Best gamma seal lids for food storage

Hi folks, this is Amanda and today I am writing a review post about one of my favorite storage containers I use in my kitchen specially for storing rice, wheat, pulses and pet food. These are none other than Gamma seal lids that fit over any container. I have also specified some containers that come with pre fixed Gamma seal lids. Being a cat lover I often purchase cat food in bulk and store in these containers for months without any degradation in quality.

1) Gamma2 gamma seal lid

gamma seal lid
gamma seal lid

This gamma seal lid keeps your food fresh as you can convert any 3.5 to 7 gallon bucket into reseal able container. As it makes you container totally air tight so it prevents the growth of mold. It is highly suggested for storing food items for long terms like rice, wheat or pulses. If you are a pet lover then you can use it to store the pet food. |It is totally made up of recyclable and HDPE free material. The life of food items increase massively as totally BPA free material is used in making of these Gamma lids. As we all know that moist environment encourages growth of bacteria, dust mites and fungus. These gamma seals don’t let the moisture enter the container and hence the life of food items like cattle feed, birdseed, charcoal, and bulk human food like flour, sugar, or rice increases many times.

2) Gamma2 airtight bucket container for food with seal

Gamma2 airtight bucket container for food with seal
Gamma2 airtight bucket container for food with seal

Previous option was only a gamma lid but this option is more suitable if you don’t have a container. This is the Gamma sealed container with most positive reviews at Amazon and also it is declared Amazon Choice for current year.  It can store 8 LBS or almost 4 kg of food items. The best thing about this container is its corrosion free steel handle which will help you to life very easily without the fear of being broken. A plastic measuring cup is included in the pack which saves your time and improves your accuracy about the amount of food stored. Especially when you are getting rice or pet food out of the container you can use this measuring up. The design of this air tight container is stack-able means that you can put many containers on each other. If you have a small room this is a very good choice for your kitchen store or even garage. All our containers are totally made in USA from BPA free material which ensures total hygiene of your pet by ensuring quality of food which is totally safe from pests.

3) Gamma2 vittles vault pet food airtight container

Gamma2 vittles vault stackable airtight container
Gamma2 vittles vault stackable airtight container

If you have a big family and you purchase rice or other food items like pulses in bulk which surly is very cost effective than this large container with Gamma lid is very good option.

This Gamma2 lid container is quite larger than the previous one and it can contain 35 LB or 16 kilograms of food items including pet food. It is especially suitable for large dogs or horse’s food as its capacity is enough and food life span increases a lot in moist free air. It is made up of heavy-duty, FDA compliant, food-grade polyethylene, BPA-free HDPE plastic that won’t shatter if dropped & can be kept in garages, barns & outdoors. This product has industrial strength and durability and reviews at Amazon depict high levels of customer satisfaction. 


In the end I would like to conclude with remarks that whichever sealed container you use but they are quite beneficial and save you lots of money in long run as you can benefit from deals in which you get discounts when you purchase dog, cat or any kettle or human food item in bulk. Do comment below if you like my post and happy shopping.

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