Amazon’s Top ten best blackout roman shades in 2020

​[Update November 2020] As per user feedback received, we have placed NICETOWN blackout shades at the top of the list. If you are in a hurry you can directly jump to the product by clicking here.

​Blackout roman shades or slides are a must have in your bedroom for the reasons known to you if you are looking for room darkening roman shades. I have tried to shortlist the best available deals on black out roman shades on Amazon. The reason i prefer amazon is the timely delivery and the user reviews which guide me to the right choice. I have read almost 2000 reviews before recommending these roman shades to my blog readers and i hope you will benefit from these.  There are many reason why i prefer blackout roman shades are many but i will list down few reasons here that inspire me a lot.

​Benefits of Blackout shades

  • If you are living in a sunny area than you will be annoyed by early morning lights when you have slept quite late.
  • Dark curtains create a great romantic environment inside the bedroom due to the lights and chandeliers inside the room.
  • If you are lover of watching movies on your Television, than the sun light will be quite annoying at noon specially and these blackout
  • roman shades can be created with variety of clothing options with different beautiful patterns.
  • You can control how much sunlight you want to pass through the roman slides based upon the color of the roman shades and the thickness and color linen that is used at the backside of roman shade.
  • Also you can control the amount of sunlight by raising the roman shade to a height you need, more you raise more sunlight will enter your room.
  • As the  roman shades are hung very close to the window they are perfect for creating complete blackout affect.
  • Types  of Roman Shades

    ​Roman shades are gaining more and more popularity as they are suitable for all types of decor from classical to modern. Roman shades are most popular in designers as interior decorators due to the choice of color schemes available and four distinct types of roman shades shown in figure below.

    Four types of roman shades

    Four types of roman shades

    ​These four types are plain fold, hobbled fold, relaxed fold and flat fold. the details of each type can be understood from image above. Which ever type of roman shade you use its for sure that they will elevate the look of your room many times more as compared to traditional curtains. The plain fold is is the most traditional style in which each layer of shade is backed by a bar for a more steady look. A relaxed fold is also quite popular and it shows a smiling face at the bottom. A relaxed fold roman shade is shown in figure below.

    Relaxed fold roman shade

    Relaxed fold roman shade

    ​Now we come to our recommendations for blackout roman shades.We have made this list based on user reviews.

    ​1) NICETOWN Blackout Room Darkening Curtain

    ​These are one of the best seller room darkening shades in 2020 and they have got excellent user reviews. The curtains are wrinkle free so you don't need to press them again and again. The material is extreme soft so its better you do washing with cold water. Machine washing causes no damage to them but hand wash is pref​erred fr long life. Height of the curtains can be adjusted as per requirement due to tie up facility. These save energy to maximum and the installation is very easy. It block 99% of light for complete privacy, light control, and UV protection for bedrooms, children's rooms, and movie rooms.

    ​2) Best Blackout roman shades by Artdix

    Artdix blackout roman shades

    Blackout Solid Thermal Fabric, Custom Made, 2 layers FABRIC, 100% SUNLIGHT and UV blocking, The hardware and lift mechanism included, Machine or hand washable

  • 100 percent black out reported in reviews by customers at Amazon.
  • A huge variety of sizes are available and you can also order custom sizes according to the size of your window.
  • Suitable for all sort of windows including inside mount, outside mount or only outside mount.
  • Installation is very simple with tear able and removable hardware shown in Figure below
  • ​​3) Total Blackout Roman Shades by Redi Shade

    Trim at home, fit all windows, no drills or screws required,block 99 percent of light, ideal for day sleepers, made in USA

    If you are looking for total black out in your TV room or bed room that the second option i give to my blog readers is pleated paper made roman shades by Redi Shade which is quite famous for its high quality and lower price range products. If you are living on rent or you change your shades or curtains  frequently after 5 or 6 months than this is the best option for you.

    One things for my readers is that please don’t get disappoint as these roman shades are made up of paper. Most of the people who have used pleated paper slides prefer them because they can be cleaned very easily using damp cloth or just by throwing hot air on the slides using air blower. Secondly the pleated paper blinds look equally good in kitchen and can be applied to open window that allows movement of air from outside.

    Third reason is that these roman slides are child safe with no chords attached for up and down movement and very easy to install as shown below.

    ​4) Semi Blackout Roman Shades by Arlo Blinds

    ​The third most trusted blackout shades i have chosen for my blog readers is by Arlo blinds which is amazon best seller blinds from several years with 96 percent positive reviews. These are very aesthetically appealing and made up of natural material as well. These do not create 100 percent blackout as they are made up of bamboo.  The distinct feature of the Arlo blinds is that you can attach a color swatch according to the color scheme of your room and you will be delivered in the exact same color.

    Some salient features are as following

    1. Purely made up of bamboo and ideal if you are looking for organic roman shades.
    2. The measurement of each shade is 34 inch wide, not include the mounting hardware width. For an inside mount, the window must be 34.25 inch width or greater.
    3. It has a cordless lifting system which means that when you want to lift you sort of pull them in an upward motion and the pulley system catches and hoists it up.
    4. You can mount inside or outside the window and all the mounting screws and hardware is included in package.

    ​5) Amazon Best Selling roman Shades

    ​In this section I will present to my blog users Amazon five most hot selling blackout roman shades. You will not regret purchasing any of these.

    [amazon bestseller="blackout roman shades" items="5"]

    ​6) Conclusion

    ​Dear readers i wrote this post while i was looking for the best black out shades for my own room and the ones i have gathered here is this post are surely top  of the line. you can chose any one of these based upon your room dimensions. thanks a lot i will be glad if you comment below.

    Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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