User Guide for buying highest rated bed in a box on Amazon

Hi folks this is your blog host Amanda. Today i have started writing to share you some of best mattresses you can buy on Amazon. Before going further and wasting your time let me tell you that although it is a pure review sort of but it is one of my most time consuming posts as i went through reading and analyzing thousands of user reviews and feature comparisons of mattresses before i can recommend these to my blog readers. No doubt i will earn few bucks if you buy through my provided links but let me assure you that you will not regret your purchase. And once in your lifetime you may say Amanda Thanks :-> That’s my foolish assumption.  Secondly that’s not my only solo performance i had a team of 5 reviewers we altogether went through tons of reviews on Amazon before we presented you this list , so lets start.

1. Why you should buy bed in a box?

A bed in a box is gaining too much popularity because of following reasons

  1. Bed in a box or mattress in a box is a result of most latest research and mattresses are packed with very expensive machinery and they are delivered to your home in a small box just like you order any thing else from amazon and you get the whole large size mattress freely delivered at your door steps.
  2. Due to rules and regulations in mattresses industry and strict rules at Amazon you can always return the bed-in-box free of cost.
  3. You get free sleep trials with your mattress of up to 200 nights and you can confirm the comfort level of bed-in-box as well as pillows.
  4. This bed in a box is suitable for all sorts of bed base including box spring base or platform bed.

2. Tuft & Needle  Bed in a Box

Available in all sizes including king, queen, twin, twin XL , Certi-PUR certified, supports all sleeping postures, currently on price reduction due to Pre Black Friday offers of Amazon

Tuft & Needle and needle is dominating market shares when it comes to bed in a box technology. The most convincing features we have found after user feedback are as following

  1. Perfect for all sleep positions including back sleepers and side sleepers.
  2. Available for all sizes of beds including King, Queen, twin bed and twin XL bed.
  3. Made up of very new technology called adaptive foam which is far better than spring mattress. The adaptive foam technology prevents sinking feeling or bed getting too hot in summer season.
  4. Delivered at your door step free of cost and it takes up to 72 hours for fully expanding the mattress.
  5. Actual 100 nights free trial so you can fully adjust to the mattress. Also actual 10 Years of warranty given by company so you can claim return in 10 years any time without any questions asked.
  6. The mattress is Certi-PUR certified which means that it is free from all harmful material.



3) Hybrid Bed in a Box By LinenSpa

Linen spa bed in a box
Most affordable but positive feedback at Amazon, Hybrid mattress with features of memory foam and spring mattress, 10 years warranty, Comes with a bed frame, Discounted rates due to Black Friday deals

The second best option I have chosen for my blog readers is Bed in a box by Linen Spa. Linen Spa is an established form serving customers from almost 25 years in United States. Their hybrid version of bed in a box is a huge hit on Amazon and its a best seller from many years. Few of the reasons we recommend this bed in a box mattress are as following

  1. It comes with a folding bed frame which is a huge huge benefit means you won’t have to buy bed. The bed frame is made up of metal and very convenient to assemble.
  2. This hybrid mattress has plus points of both spring mattress as well as memory foam. Due to springs inside the upper portion of the mattress is quite stable and due to the memory foam its highly suitable for people suffering from sleep problems as well as people suffering from back pain or spinal injuries.
  3. LinenSpa bed in a box has got very positive feedback from clients all over United States and United kingdom and also these are the cheapest and most trust able mattresses you can find on Amazon.
  4. LinenSpa mattress is available with square corners which fits all sorts of beds including platform beds with wooden slats. All popular sizes including Twin , twin XL , King, Queen are available

4) Bed in a Box by SLEEPINC

Certi-PUR certified, no harmful chemicals, GEL infusion technology for cooling effect,motion isolation technology makes it ideal for couples

The next bed in a box mattress i have chosen for my blog readers is my SLEEPINC. This brand is highly established in the memory foam mattresses from a decade. The bed in a box of SLEEPINC is very well compressed and takes upto 60 hours to get its original shape.  Some most convincing features of this mattress are as following

  1. Packed very compactly and delivered free of cost at your door steps with 10 years warranty.
  2. Its been Amazon best seller from few years and excellent feedback given by users on Amazon.
  3. Price reduction due to Black Friday 2019 mattress deals and extra 5 % off voucher is also given by company as promotion.
  4. Motion isolation technology make this bed in a ox ideal for couples and don’t have any sinking feeling.
  5. Due to Certi-US certification its very highly recommended mattress for patients suffering from acne, skin diseases, psoriasis, allergies or sleep disorders.
  6. Suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers.
  7. Highly recommended for wooden slat beds or box spring bed base.

5. Bed in a box By Avenco

GEL infused ventilated foam, natural temperature adjustment, pressure relief technology, 4 layers of foams for increased pressure release, 10 years warranty

The forth bed in a box mattress i have chosen for my blog readers is by Avenco which is also a trusted and established mattress and pillow producing firm. It has a special GEL infused layers which helps it to balance its temperature. It has very high density foam which is very beneficial for back pain and gives relaxing effect to pressure point son the body. Being Certi-PUR certified means it is free from allergies and any dust mites, and specially suitable for asthma patients. Special mattress materials used in the form of four layers and which reduces the pressure on shoulders,back and hips. Having square shape corners the Avenco mattress is perfectly suitable for all sort of bed bases including box spring, platform bed, adjustable bed or simply lying on the floor.

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