Best adjustable shelving system for garage or basement in 2021

Well planned, half done. Behind every successful activity, there is a great plan and management. If you want to manage your stuff in small places, where you have very limited space option, you need to select perfect shelves to manage your garage, laundry, store room and living room stuff. Here is selection of perfect adjustable shelving systems, you would be interested in.

Fleximount adjustable shelving System

if you are searching for just the right shelf system to fit in a small space on your garage wall. Everything you need is in one box. Very heavy-duty, easy to install. Flexi mounts introduced 3-Tier Storage Wall-mounted Shelves 1x4ft 12-inch-by-48-inch per Shelf Height Adjustable Floating Shelves in black color, made of heavy gauge cold-rolled steel. Item Weight 29.4 pounds and the package dimension is 50 x 13 x 3.5 inches.

The bracket and tracks are die-stamped, folded steel approximately 2mm thick. The hardware is certainly strong. While the wire shelves are induction welded, rolled steel approximately 5mm thick. The fasteners are grade 8.8 zinc plated hex head wood screws (DIN 571) sized around a #18 or #20. These shelves come securely packed, each piece in proper wrapping. The metal shelving and brackets is quite sturdy and the powder coating is seamless. There are no burrs or rough spots anywhere.

The mounting diagram is very helpful, just find your studs and follow the instructions. A single person hardly takes 30 minutes to do it by himself. The Installation of shelves is very easy, templates help mount holes and a bubble level helps perfect horizontal location. The size and format are perfect and it holds a tremendous amount of weight. Heavy steel gauges provide safety to hold up to 150lbs per shelf (450 lbs. total).

All necessary hardware is included in the package. The adjustment is tool-free and it’s very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is Suitable for securing either wall studs or solid concrete walls. (Does not work with Metal Studs). Wall-mounted storage makes your space look neat and gets away from insects and rodents.
It gives the garage, small pantry, or kitchen more space. Height adjustable for each shelf to meet actual needs. The item comes with all the necessary hardware. The buckle design with Velcro prevents the brackets from falling or bending. High-quality screws are provided and all the hardware has gone through strict tests.
These shelves are perfect for the garage or you can set up an outdoor power tool station. In the laundry room, it can add extra storage above the washer.
It is heavy-duty, with large bolts and a solid framework. It is the only one you can find that has removable shelves, so you go with it even though it can handle much more weight than you will ever need. It is very solid and well built. If you feel the wire grates are not good for smaller cans, you can put a piece of rigid plastic or cardboard over the top can fix this.

Tangkula Custom shelving Kit

This is wall mounted storage organizer with wire shelving and hanging rods adjustable closet organizer kit. Available sizes are 3-5 feet, 3-6 feet and 4-6 feet in grey and white color. This is a good simple organizer, a few options for design can make it shorter for your closet. You don’t have to go to home depot and purchase the raw materials and make it on your own. But this setup is well worth the money and sturdy. You will not go wrong with ordering. The amount of storage for the money is really good. This is comparable to Rubbermaid shelving, which many people have used before. This Model shows three shelves, one on the left, middle, and right. They all measure 26″(so 78″) but the total length of the product is only 72″. So you will have to offset some shelves for it to work. It has a lot of storage and a hanging room. You can use it in your basement to do laundry and organize it so everyone can come to get their clothes without confusion.

This custom wardrobe rack set uses thickened and reinforced high-quality steel as the main material, and the closet poles with end caps are specially designed with anti-slide features that ensure a strong bearing capacity. Powder-coated surface treatment makes it strong, and maintenance-free, won’t rust or yellow with time, more it is easy to Install and Clean. Featuring flexible installation height and vertically/horizontally adjustable mesh shelving/clothing rods, it is convenient for you to change the closet layout according to your storage needs. This enlarged closet organizer can accommodate everything from dresses and suits to sweaters and handbags, etc. The wire shelves are coated to safeguard against rust or chipping. All necessary hardware. A step-by-step template is included for easy installation. Moreover, you can maximize your storage space by adding other configuration accessories such as wire baskets, Telescopic trousers rack and. You can also add configuration accessories freely to this kit and maximize storage space. The outdated closet only had a bar and shelf above. Great upgrade to what was before with more storage options in a small space.

This is made of Steel in 72” x 15” x 59” dimensions, the net weight is 30lbs, per shelving unit weight capacity is 11lbs and per hanging rod weight capacity is 22lbs.

Well organized, good valve, good quality, and pretty good product for the price.

This is just what you need.

Mount-It! floating wall mounted Shelves

Mount-It! Floating Wall Mounted AV Entertainment Shelf for DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Audio, Gaming Systems, 3 Black tempered glass height adjustable shelves (52.8 Lbs Capacity) support up to 22 lbs. It is elegant and modern storage designed to hold your blue-ray player, AV components, DVDs, or any other media devices. It will complement your wall-mounted TV and help you achieve an uncluttered look.
You can adjust the shelves as per your requirements measuring 16.53 inches wide by 11.81 inches deep. It can be placed at any level needed along with the wall bracket that is 7.87 inches high. The black-tinted tempered glass shelves are approximately 1/4 inch thick. The cable management clips allow you to keep it clean and organized by routing your cables neatly to your components. You can easily install it, you’ll need to mount the floating shelf wall mounting bracket to a wall stud. Then just attach your height adjustable shelves to the bracket at the level that best fits your needs. The shelves are very durable and can carry up to 17.6 lbs per shelf. Load capacity is tested to 3 times the rated load. Made from sturdy extruded aluminum and tempered glass. Its large surface area can easily hold gaming systems and Blu-Ray DVD players. Triple shelves allow you to place DVD players, cable boxes, and other AV components on the wall. Use multiple of these units to design a complete home theater system. The shelf size is 16.53″ wide x 11.81″ deep and you can adjust shelf height as per your requirements.
The shelving glass is safer and stronger than regular glass. It is very easy to install, it comes with everything you will need to mount the floating shelf wall mounting bracket to the wall stud.

It is best for external hard drive docking stations, if you want them off your desk, so you don’t accidentally hit them, this model has the highest metal bar height, allowing you to set each shelf with plenty of clearing space to pull the drives in and out of the station. After building it, you will love it!

It can hold about 15-17 pounds if the screw is drilled into the wall but can hold more if you drill into the wood. To put cables in there and is almost impossible to do after the unit is installed. Plan accordingly and pull cables through before installation.

It is well built and sturdy and it looks good. This product is fairly easy to assemble.

Good quality, nice product.

ClosetMaid adjustable height shelving system

The closet is made of vinyl-coated steel. It is a shelf track adjustable closet organizer kit. The dimensions are 12x72x49.3 inches, weigh 28 lbs. The kit has approx. 96 inches of hanging space and 144 inches of shelf space and it fits closet wall widths of 4-6 ft wide. For spaces less than 5 ft. wide, some shelf or hang track cutting may be required. It is a multipurpose adjustable shelf track closet for wire, shelving, hanging, storage, and organization. Take advantage of up to 144 inches of shelf space to organize folded items, accessories, purses, luggage, and more. This organizer kit features 12 inches deep shelving. The fixed-mount system remains the most economical on the market. True to its name, the system is fixed to the wall at set heights and is ideal for all storage areas. The ShelfTrack adjustable system allows you to hang a variety of items with ease. With up to 96 inches of hanging space depending on the installation configuration, you can easily hang dresses, coats, pants, shirts, and more. Its wire shelves allow hangers to slide without interruption.
All of the organizer system components and hardware needed for installation are included in one convenient box. For installation, follow the instructions and in addition to the accessories that come with the package, you would also need, a 1/4” hole boring bit, a 1/2” hole boring bit and a big level or a laser level
Stud finder. Stud finders are super helpful, but for the top bars you need four drywall bolts and toggles and it will hold up just fine. Take your time to ensure you’re putting it together properly. Then once you’re done, you’ll feel like a beast. Relatively easy to install and assemble, particularly if you’ve had prior building/hanging experience. Take the time to follow the instructions, USE the toggle bolts if you aren’t securing into a stud.

It is very useful if you like your stuff organized. You will love the flexibility it provides while making the closet ultra-useful. The shelf track system provides a clean look at a fairly lower price. Very fast delivery. Strong sturdy wardrobes, very easy to assemble. Gives you lots of different combinations. It will transform your bedroom, highly recommend it.

Brightmaison Wall mounted adjustable steel clothes rack

The Brightmaison wall-mounted adjustable and durable steel clothes rack is one of the hot-selling piece of cake on Amazon with mostly positive reviews. It is a Set of 4 dryings and hanging closet bar rail organizers, mounting screws and zinc Anchors, and Installation Manual and it is available in black and white color. Its dimensions are Min width of 18” and can be adjusted up to 30 ¼” Depth: 10 ¼” Height: 6” (18x12x7 inches) and it can hold 30 LBS. Each clothes bar provides about 30 inches of storage space and it is easy to affix on the wall. For a solid construction please use mounting hardware suitable for your wall material. Each rail can either be utilized L-shaped or U-shaped depending on your needs. You can hang your clothes to dry or your coats in a separate space.

These rustic and sturdy rails will provide you the flexibility to create multiple clothes hanging spaces anywhere you need it. You can mount these on the wall near your washing machine to easily hang clothes that do not go into the dryer. Your clothes will last longer, and your laundry time will be shorter. You can create the ultimate space to organize, decorate or hang your clothes to dry. This will give you and other members of the family the versatility they need to make their lives easier and get ready no longer a hassle. Create a DIY storage solution and the best part is, that you can visualize and work to make your project come alive because these wall-mounted rails can be utilized in multiple ways. When you have limited space to hang or organize your clothes, these hanging bars are the perfect solution. You can save up on floor space and be able to create a tidy closet without the bulky wardrobe solutions.

Bright Maison dresses up your walls, organizes your home, and saves a little more buck on your favorites.
When you see its sturdiness, you will love these racks a lot. These are exactly what you are looking for. The only suggestion is to purchase your own drywall anchors, the ones that come with the racks are metal and tear apart your drywall. They look great and they work.


Our review team has tried its best to shortlist not only the best-selling products but also those adjustable shelving systems that deliver the best value for your money. In the process, we had gone through each and every review and hope you will like our choices. Do comment below if we helped you in finding the right shelf for your garage.

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