Best LEGO baking competition building kits for your kids

From my early childhood the LEGO blocks were my favorite toy to keep my self busy in the cold days when there is snow all across our city in New York. I remember my father and I used to role play using the LEGO toys and it was one of my cherished memory. As i grew up my passion of LEGO never ended and i continued purchasing LEGO toys at least once in a year. After I got married my daughter also loved to play with LEGO toys. She was mostly interested in LEGO kitchen and baking related toys. As i had to buy her the LEGO toys from Amazon i has gone through numerous reviews. In this article i would share with you two of the best baking competition kits which i liked the most and purchased for my daughter. Do leave me a comment if you liked them also and before that I would like to thank all my readers for liking my previous article about repeating parrot toy.

Why to buy a toy like baking competition building kit

In today’s busy world i really feel that parents interact with their sons and daughters very less. The toys like these allow you to role play with you son or daughter and enjoy a fun time together. It may seem meaningless and useless to you but believe on me your son and daughter will really thank you for that.

All the LEGO sets i have mentioned here are totally polypropylene, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.All these LEGO sets comply with all relevant food safety regulations safe for your kids to play and entertain themselves for hours. Hours you should always tell your kids to have their hands washed before they start to play.

The LEGO kits are compatible with your existing LEGO toys so you can add them also to invent more fun filled games.

One thing I would like to add is that these LEGO toys are not specific for girls but these are equally good for boys when they play together in groups.

Specially if you are running a home school or a Montessori i would highly suggest these two LEGO baking kitchen kits.

1) LEGO 361 pieces baking competition building kit with toy cakes

LEGO 361 pieces baking competition building kit with toy cakes

This is one of my daughter and even my own favorite LEGO baking kit which is suitable for kids having age more than 5 years. Although as printed it says that recommended age is six or more but i think that girl or boy having age five will also enjoy it a lot. The fun thing is that it will engage your kids and promote them to play in group as well. My daughter and son opens this LEGO pack at least once a month after i had banned their mobile games. This pack contains 3 small dolls which are participants of the baking competition. 2 cooking stations and rotating cake stands are also part of this LEGO kit.

When inspires me the best is that kids do a lot of role playing while paying with this baking kit. Some times they become judges, than they look really cute when they are giving good or bad comments about the cakes made by the baking competition participants.

The LEGO kit has almost every thing you see or use in kitchen while baking including sugar, milk packets, mixing bowls, peelers, whisk, spoons and many utensils.

Games you can play with this LEGO kit


  • With this kit kids some times role play as if they are visiting a hotel to attend a wedding or birthday ceremony, then the celebrate each other birthdays and make cakes for each other. Whats makes me happy is when i see them giggling and laughing together. They pretend as if they are making food or cakes for each other.
  • Another interesting game my kids play with this LEGO kits is that they open a cake shop and then they use dolls included in this kit as customers. They shout foolishly and act as if they hated the taste of baked items like cakes available at the shop.
  • Kids can play the game of cake delivery boy in which you as a parent invite others a cake for the birthday of your kid and then the delivery boy comes with cake. Firstly your kids make cake for the order and later on they play the role of delivery boy and bring cake at your home.


One most important thing is that this LEGO set it totally compatible with other LEGO sets you own so that leads to endless number of role playing games and open up a whole new world of imaginations.

Even if you have toddlers at home you don’t need to worry that he will swallow these as they are not so small.

2) LEGO Friends Kitchen with 94 pieces cakes baking building kit

LEGO 94 pieces cakes baking building kit

Although this LEGO baking kit is a bit smaller (94 pcs) as compared to previous one but still it is big enough to entertain your kid having age between years to 12 years. I gave this to my daughter on her 4th birthday and I could never forget the excitement on her face upon receiving the gift.

The best thing about this baking/ cooking LEGO set is that it is specially made with girls in mind with almost every necessary kitchen stuff included in the pack. Pack includes kitchen items including mixing bowl, spoon, saucepan, storage jar, list, icing pump and cupcake toppings.

One beautiful doll character named Stephanie with blond hair is also included in the kit. When girls sit together they role play as mother and daughter or maid. In one of the games mother orders the daughter to bake cup cakes and do dish washing so that they can entertain the expected guests. In another girl they call the made to come and make some cakes. The girls also reward or tease the made if they like the baked item.

The beautiful dish washing sink is also included in LEGO baking kit which blooms a heaven of ideas while playing. Girls order each other and say that they are tired and request each other for dish washing. They will be entertained while they cook and clean at the kitchen cupboard along with worktop. They also use the mixer and blender and after that they put the cake inside the oven.

Another wonderful game your kids can play with this LEGO set is the dine out game in which one kid asks other to lets have fun and visit a hotel for dinner. Kids reach the hotel where they are served with cakes and other food items. This fun filled game let the kids develop healthy relationship with each other.


I have tried my best to present to you the best LEGO baking kits. I hope you liked these for your kids. Do comment below and let me know if you have any better options than these. I think these toys will act as a booster in your parent child relationship and help bridge the gap between the parent and child very effectively.

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