Best 3 And 2 Door Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet in 2020

When you think about furnishing and decorating your home, beds, sofas, curtains, rugs, cutlery and other such household objects immediately come to mind. People often furnish every nook and cranny of their house, from their bedroom and guestrooms to the kitchen and laundry room however, when it comes to bathrooms, a lot of people tend to forget them entirely. While the rest of the house is definitely important and needs furnishing, the bathroom needs some personality as well. It shouldn’t look like a slightly better version of a public bathroom. Just like the rest of your house, it should have its own personality that leaves a lasting impression. 

Arguably the most important part of furnishing your bathroom would be to add storage space. From extra hand sanitizers and shampoos to shaving creams and beauty products, all of them require quite a lot of storage space. No matter how well you decorate the bathroom, if there is a mess lying right on the sink, it takes away from the beauty of it all. This is why having storage cabinets is necessary. Even if you don’t have the budget or inclination to make your bathroom look particularly stunning, cleaning up a mess always makes it look better. 3 and 2 door mirrored bathroom cabinets give plenty of space for anything that you might require to place in them and are a perfect option considering that they take up very little space and help you make your bathroom look better and organized. In this list, I have detailed the best 3 and 2 door mirrored bathroom cabinets.

Croydex Westbourne Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet (Best 3 Door Bathroom Closet)

Croydex Westbourne Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet
Croydex Westbourne Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet

The first option in this list i.e the Croydex Westbourne Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet offers you a ton of space. It is 30-Inch x 36-Inch and is hanged on the wall, which saves floor space and gives the bathroom more storage without making it feel stuffed or full. It has a shiny silver/white finish that gives it an aesthetic that fits with most tiled bathrooms and blends in with the aesthetic. It practically disappears from your view unless you pay attention which is one of its best selling points. It has an easy lock-and-hang system that makes installing it incredibly easy even for the average man.

Its triple doors have 110-degree hinges that let them swing freely for your convenience. Not only that the insides of its doors are mirrored meaning there is a mirror on the inside of the door which is a nice touch in my opinion. Overall, The Croydex Westbourne Triple Door Tri-View Cabinet is the best high budget 3 door mirrored bathroom cabinet on this list. 

Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage Cabinet (Best Aesthetic 2 Door Bathroom Cabinet)

Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage Cabinet
Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage Cabinet

The Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage Cabinet is a signature design by Sauder, a very reputable brand specializing in antique and vintage designs. This is a unique design that is not available anywhere else. It has a modernistic design that is heavily inspired by pre-industrial styles with a hint of urban in there. This piece is a 2 door cabinet that gives plenty of space for your essentials. It is constructed from engineered wood in order to ensure quality and performance and has a Caribbean blue finish that gives it a vibrant and colorful veneer. It has mirrored glass adorning the middle of each of its two doors with crisscrossing patterns of wood planks over it giving it a fresh and unique look that is not there in most of the other options in this list. It also has adjustable shelves behind its doors that maximize space efficiency without losing the unique aesthetic.

While this particular model is not too area efficient, it is a great addition to your bathroom. It brings a unique style to the bathroom that gives it a certain vibrant mood that is sure to leave an impression. That being said, it is necessary that you match the other furnishings with it in order to make it work otherwise it will end up looking gaudy and unnecessary. It is definitely the best looking 2-door mirrored bathroom cabinet in this list.

Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper Cabinet (Best Hamper Cabinet)

Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper
Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper

Unlike all the other options within this list, the Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper Cabinet is not for the purposes of providing space for bathroom products and necessities. It is for organizing laundry. There are not many guaranteed things in life, but laundry is one of them. While you may not be able to eliminate the laundry, you can contain it. The Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper Cabinet is a great option for this. It maximizes space efficiency and features two hampers that are easily contained inside it and are separated with linen cloth inner sides that help you to better organize your laundry. It fits any sized bathroom and compliments any aesthetic that you choose for it. 

The Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper Cabinet is manufactured by Crossley furniture that is famed for its unique color palette and antique aesthetic that gives your house a victorian feel. Following this theme, their hamper cabinet has two beautiful louvered doors with an espresso finish that are made from solid hardwood which gives it a medieval feel. It is easily assembled and has a great veneer construction that fools even the trained eye. It can hold several days worth of laundry so it gives you some leeway for doing your laundry as well. If you are having problems with your laundry, this is a great product that can help you with that.

Ventura Tri-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror (Best 3-Door Modern Cabinet)

Ventura Tri-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror
Ventura Tri-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror

The Ventura Tri-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror is one of the more modern designs available in the market today. It is not too over the top and is more utilitarian in its design. It has three doors that feature a mirror on their outer side giving it a great look. It measures 36-inches by 30-inches by 6-inches and is wall mountable meaning it is incredibly space-efficient. It functions not only as a cabinet but also as a wall mirror and fits well on top of your sink. It is great for holding bathroom products and necessities discreetly while keeping them well organized. 

It also features an elegant espresso finish on its thick solid wooden border frame. It is CARB compliant meaning that you have nothing to fear in terms of chemical emissions because it passes the strictest quality checks for such things. It has two shelves that run between the three doors and give plenty of space for storage. It is a great design by modern standards and fits the modern aesthetic quite well, making it a strong contender for the best 2-door mirrored bathroom cabinet. That being said, it is incredibly drab and does not bring any kind of personality to the bathroom. If you want furnishings to be vibrant and colorful then this is not your kind of cabinet. Other than that it is a great choice.

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet (Best Budget Tall Cabinet)

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet
RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet

The next item on the list is the RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner Cabinet. It is a tall corner cabinet that gives you a large amount of space. It fits well in the corner and has three shelves as well as a two-door closet making it great for any bathroom with less space. It has a beautiful looking espresso finish on its wood veneer. The doors have consecutive ridges that give it a great texture and bring personality to its design. It fits well where most other things aren’t meant to fit, in the corner. 

Its manufacturer, RiverRidge, isn’t particularly well known however, it is not worse than any of the big brand names in terms of affordability, safety, and style. The cabinet gives off a certain charm that attracts as well as pleases the eye. It focuses on delivering a product that is affordable while also fitting your home aesthetic, i.e. it is a quality product that is incredibly affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Crosley Furniture Lydia Bathroom Wall Cabinet (Best Wall-Mount Cabinet)

Crosley Furniture Lydia Bathroom Wall Cabinet
Crosley Furniture Lydia Bathroom Wall Cabinet

The Crosley Furniture Lydia Bathroom Wall Cabinet is one of the best wall-hung 2-door bathroom cabinets. It features two doors along with two drawers on the bottom and can be hung on any wall. It has a great wood veneer with an elegant espresso finish that gives it its unique aesthetic that is difficult to find elsewhere. It has beautiful louvered double doors and genuine metal hardware on things such as handles to give it appeal. Moreover, it does not require any special assembly and can be easily set up in your home even if you do not have much previous experience with these kinds of things.

Crosley Furniture, the manufacturer, is a well-reputed company that primarily sells furniture and have their own unique aesthetic with a medieval feel that goes well with some aesthetics but is not suitable for some, therefore, it is recommended you check if it fits your personal style before you invest in any uniquely styled furniture like this. However, if are able to match the aesthetic, the result is stunning and gives your home a great look.

Ventura Bi-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror (Best 2-Door Modern Cabinet)

Ventura Bi-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror
Ventura Bi-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror

The Ventura Bi-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror is the 2-door version of the Ventura Tri-View Medicine Cabinet Mirror. It is manufactured by the same company, Design House, and boasts the same features except for the triple door setup. It is of a lower price point however so it balances out. Similar to the Tri-view medicine cabinet mirror, The Bi-view cabinet mirror has an elegant espresso hardwood exterior frame that gives it its unique modern yet antique look. It measures 30-inches by 24-inches by 6-inches, which is less than the tri-view mirror but considering its price point, it is expected. Other than that, it is essentially a copy of the Tri-view mirror in every way that matters. It has mirrored doors, is surface mountable, and is CARB compliant. 

If you are on a budget or do not have the space to be able to mount a larger cabinet, then this is definitely a great fit for you. However, keep in mind that the Bi-view medicine cabinet is not particularly vibrant so you might want to pick another one with a better aesthetic if you want a colorful style in your home.

YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet (Best Classic Wall-Mounted 2-Door Bathroom Cabinet)

YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

The YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet is the most classic looking bathroom cabinet on this list. It captures the essence of the old bathroom cabinets with its stripe ridged double doors and bright color while providing the same functionality as the more modern cabinets. It features two shelves that can hold up to 15 kg of weight separately. This wall mount cabinet is made of P2 MDF and its smooth finish makes it incredibly easy to maintain and clean regularly so it doesn’t get dirty at all. It has adjustable shelves that let you move them up and down in order to fit whatever you need inside the cabinet. It’s simple and elegant design fits in any environment and makes it a great replacement, or even permanent cabinet for you bathroom or even kitchen or bedroom.

However, keep in mind that MDF is much worse than wood. It absorbs water more easily and cannot bear as much stress as wood can. It also doesn’t take nails and screws easily making repairing it a pain and a half. Not only that it is also not CARB compliant because it contains VOC which can cause irritation to the eyes and lungs.

Most of these disadvantages are countered by the manufacturer in various ways so it is safe for use, however it is definitely not as good as the other options on this list. If you are in a pinch and need a replacement cabinet in as little as possible then this one is fine but it is not great by any means and I would not recommend it.

YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Wall Mount Mirror (Best Low Budget Cabinet)

YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Wall Mount Mirror
YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Wall Mount Mirror

The YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Wall Mount Mirror is the best example of a classic bathroom cabinet. It has mirrored doors and large storage space. It has a great white aesthetic that gives it a modern feel without feeling overbearing. It features a moisture-resistant design that makes it perfect for bathrooms. You can use it without feeling anxious about whether or not it could survive in a high moisture environment. Its hard painted MDF surfaces make it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It also has modifiable and adjustable storage space. The shelves inside can be adjusted to three different heights depending on the objects you want to store so that you can use the least amount of the space as efficiently as possible. 

It has mirrored doors to help you shave and apply makeup and save you space for the mirror as well as money, no need to spend money on mirrors. This makes it go great on top of the sink. It has a classic and minimalist design that makes it go well in any environment, whether it be the living room or the bathroom. This wall cabinet won’t take you long from unpacking till starting to use as the professional instructions and hardware to set it up are provided by the manufacturer. It is the best budget 2-Door mirrored bathroom cabinet that you can buy.

HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet (Best Wall Cabinet)

HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet
HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet

The HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet is a multi-purpose cabinet that fits anywhere in your bathroom. It can serve as your mirror as well as your cabinet. It is a 2-door mirrored bathroom cabinet that is manufactured by HOMFA with high-grade MDF with mirrored doors. It has high-grade hinges as well as quality-tested white doorknobs that not only ensure its durability but also the smoothness of its opening and closing. 

It is easy to assemble and install, comes with its own hardware and detailed instructions for installation, and can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom to save space. It provides ample space for storage where you can store towels, soap, beauty/hygiene products, and more.

It has a white finish that gives it great versatility in terms of usage, it can fit in with any aesthetic. It fits especially well in the bathroom. It is a great 2-door mirrored replacement bathroom cabinet.

Comparison Table of Bathroom cabinets

Name ImageWeightDimensions FinishRating
Croydex Westbourne Triple Door Tri-View CabinetCroydex-Westbourne-Triple-Door-Tri-View-Cabinet55.4 pounds
5 x 36 x 30 inches
Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage CabinetSauder-Harbor-View-Accent-Storage-Cabinet50 pounds31.5 x 15.75 x 31.5 inchesBlue94
Crosley Furniture Tilt-Out Linen Hamper CabinetCrosley-Furniture-Tilt-Out-Linen-Hamper-Cabinet47.6 pounds
31.88 x 14.13 x 29 inches
Ventura Tri-View Medicine Cabinet MirrorVentura-Tri-View-Medicine-Cabinet-Mirror39.6 pounds
39 x 33 x 8 inches
Espresso 95
RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner CabinetRiverRidge-Ellsworth-Collection-Tall-Corner-Cabinet51 pounds
17.5 x 23.25 x 68.31 inches
Crosley Furniture Lydia Bathroom Wall CabinetCrosley-Furniture-Lydia-Bathroom-Wall-Cabinet31 pounds
24.25 x 9.25 x 25.75 inches
Ventura Bi-View Medicine Cabinet MirrorVentura-Bi-View-Medicine-Cabinet-Mirror26 pounds
24 x 30 x 6 inches
YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine CabinetYAHEETECH-Bathroom-Medicine-Cabinet27.8 pounds
23.43 x 12.2 x 23.5 inches
YAHEETECH Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Wall Mount MirrorYAHEETECH-Bathroom-Medicine-Cabinet-Wall-Mount-Mirror13.47 pounds
22.09 x 5.12 x 22.83 inches
HOMFA Bathroom Wall CabinetHOMFA-Bathroom-Wall-Cabinet15.15 pounds
22 x 5.1 x 22.8 inches


All in all, it is correct to say that bathroom cabinets are a necessary addition to any bathroom. They provide extra space that keeps your normally messy bathrooms clean and organized. They give space where you can keep your bathroom essentials like towels, hygiene products, soap, beauty products, and more. They can be used to accent the aesthetic you are trying to create while also being functional and useable. 

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