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Hi folks, in cold winters what is more lovely than a flannel fleece blanket. I always prefer such a blanket while I lay on my couch or sofa cum bed and watch my favorite TV series. As we have central heating systems installed in our home in Nebraska, still under snowy weather outside we prefer flannel fleece blankets. Not only that they provide us warmth but they are an ideal candidate to be used as a mattress protector and a sofa protector.

Why flannel fleece blankets?

Few of the reasons I prefer flannel fleece blankets is because they are extremely light weight, warm and they have beautiful printed designs. Although these are quite warm but still these are breathable and won’t let you suffocate inside the blanket. The reason these flannel fleece blankets are quite warm is because they had a percentage of wool and cotton fused together. Some people prefer to use these flannel fleece blankets with comforters for an added layer of warmth.

Investing in flannel fleece blankets is quite wise from my point of view as they help you lower your electricity bills that will be spent on heating. Not only that it lowers your electricity bills but it is like investing in your sleep. A good flannel fleece blanket improves upon your health as it contributes in giving you better sleep by keeping you warm and cozy in chilly winter nights.

Another reason people prefer flannel fleece blankets is because these are totally hypoallergenic and free from chemicals that are hazardous to your health. In today’s post our review team has chosen blankets that have highly positive reviews at Amazon and Ebay and that have all the necessary features we have mentioned above.

1) PAVILIA flannel fleece microfiber throw blanket

Pavilia flannel fleece is made up of very soft microfibers that are very silky, smooth and free from any harmful chemicals.The blanket is so soft and cozy because of soft imported polyester used in its making. However, it is highly suggested to wash in cold water as the hot water may cause it to shrink. Also please don’t dry it in direct sunlight because that might fade its colors. It is available as a throw blanket as well as twin size blanket. If you want to wash it in machine please use gentle slow movement of the washing machine.

Being very light weight this plush blanket is ideal to use as a travel blanket as it takes very less space in your briefcase. Either you are traveling on a train or bus and you want to keep your self after being seated, this fleece blanket is a very good option.

As compare to traditional heavy blankets , these polyester blankets are gaining popularity because of the reason that these are long lasting, strong and wrinkle free. The only thing you have to keep in minding that you have to wash it with cold water.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this blanket is your ideal companion as it doesn’t absorb surrounding moisture and keep you warm in winter nights. According to reviews at Amazon, the stitches on the blanket are very strong and won’t give you any problem.

The flannel fleece blanket as a superb leaf like texture which gives a marvelous look and adds to the beauty of your room. The polyester flannel blanket is superior than the cotton counterpart in terms that it won’t fade away after years of use.

This Pavilia blanket is already very soft so you won’t require to add any fabric softener while washing. Secondly you should also avoid dry cleaning the blanket to prevent color loss due to chemicals used.

2) Flannel fleece velvet plush blanket king size

This flannel fleece velvet blanket is one of the most hottest selling item ant Amazon with extremely positive reviews. Many people prefer to use it as a bed sheet because of extreme level of softness it provides. It is available in all sizes including queen size and throw blanked for sofa bed. Another positive aspect of this flannel fleece is that it is available in variety of colors that will easily match with the color scheme of your room. It is made up of 100 % microfiber imported polyester. Due to high quality of polyester it is totally fade proof and wrinkle free. The flannel has a very great looking luster that adds to its beauty.Although it is very delicate but still it is strong enough to bear a machine wash. So you don’t have to worry about how to clean it as you can use any common washing detergent. The king size blanket is large enough to accommodate two adults and a kid.

Another great usage of this velvet blanket is that you can use it as a sofa or bed protector. It will protect it from dust and kids through eatables on the sofa or bed. It looks so stunning as if it is the part of your sofa cum bed or mattress.

Most of people are irritated by heavy blankets specially when they are reading books or watching TV shows because of the burden it causes on their shoulders. This is not the case with this soft throw blanket as it is very easy to carry.

If you are newly wed and want to spend romantic winter night with your partner, this super soft blanket will surely make both of you more hot.

If you or your partner are taller and you face the problem that your legs get out of the blanket than this large sized blanked will be surely the solution.

When this blanket will reach you it will be packed properly and with a beautiful ribbon so you can surely send it to any loved one as a Christmas gift.

3) Flannel fleece reversible blanket

Flannel fleece reversible blanket

What makes our review team include this sherpa blanket in our top blankets list is because it is dual sided and reversible in nature. Both sides are equally soft and warm. Specially the white sherpa texture feels like you are touching the back of a white lamb. The outer green side of the blanket is polyester flannel fleece with beautiful texture. It is available in beautiful textures including forest green, celadon, dark grey, black, light grey, navy blue, slate blue and teal. This reversible blanket will also save your expensive bed or sofa from dirt as well. The flannel is specially brushed to increase the softness. This flannel fleece blanket comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty against fading and fabric shed.

The sherpa blanket has more capability of storing the heat and without giving you the feeling of being breadth less. You can also use it as a sweeter by wrapping it around your self and go outside for a wonderful walk in snow.

If you are frequent traveler or love to go on camping than it can easily fold and set itself up in your backpack.

As both sides are extremely soft so we suggest that you should avoid bleaching or ironing. However if you think it is required you can do cold ironing.

Because of sherpa texture it will not slip from your sofa and hence it is an ideal candidate to safeguard your expensive sofa set or even mattress.


Here comes the end of our top flannel fleece throw blankets. I have tried my best that my blog readers always get the best valued product for the money the spend. I have gone through tons of reviews of each product , made a list of features and after that come up with this list. I hope you would like it and do comment below.

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