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For a shop owner LED are of prime importance as good LED lights play a vital role in boosting daily sales. I have consulted my friend David who is running a departmental store chain for about 15 years before writing this post and he think that a minimum shop light should be of power 6000k so that the products colors can be identified properly by naked eye. Following are some of important factors our review team has considered.

Features of a good shop light

We have considered many reasons before preparing our top six list, some of the factors are

  • It should be bright.
  • It should be dimmable to reduce electricity bills.
  • It should be capable to run for long hours of businesses.
  • It should detect motion and turn on or off through sensors.
  • It should be cost effective.
  • It should be link-able to create ease in turning ON and OFF simultaneously.
  • It should be remote controlled.

Although if we combine all these features in one shop light its price increases by a large factor. So we have combined lights here with most positive reviews related to their durability and over all performance.

1) Sunco 6000K 6 Pack LED Shop light

Sunco led shop lights produce soft and diffused light that although brightens a wider area but is not harsh on your eyes.

  • It just consumes 40 watt of energy and it is properly tested according to USA standards by NRTL as it is both UL and ETL certified safe product.
  • These LED lights come with a pull chain that looks very stylish. These are also more safer if you are kids at home which may get an electric shock from the switch.
  • You can always link these shop lights which not only brings peace in your life but also helps in reducing your electricity bills.
  • These LED lights are very light weight and installation is very easy with just two screws. Finally Sunco company is proudly based in USA.
  • Finally this shop light used the USA standard E26 socket which is universal standard all over the world.
  • This light fixture reduces your shop bills to 80 percent and covers a wide area up to 400 square feet.
  • If you order these through Amazon you get a money back guarantee which is a sure peace of mind.

2) Hykolity Linkable LED Shop Light

These save energy up tp 65 percent which surely reduces your electricity bills. You can
link up to 20 lights together and they can turn on or off with a simple press of
button. Hykolity lights come with 5 years worry free warranty so you won’t to take any
tension of changing lights again and again. If you want to grow indoor plants, flowers or
seedlings , these lights are an excellent choice as the light produced is very natural.
This LED light is super bright and a wide beam of light that will brighten your complete
shop. Installation is very easy and plug n play without any hustle. The warranty covers all
sorts of damages caused during shipment and after installation. The light produced is gentle to eyes, milky and not harmful for eyes.

3) Triple LED Adjustable 6000K Shop Light

What forced our reviewers include this 6000k shop light in our top list is because of its unique design, highly positive reviews at Amazon and extremely bright light.

  • If you have very dim light or even too glare light both are dangerous and put a bad impact on your customer.
  • These adjustable LED lights will totally remove glare areas in your shop. These LED lights are tested under USA standards and they don’t fade with passage of time totally no ghosting at all.
  • If you decide to install these at home they would do equally good with CRI index of 80 plus which is considered highly effective for reading and students who read books. Also CRI 80 plus LED bulbs are known to be very effective in shops as they clearly differentiate the colors of individual products.
  • Another great benefit these LED lights have is that these are adjustable up to 90 degrees and you can specifically point them in the focus area where you need more light.
  • This feature is more of interests to computer gamers or artists who draw on paper. In any case if your work in affected by dim light you should go for these LED lights.

4) Linkable stepless dimmable 6000k shop light

Many times you won’t have enough customers at your shop or your shop is sunny enough that you don’t need enough light, In this situation these 6000k bright LED lights will reduce your electricity charges as you can control them using remote control. Also with these Amazon top selling shop lights you will have full control on how much light you need in your shop as these are dimmable.

This LED light spreads light very evenly which is specially very good for growing plants so that they carry photosynthesis very effectively. One important factor when choosing lighting for your shop is that it should be capable to glow without any break because many departmental and grocery stores operate on shifts. These adjustable shop lights are tested to glow continuously for more than 50,000 hours.

5) Motion sensor light for your shop

These LED lights are different from rest as these are activated when they receive motion detection in your home or shop.

  • The touch sensors are intelligent enough that they detect even the minor movements. They really are a life savior for shop keepers as as soon as the customers enters any shop pathway the lights will be turned on automatically.
  • Because of the latest technology of 2835 LED chip, it utilizes lesser watts or power but produces more brightness in larger surface area.
  • You can increase focus on specified areas using 180 degrees to 360 degrees rotation. The installation is super easy in traditional E26/27 cap.
  • High quality imported diodes produce 6000k or 6000 lumen of light which will brighten your work area.
  • Being made of aluminum these shop lights are light weight, flexible and corrosion free.

6) SANSI waterproof flood Light for shop

These 5000K lights also come with motion sensors. These are very easy to install and have wider coverage area.

  • They reduce your electricity bills by 80 percent and give almost 50,000 hours of usage without any break.
  • These also increase security of your shop as when they light up automatically the thief becomes afraid and run away thinking the owner had come.
  • These are totally water proof so you can also use them in outer area of your shop.With imported filter lens this light provides extra bright illumination.
  • The company has positive reviews about after sales support and warranty claims.
  • You can use them in your warehouse or garage as well due to low maintenance costs.
  • Being made up of flame retarding material these are very safe and prevent any fire related issues.
  • The panel of this light is good for faster and efficient heat dissipation and thus increases the life of the shop light.


Thanks for reading our post, I hope i had contributed something better in your life and produced some ease in your life. Happy buying and don’t forget to comment.

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