Best fondant extruders under 20 dollars

HI folks this is Amanda your blog host and today I am writing about something which is related to bakery and cake making. I hope some of you might have guessed that I will be suggesting you the best cake fondant extruders in the cheapest rates and with most positive customer reviews. I had been baking cakes and applying creaming or fondant to them to beautify them. It is undoubtedly true that a good fondant extruder helps you in making the best possible cakes with a variety of designs and enhances your creativity.

At a Glance:

Cyful fondant extruder with 20 pcs Fancy Discs

Best Pick

This sugar paste extruder is very durable and long lasting as it is made up of stainless steel. The steel has special paint layer of beautiful green color to save it from rust. You can not only use it for decorating cakes but it is equally good for designing and making shapes using polymer clay. Cyful products come with 100 percent money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the quality. This extruder gun comes with 20 beautiful shape discs which gives your creativity endless number of opportunities. You can make endless icing sugar designs using starts, triangles, circles, flowers, dots and leaves. This patented design is very easy to hold with non slip grip. If you are making cakes or pottery as a hobbyist, or even as a house wife it is an ideal choice and very good choice. Also according to user reviews the tips of the icing made are very fine. With a price tag under 10 dollars and such a nice set of features it is best extruder our review team suggests for creaming any sort of clay including polymer and ceramic, cake designing. The usage is very easy and you just have to place the desired disc and screw it tightly. This all procedure can be done without the help of any extra tool and hardly takes a minute.It can be disassembled very easily into three parts and that is the reason it is very easy to clean.

Holylife fondant extruder gun with 33 pcs

Holylife fondant extruder gun with 33 pcs
Holylife fondant extruder gun with 33 pcs

This fondant gun is certified for food industry and is very similar to the previous extruder however it comes with twelve extra dotting tools. These tools are specially used if you are making fondant cakes on professional scale. Video given below shows usage of these tools.

Other than making of characters for fondant cakes these same tools are used by artists for making sculptures and beautiful pottery. Being a cake maker myself I used these tools to make flowers and cut their leaves and petals in a very neat manner. As this tool is BPA free so you can confidently use it and touch and shape different eatables. The dotting tools with ball stylus can be used to add dots not only on cake fondant but also you can use them to paint different size of dots on variety of materials including rocks, seal shells, clays. This dotting tools can also be used to blend different patterns in the fondant and make classical art designs. The craft clay modeling tools made up of plastic are also popular in fondant cake artists for making different patterns, shapes and edges on the cakes.

Kemper fondant gun with 19 shapes

Budget Pick

The third fondant extruder chosen by our review team is from Kemper brand and it comes with 19 shapes. As per user reviews the stainless steel used is of high quality and also the product is very durable. Using different circular interchangeable disc shapes that come with this gun you can make ribbons, alphabets, frames, bricks, stars, leafs, petals and whatever you want from your fondant. This fondant gun is easy to clean and can also be used for cake frosting. Another great thing about this packet is the disc holder case which is although small but is useful as you can place the discs safely without the fear of being lost. Other than that if you want to make different designs using chocolate this fondant gun is a perfect choice. You can also use this tool for dessert decorations. The product is totally made in USA and comes with a detailed instruction booklet.

HEVERP fondant extruder with fondant decorating tools

Staff Pick

The HEVERET fondant extruder was the top most choice of our review team. This is the reason it is the most hot selling extruder at Amazon and also declared Amazon Choice.

It is too easy to clean as it disassembles quickly into three parts, which are easy to join again. There is a rubber washer attached at the tip of extruder which makes it super easy to clean.

You can decorate your cake with multiple styles of ribbons and designs as per your creativity. You get with the extruder 20 tips that generate the most beautiful patterns.

You can even use it without the tips to generate round shape canes. Due to high quality clay used it is also a perfect choice to use for clay or play dough as well.


A fondant extruder and other dotting tools are although very cheap but they open up your horizon and make decorations on your cake very easy like a piece of cake. Sounds funny but its in real and you would be amazed by how easy it is to make cartoon characters, furniture, stars and whatever you think using fondant. Bye from Amanda and do baking happily as its a fun and brings joy to the life of others.

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