A comprehensive guide for buying Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets in 2020

Hi from Amanda Shelton and I am a house wife based in Nabraska, USA. I am doing my kitchen related grocery and gadgets from Amazon from almost 45 years and i think that Amazon is surely the best place to buy kitchen gadgets as it provides high quality products in reasonable rates. Initially when i started shopping at Amazon i lost a couple of bucks because of low quality products. So i thought to make a list of most recommended products available on Amazon. This top list of various kitchen gadgets is based upon my experiences of purchases i made from Amazon after reading thousands of reviews. Here is the list of gadgets i have covered in this huge post but if i get a positive feedback through you’re comments i will surely write the second post.

  1. Best Amazon butterfly knives
  2. Best Amazon Cutting Board with container
  3. Best Amazon Measuring Cups with long handles
  4. Best Amazon Can Opener
  5. Best Amazon mixing Bowls with handles
  6. Best Amazon Blenders with chopper
  7. Best Amazon Roasting Pans with racks
  8. Best Amazon Dinner Sets with mugs
  9. Best Amazon Ice Cream Bowls
  10. Best Amazon Grater
  11. Best Amazon Mugs with lids
  12. Best Amazon Vegetable Peeler for potatoes
  13. Best Amazon Salad Bowls with Lids
  14. Best Amazon Saucepans with spot
  15. Best Amazon blenders with Dry mill
  16. Best Amazon Wooden Spatula
  17. Best Amazon Food Scale with nutritional Values
  18. Best Amazon Baking Sheet with racks


1. Best Amazon Butterfly Knives

Knives are a must part of every kitchen. Being a continuous Amazon shopper i have shortlisted best knives i have found on amazon.

[amazon bestseller=”butterfly knife” items=”5″]

2. Best Amazon Cutting Board with container

According to my experience i have shortlisted the best cutting boards with containers according to user reviews. These cutting boards server different purposes including cutting vegetables, some come with name carving, and some have juice canals. Some come with a hole to hang and some are made of bamboo all are my personal favorites.

[amazon bestseller=”cutting board with containers” items=”5″]


3. Best Five Amazon Measuring Cups with long handles

In this section i will shortlist my favorite measuring cups i had purchased from Amazon and i always like those with long handles. These cups are of different types, some are made of plastic and some glass, some have spout and some have non slippery base.

[amazon bestseller=”measuring cups with long handles” items=”5″]

4. Best Five Amazon Can Openers

Can openers are must have in every kitchen and i have chosen the best amazon kitchen gadgets in the category of Can openers. This can openers server different purpose like opening bottles, opening lids, and some have steel blades and some are more appropriate for large cans and some have grips which is more suitable for arthritis patients.

[amazon bestseller=”can opener” items=”5″]

5. Best Five Amazon Mixing Bowls with handles

A mixing bowl with handle is a blessing for lady working in kitchen as its easy to hold and easy to stir.

[amazon bestseller=”mixing bowls with handles” items=”5″]

6. Best Five Amazon Blenders with choppers

If your blender has a builtin chopping feature than it becomes a blessing.

[amazon bestseller=”blender with chopper” items=”5″]

7. Best Amazon Roasting Pans with Racks

A roasting pan with a rack brings a lot of convenience in life of house wife.

[amazon bestseller=”roasting pan with rack” items=”5″]

8. Best Amazon Dinner Set with mugs

A dinner set is a must part of kitchen but if it is accompanied with mugs , then it is a purposeful addition

[amazon bestseller=”dinner set with mugs” items=”5″]

9. Best Amazon Ice cream Bowls


Both kids and elders love to eat ice cream and if you have nice ice cream bows than eating ice cream becomes a fun.

[amazon bestseller=”ice cream bowls” items=”5″]

10. Best Amazon Grater


Being a house wife .i always prefer a grater with contianer and it helps me keep my kitchen neat and clean

[amazon bestseller=”box grater with container” items=”5″]

11. Best Amazon Mugs with lids

I always prefer mugs with lids in my kitchen for the reason they are safe and hygienic.

[amazon bestseller=”mugs with lids” items=”5″]

12. Best Five Amazon Peelers for potatoes

If you are a house wife and you or your kids like to eat potatoe chips then you should buy one of these.

[amazon bestseller=”peeler for potatoes” items=”5″]

13. Best Five Amazon Salad Bowls with Lids

A salad bowl with a lid or cover is must have for safety consious ladies.

[amazon bestseller=”salad bowls with lids” items=”5″]

14. Best Amazon saucepan with spout

A saucepan with spout is a blessing as it helps in puring milk and other liquids without creating a mess.

[amazon bestseller=”saucepan with spout” items=”5″]

15. Best Five Amazon Blenders with dry mill

A blender with dry mill is indeed quite needed in my kitchen. These are my top picks from Amazon

[amazon bestseller=”blender with mill” items=”5″]

16. Best Amazon Wooden spatula Set

Wooden spatulas are always my favorite while i am making dishes. These are amazon top sellers

[amazon bestseller=”wooden spatula” items=”5″]

17. Best Amazon Food Scale

If you are plannig to lose weight than a food scale that tells you nutrional values like calorie count is a must have. These are amazon best sellers

[amazon bestseller=”food scale with nutritional calculator” items=”5″]

18. Best Amazon Baking Sheet with Racks

[amazon bestseller=”baking sheets with rack” items=”5″]


I would highly appreciate if ou let me know if you liked my post. I tried to make a collection of best amazon kitchen gadgets. My desire was to save some time of my blog reader of going through thousands of products and comments at amazon as i took the pain my self. Thank yo for reading.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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