoyment is when you give the doll the pacifier, and instantly she stops crying and falls asleep within a few seconds.

JIZHI Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll

This newborn baby doll is so soft that you wish to hug him and kiss him. you get a lot of stuff from the baby free with the doll. The staff includes a soft cradle in which the baby sleeps. The great thing about this finger is that it shows slight resistance when you take out her nursing bottle or magnetic pacifier. When you hold the baby he also moves his fingers just like real baby fingers.

CHAREX Reborn Baby Doll

Budget Pick

This baby doll is a girl with brown and we included it in our list because of positive reviews and its soft body with an extra cute face. The body parts are completely movable. The doll can move her arms and legs and can maintain the sitting position as well.

The dress of the baby girl is also very cute and you can change it and wash it very easily. It also giggles and goes to sleep when kids play with it. The diaper bag and pillow also come with the baby gift set. The feeding bottle is very interesting as milk in it disappears as the baby takes its feed.

The important thing about this doll set is its packing which is in the form of a pull-out draw with lots of doll accessories. The doll has a heartbeat which kids enjoy especially when they do role-play as a doctor.


Our review team not only went through tons of reviews and after that, we came up with this list of the best realistic babies that can breathe and move in a natural way. I hope you like our selected products and do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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