Best box spring for king mattress

Whatever mattress you have at your home a good box spring improves it life time and prevent it from sagging. When buying a box spring you should keep in mind that it should give sheer support to the mattress and it should be strong escort dijon enough to hold the weight of mattress as well as the family. Although we have specifically mentioned king size box spring’s but the vendors we have chosen also provide box spring for other types of mattresses.

Why to buy a box spring

Many people avoid purchasing box springs and consider it an extra load on their pocket. But in my point of view this one time purchase can increase the life line of your mattress many times. This investment is not useless by any means, it gives you benefit in the longer run. The assembly of all the box springs we have mentioned below is very easy and hardly takes few minutes if you follow the instructions provided in booklet. Which ever box spring you choose from our list you have to buy a bed frame and a mattress separately.

Another reason to buy a box spring is that it will increase the life of your mattress and prevent it from sagging and producing irritating noises when a partner leaves the bed.

A box spring also reduces wear and tear of your mattress and also absorbs shocks and reduces the noise.

1) AmazonBasics Smart Box Spring for King Size Bed

AmazonBasics Smart Box Spring for King Size Bed

This box spring for king size mattress is the hot selling cake from many years and it is also declared Amazon choice due to bare minimum level of complaints and fewer user returns. It totally resembles a box spring but it is very long lasting because it is made up of high gauge steel. The steel frame is fold able and it will be delivered to your house in a smart way in a small package. The great thing about this sturdy box spring is that it doesn’t require any extra tools for its assembly. You can do it your self in hardly 5 minutes. You can use this box spring with traditional bed frame for additional elevation.Some other key features of the box spring are as following.

  • One great thing about this box spring is that it is totally noise free. Even if you jump over it you won’t feel any screaming voices.
  • The two piece cover of the box spring is totally washable and it can be zipped together. This box spring is equally good for spring mattress or hybrid mattresses.
  • Not only that this box spring is sound free but it can also bear weight up to 700 lbs very comfortably. As per user reviews even if the kids jump over it this king size box spring won’t cause any sort of slipping which is the problem in many cases.
  • This AmazonBasics box spring provides a sold foundation for any platform bed or bed frame you own. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return within the first year and get your money back.
  • The packaging is superb quality and it is delivered right at your door step and its the responsibility of Amazon that you get the package damage free or any issues caused during transportation.
  • These metal base box spring are also highly suitable for patients who are suffering from back pain or need spinal alignment. So if you place a king or queen size mattress over it it provides a very solid foundation to mattress.
  • The cover of the mattress is made up of imported material which s soft, wrinkle free and shrink free.

2) Zinus Armita 9 Inch Box Spring for King Size

Zinus box spring king size

The second best box spring chosen by our review team is from Zinus which comes with sold 5 years warranty from Zinus which is surely a well known brand and a best seller on Amazon. The height of this box spring is 9 inches which is considered a standard in United Sates and you require to buy a bed frame separately. Some great features that convinced our review team to place this on second position are as follows

  • The box spring is fully coated with protective paint which saves it from rust and damages and also looks wonderful. If you have a very heavy mattress and you are your self over weight you don’t have to worry as it can bear the weight very easily.
  • The bed slats are spaced 6 to 7 inches apart which are strong enough to bear heavy weights. If you have kids at home who enjoy to jump over the mattress its better you chose this box spring.
  • The installation is very hassle free and require just a few nuts and bolts and total five steps of assembly. The information booklet elaborates every thing in a brilliant manner.
  • This Zinus box spring comes with a patented design which makes sure that there is no sounds, shaking or vibration that cause disturbances. The cover of the box spring is also wrinkle free and shrink proof so you can machine wash it very easily whenever you need.
  • The 9 legs of this box spring are made up of very high quality metal and the design of the box spring is quite elegant that could beautify your room.

3) Zinus Edgar 8 Inch king size wooden box spring

Wooden box spring for king size mattress

Wooden box springs have their own benefits and specifically we have chosen Zinus Edgar for our blog readers after comparing all wooden box springs available on Amazon. Wooden box springs are popular in extreme weathers as they don’t become too hot or too cold and these are also very durable. The wooden slats are spaced at the distance of 2.8 inches which ensures proper air flow through out the bed and also under it. All necessary tools and instructions are present with the box spring and all the things are packaged very well in a compact box. It supports all sort of latex, spring or hybrid mattresses. It is available in different heights so you can customize the height of your bed as per your need. It has five years worry free warranty that ensures you remain out of all sort of tension.

Zinus is also known for its excellent customer service in case of your are finding any issues while assembly of the box spring. This box spring is made up of 100% recyclable environmental protection materials which produce no hazard to you or your family health. So its purchase is your step towards a healthy life style. Finally as per user reviews there is no issues of squeaking in these box springs even after usage of many years.

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