Top 8 Best cheap laminate floorings for your home

Top Picks: ​Laminate flooring at a glance

​Laminate flooring's are gaining popularity day by day because of the fact that they are way cheaper as compared to wooden flooring. Although the price is low but still we get the benefits that laminate floors are durable, scratch proof, wipe-clean, easy to install and available in variety of designs. Here is our shortlisted list of best cheap laminate flooring for your home.

​Swiss Prestige laminate flooring's are very popular due to wood like look they give. This 7mm laminate flooring has satin finish and square edges. These laminate flooring's come with 2G locking systems due to which installation and joining of these peaces become very convenient. You can also get free shipping for samples of the flooring.

​ 2) Noblesse Rigoletto Black Laminate Flooring


​This affordable black laminate flooring is 8mm thick and has square edges. As this lamination is AC4 rated so it can be used at commercial places with lot of activities. Due to click locking feature these lamination floors are very easy to install. You can click on button below to order free sample.

​3) Ash Grey Adhesive laminate flooring


​These adhesive flooring tiles come in a box which covers 20 square feet. These are declared Amazon best seller and have got positive user feedback. Size of each tile is 12 inch x 12 inch and you just have to peel the tile and stick it. A manual comes with the package that elaborates the installation process. Another huge benefit is that as it is no wax vinyl floor so it is very easy to clean and won't require any buffing.

​4) Walnut Sepia Laminate Flooring

​Walnut flooring's give a very rich and beautiful feeling to your bedroom or TV ​room. This 12mm laminate flooring comes with a 5g comfortable locking system due to which it is very easy to install. The flooring has bevel edges which gives a very nice look when installed. You also get free shipping on ordering the samples.

​5) White Laminate flooring (AC4)

​When it comes to style, delicacy and looks, white lamination is surely the king. This strong lamination flooring is 8 mm thick and high glossy look. The flooring is made in Germany and being Formaldehyde Free it saves you from allergy and other reactions. As this flooring is AC4 durable, it means that you can easily use it in your most used room like children's room.

​6) Liberty Santiago Oak ​ Laminate Flooring

​This laminate flooring gives beautiful shade of oak trees and it is 8mm thick. It is totally water proof so you have to have no worries of pets or kids pee. Shipping of this laminate flooring is also free and comes with 35 years of residential warranty.

​7) Brazilian Cherry ​Laminate Flooring

​Brazilian Cherry is another very trending and cheap lamination flooring having 7mm thickness. It gives a contemporary touch to your house and matching furniture gives it an extra edge, One box or casing covers floor of 24.33 square feet. The size of each lamination is 7-11/16 inches. the feeling of the floor is like pure wood and it is also non slippery.

​8) Lakeshore Pecan Laminate Flooring

​The width of this laminate flooring is 7 mm ​and each packet covers a total floor of 24.17 square feet. If you are allergic to glue than a good news is that it is installed through unfolding and without any use of glue. This non slippery laminate flooring has positive user reviews specially because of its durability.


​We have gone through ​hundreds of user reviews at Amazon before we shortlisted these laminate flooring'r to our blog visitors. We have made user to present only highly durable Laminate flooring's with most positive reviews. We would be happy if you comment below and let us know about your opinion.

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