Best bat wings for dogs

Hi follk’s this is Amanda you blog host and today what I am going to write is related to Sunny who is my wonderful German Shepherd dog. He is part of my family and recently I purchased bat wings for him, which not only Sunny enjoyed a lot but all my other family members liked the costume.

What to look for in bat wings

An ideal bat wings should have these features in my point of view and I have surely kept them in my mind while finalizing the three best one’s for you

  • Bat wings should be light weight
  • The material used should be easily washable
  • Costume should not constraint or irritate the pet in movements
  • Costume should be sturdy, durable and long lasting.

1) RYPET dog bat Halloween costume

RYPET dog bat halloween costume

These RYPET bat wings are available in both large and small size. These are quite sturdy and are made up of 5 mm thick felt cloth which is considered one of the durable cloths that is resistant to wear and tear. The best thing depicted in the reviews is that the dog feels very comfortable wearing the bat wings. Not only that these bat wings are light weight but also great feature is that they keep their shape straight like bat wings. Even if you are owner of large size dog like Bloodhound, Boxer or German Shepherd or you own a small dog like Pug or Beagle, these bat wings will server the purpose. The reason is that these are available in both large and small sizes. Another reason for their popularity on Amazon is the adjustable neck strap which makes it a good choice for variety of sizes of dogs. Finally these come with money back guarantee in case of any issues related to quality. These totally black bat wings make your dog look really cute.

Another reason we have chosen these bat wings at position no 1 is that these will not cause any burden on your pet while he runs. Finally you can ask your money back if you are not satisfied with quality of your purchase or the size is not according to your dog.

If you have small kids at home or even kids under 7 years who love to watch bat man cartoons, they will surely cherish these wonderful bat wings.

2) Zack & Zoey glow in dark bat wings

Zack & Zoey glow in dark bat wings

The two best things about the bat wings are that firstly these are removable and secondly these glow at night, which make them look remarkably stunning. When you remove the bat wings, the harness can be worn throughout the year by your dog. Another good feature is that the bat wings are available for all sized dogs. Being made up of nylon it has lot of stretch and cannot be torn easily. Also these are very light weight and popular for all dog breeds including bull terrier, beagle, schnauzer, bulldog, boxer, pug, and Weimaraner. The D shaped ring attached with the bat wings allows you to attach leash. This is specially useful if your dog walks with you or is a bit aggressive on strangers. These bat wings can become a perfect gift for your dog on all sort of occasions like birthdays, dress shows, Halloween etc. These bat wings are popular in both cats and dogs.

If your dog walks with you then he will be surely happy after getting gift of these bat wings. The reason is that he will grab lot of attention from trespassers. You can attach a bell with the ring and you will automatically know where your dog is.

3) Pet wings with wizard cap

If you own a small cat or dog, these bat wings are one of the most suitable option.They have adjustable velcro for chest and neck made up of felt cloth which is long lasting and you won’t need to iron it. You cat or dog will look really mysterious wearing these bat wings. Due to adjustable parts this is surely bat wings that fit most of the pets of normal range size. As per reviews on Amazon the pet owners found these cat wings very easy and comfortable to wear. Another benefit is that the felt cloth used is very easy to clean and this can be done. Secondly no matter how fast your pet tuns these won’t fall unless you remove them yourself. If you own a rabbit, piggy or monkey you can surely order these.

The velcro used is of high quality and makes the wearing and removal of bat wings within a second. Even if you own a small kitten these bat wings are surely an ideal choice. The cap which is an added advantage looks full of horror due to contrast of black and orange color. Specially if you own a black cat you may scream your self seeing her. If you are making a YouTube video in which your cat plays role of a wizard or cloak than this is a best choice.


In the end I would request all of pet owner’s reading my post that these pets are really adorable. They love you and they deserve gifts and love in return. So keep loving your pets and happy shopping.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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