Comprehensive guide for buying best long socks for girls

Long socks and stockings are an important part of woman’s wardrobe because not only that these save us from cold winter breeze but also they look great with shoes,sneakers, shorts or skirts. I personally being a female, am a constant buyer of long socks from Amazon. I have read more than thousand reviews before shortlisting these pair of socks for you. I hope you appreciate and do comment below. Following are important factors that should be considered before buying a pair of socks.

  • They should keep us warm.
  • They should be breathable so that our skin is not irritated.
  • They should not fall down or lose grip after washing.
  • Their washing and drying should be easy.
  • Their color should be permanent and should not fade away after washing.

1) Girl’s long striped socks

These long striped socks are popular with girls due to their beautiful designs which look appealing with short skirts. These are made up of high quality imported cotton and spandex which is breathable and don’t absorb the sweat and moisture very quickly. That saves your skin from getting itchy. These are available in a variety of colors so you can match with your favorite socks. As these have spandex in them so these are very elastic and they stay up even if you play volleyball or any extreme sports. Even if you are tall or short these cotton/spandex socks fit all sizes so you won’t have to worry about size if you want to gift these to any one.These socks are equally good for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Due to air circulation these socks keep your feet dry and prevent fungus. These have special reciprocated heels and toes for exact fitting. You can easily wash them in machine or with hands and no issues are reported.Manufacturer of socks ensures unconditional return if you are not satisfied with the quality of socks.

2) Gelante Knee High Socks For Girls

These are most selling knee high socks at Amazon and come in pair of 12 distinctive colors. They have unique combination of cotton (80%), spandex (15%) and elastic(5%). Due to this construction they don’t lose grip and always look smart even after years of use. These won’t be so tight after your wear them that they leave marks on your legs. The material is very soft and durable and easily it can bear machine washing.these socks look specially good when you wear them with sneakers, joggers. The colors and very sensible and you can wear them in your office environment without looking too colorful. According to our test team, the socks don’t shrink after repeated washing of individual pairs. Not only these don’t shrink but also their colors won’t fade away.The colors used are quite bright and lively and gives a nice impression to surrounding people. These can act as a very sweet gift to your daughter, sister or any female family member or birthday or Christmas. Even if you are a frequent jogger and do exercise it is assurity that these won’t slip down. Even if you do hiking, biking or too much outdoor activities these socks can be a good option.

3) 3D Tight Thigh High Socks for girls

These extra long thigh high socks have beautiful printed designs and look quite sexy and eye catching. These are highly suitable for party wear like Halloween and Christmas. With 3D printing which is long lasting even after machine wash these are one of the hot selling long socks at Amazon with extreme positive reviews. If you are doing a job in which you have to sit at a place for longer duration of time, these long socks will improve your blood circulation. If you like Japanese genres cartoon characters, these long socks will become part of your cosplay costume. As per our review team, these have high stretch and won’t cause any hindrance. These can be used by big girls with heavy thighs because they are elastic and with passage of time they don’t lose grip.

4) Cotton Striped Over the Knee Socks

These thigh high socks are Amazon choice for last and current year because of zero complaints. These are ideal for winter areas because these are pure imported poly cotton which is very soft. These fit over the knees for an average height lady. The company offers a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the socks quality. These match with school uniforms so you can confidently use them at high school. These thigh high socks give you firm support when you are wearing shoes and also keep your feet and legs warm. Even if you are not wearing shoes and moving around at home, these socks will save you from cold.If you are planning to start walking or jogging in winter, these socks will become your best friend. Due to imported microfiber used, these are not only very soft but also don’t cause any skin rash.Due to stretchable material these can fit both girls and women. At home if you feel comfortable wearing slippers, these socks won’t slip again and again.According to reviews they retain their shape even after several washes and multiple wears. For long lasting use we suggest that these be washed with hands using cold water.

5) 12 Pairs Sheer knee high long socks for women

These are one of the most hot selling sheer high heel socks for girls at Amazon with positive reviews. We purchased them and found these to be silk soft, elastic and durable. If washed properly with cold water they don’t lose grip. Specially designed toes help prevent tears. These stay at your calves even if you run or jump.Due to imported nylon these are super soft. After wearing these you won’t see wrinkles and your skin seems smooth. These are not so tight to affect the circulation of your blood, but they make you feel comfortable. Ideal to sue at office and occasions for long time use as these are breathable.You could match it with any pair of pants or shoes, boots or loafers.

6) Long and warm boot songs for winter

These high socks come with a beautiful grip at the top and it is made up of imported wool and spandex. Due to spandex the socks have elasticity and don’t fall down.These look great on special events like church and give a decent look when worn with any sort of dress.The toe seam is very comfortable and the cotton used is imported and soft.You can wash and dry these in your machine without any worries of de shaping. These thermal socks have beautiful leaf designs. You can also call boots like socks as they won’t allow the coldness to reach your feet.The breathable fabric reduces the foot fatigue even after use of multiple hours.If you are living in an extremely icy and chilling environment or icy environment, you will feel more heat than fleece socks. They trap only the right amount of heat so you are not frustrated.These solid socks keep your toes dry and smooth and a good gift for hikers and outdoor walkers. The bottom portion of these socks prevent you from slipping and help you walk smoothly even on tiles.


In the end I would like to say Good Bye to my reader and I hope that this effort of mine will add some good long stockings in your wardrobe.

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