Best atomic projection alarm clocks with temperature sensor

Hi folks, an atomic alarm clock is known to give highly precise time with split time accuracy. The reason is that it can receive radio signals, and those radio signals control its time. For the sake of this post, we have purchased ten different alarm clocks and compared them manually, and after that, we had shortlisted these four for our blog readers. In today’s post, I will shortlist the alarm clocks I love the most having said that they are atomic as well as they give projection. Few of these atomic alarm clocks also have the builtin sensor for temperature and humidity monitoring. Combination of all these useful features in one device seems like a blessing.

As per reviews received by November 2020, and manual comparison we have upgraded the ELEHOT projection clock to first position and it is also Amazon best seller for the current year and highly positive user feedback. So if you are in a hurry our honest review suggest you should give it a try.

1 ELEHOT projection alarm clock with radio

With 180 degree projection and flip, this projection clock is on reduced price on Amazon due to highest selling ratio for the current year. Not only does it support multiple alarms which will be helpful for elderly to take medicines on time it has a very clear projection. The radio scanner very efficiently scans all available FM and AM channels and you can save them as well.You can chose from seven different sweet and close to nature tones to set as alarm. Charging via USB port is very convenient and can be done through any mobile charger via USB port. Time can be shown in both 12 hr and 24 hr format with snooze feature also available in alarms. You can directly charge it via power plug, through laptop or even your iPad.

2) La Crosse color LCD projection dual alarm clock with humidity

La Crosse atomic projection alarm clocks with humidity

The first projection clock our team has chosen is from La Crosse brand, and not only auto sets its date and time but also displays the temperature and humidity. According to our review, it is a perfect night light alarm clock with color LCD and bright backlit. This LCD projection alarm clock has sharp colors and easily readable. Due to this, the date and time can be easily read even from a distance. For a frequent traveler, this multi-function alarm clock seems to be a big charm. Especially the feature of seven different time zones is very pleasing and time-saving as well.

Ninety degrees projection allows you to see the projection on the wall or ceiling as per requirement. This is one of the rare projection clocks having three modes including high, low and off.

Another most essential features of this alarm clock are that it displays both the outside temperature and inside temperature at the same time. The outdoor temperature is calculated through the readings of a wireless sensor. According to the tests conducted by our team, the results of both indoor and outdoor temperature are very accurate. The La crosse technology-based alarm clock is better than many other competitors under the price tag of 30 dollars.

Another great feature, in it, is the light sensor which automatically triggers and produces soft ambient light at night. For this reason, we declared it best glow in the dark alarm clock. Being an atomic clock, it automatically adjusts its date and time within a few hours.

For a tourist, the charging of the mobile phone is always a big problem. With this alarm clock, you can charge your mobile device through the USB port on the back of it. The complete manual for the La Crosse alarm clock can be downloaded here.

Being a dual alarm clock, you can set multiple alarms at the same time. If you are interested in more than two bells, you can look at our article about alarm clocks with numerous alarm settings. Due to the capability of this alarm clock that it is also a charging station for all sort of USB devices, our team has given it five-star reviews.

3) Sharp atomic alarm clock with white noise machine

Sharp atomic clock with white noise machine
Sharp atomic clock with white noise machine

When you are looking for the best atomic alarm clock with large digital numbers and white noise machine, you can no way ignore the Sharp alarm clock. It has a built-in receiver that automatically synchronizes itself with the radio broadcast automatically. Due to highly positive reviews, sharp projection alarm clock has been declared Amazon Choice from last many years. It is one of the most easy to set alarm clocks for the elderly because it doesn’t require any manual effort of setting the date or time. If you are suffering from issues of low vision than close your eyes and buy this clock. Not only that the digits are large enough but also the wall projection is very sharp and dark.

You and your spouse can now set separate alarms at the same time, because it is a two bell alarm clock. In other words using this alarm clock you can manage to have separate alarms setting for weekdays and weekend.

Sharp alarm clock operates both on direct power and two AAA batteries. In case of no electricity, you will not miss the alarm due to the AA batteries that serve as a backup.

Another feature which is lacking in other alarm clocks but is present in this one is the ascending volume of the alarm. It means that initially the alarm will be sweet and slow but if you won’t wake up it will become louder and louder. This feature saves you from lot of extra pain and sudden shock caused by an extra loud sudden alarm.

In the end, I would like to mention the brilliant feature of white noise which is specially helpful to people suffering from sleep disorders. The rain sound of this alarm clock is very soothing and will instantly take you to deep sleep. Other than rain sound the clock also produces campfire, thunder, ocean, fan, stream and rain forest sounds.

Finally if you are looking for a non bright alarm clock, the sharp alarm clock is your destination stop. The reason is that the brightness of the LCD screen is controllable and can be taken to minimum level.

Due to the features of ascending volume and capability of producing white noise, our review team has given five stars to this sharp alarm clock.

4) AcuRite intelli-time alarm clock with projection

AcuRite 13239A1 Atomic Projection Clock

AcuRite is one of the hottest selling brands at Amazon when it comes to Atomic clocks. It uses a radio-controlled signal to synchronize to the correct time broadcast by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at Colorado.

The best thing about AcuRite is that the projection created on the wall or ceiling is very sharp and readable. The projected time is in bright red, which is readable even in a room which is not very dark. It is a very loud battery-powered alarm clock, and this battery is used in case of a power outage. In normal conditions, it works on direct power and comes with a power adapter. If there is no power, it uses 3 x AA alkaline batteries for backup. The voice of the alarm is loud enough to wake up a heavy sleeper, even if he had a pillow over his head. The projection alarm clock has a blue backlit color or LED color, which gives a very cooling effect. There is an ON/OFF switch on the back of the projector which allows you to turn on or off the projection.

The atomic clock and calendar are radio-controlled to maintain the correct time and date with split-second precision and automatically adjust for daylight saving time (DST). This clock displays the indoor temperature very accurately. However, it lacks the feature of outdoor temperature. The indoor temperature can be viewed either in Fahrenheit or Celsius scales.

The font of the text used in the LED display is quite large, even if you have eyesight issues, you can see the time from a distance. The larger font makes it an excellent choice for older people as well. The days of the week are shown in bold on the face of the alarm clock, which makes it very handy to figure out the day. Other than the day of the week, it also displays time, date and low power indicator.

The AcuRite Intelli-time alarm clock manual is also present in the box, and you can also read it online here. The wall clock is quite compact (5 inches tall) and just like a perfect watch, that easily fits into your hiking bag. With all these features, our team has declared this alarm watch as most suitable traveling watch.

If you are a heavy sleeper, the snooze feature of this watch may be of great interest to you. While the alarm is sounding, press the snooze button, located on the top of the clock, to activate the 10-minute snooze function. After the snooze function has been activated five times, the alarm is automatically deactivated.

As the alarm clock lacks the humidity and multiple alarms, our team has given it three stars.

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