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Top Six Mattress Elevators for GERD [updated 2020]

Our Top Picks: Mattress Elevators

For sufferers of GERD or Sleep Apnea, a mattress elevator to alter the bed height of the patient is a recommended solution. It is the least invasive treatment you can hope to receive. And if it works out, you not only have the advantage of not looking into expensive procedures to help cure your conditions but also a comfortable night’s sleep. Thought it can also be simply a matter of preference for some. Here we have compiled a list of products to help you choose the best mattress elevator for your needs. In the end of this post we have also mentioned electrical based mattress elevators in which elevation can be controlled automatically by the will of patient.

Quick Comparison

1Avana Mattress ElevatorAvana Mattress Elevator1″ to 7″AvanaNo
2Beautyrest Polyurethane Foam Under Mattress ElevatorBeautyrest Polyurethane Foam Under Mattress Elevator 1″ to 5″BeautyrestNo
3Cardinal & Crest Geo Foam Mattress Incline Elevator Topper Cardinal & Crest Geo Foam Mattress Incline Elevator Topper1″ to 5″Cardinal & CrestNo
4PH Mattress Bed TopperPH Mattress Bed Topper0.5″ to 5″PHNo
5Reflux Guard Adjustable Mattress ElevatorReflux Guard Adjustable Mattress Elevator 1″ to 6″/8″Reflux GuardYes

1- Avana Mattress Elevator

Avana Mattress ElevatorAvana Mattress Elevator

This is a foam mattress elevator made from medium density polyurethane foam. It provides seven inches of height at the head of the mattress and goes all the way down the bottom where it is one inch high. This provides a steady incline from bottom to top. To install it, put it right below the mattress and above the box springs. You can also add an optional cotton cover on it. We highly recommend you do this because this can get surprisingly dirty very quickly.

Unfortunately, this is not adjustable but that is the compromise you make to have the longevity of a foam elevator. Despite its fixed height, a lot of users have found this to be the perfect solution to their GERD issues. Though there is some concern regarding an odor that permeates from the products for some buyers that is an easy fix that has reportedly worked every time: air it out.

This product comes in a variety of sizes that cover most standard bed lengths. These are Twin, Full, King and Queen sizes.

If you are concerned about a heavier mattress deforming the shape of the elevator due to it being foam, that is only the case if your mattress is inordinately large. If for some reason your Avana mattress elevator is deformed or there is some other issue, the product comes with a year warranty and you can easily replace it if you are not satisfied.

Another great feature of Avana mattress elevator is that it is CertiPUR-US which makes sure that it is free from any harmful metals and hypoallergenic chemicals. In case you are suffering from any skin disease or allergies than Avana mattress is a very appropriate choice.

Even if you own a slatted bed base of king, queen, twin or full size the Avana comes in every size of bed.

Avana Mattress Elevator Cover

If you have made up your mind to buy Avana mattress elevator we would highly suggest to spend on the cover for the Avana mattress elevator. This Avana cover is made up of brushed cotton which is machine washable and easily removable. This elevator cover will increase the life of elevator and is available in white and gray color. The cover is fully zippered and is very easy to put it on the bed riser.

2- Beautyrest Polyurethane Foam Under Mattress

Beautyrest Polyurethane Foam Under Mattress Elevator Beautyrest Polyurethane Foam Under Mattress Elevator

Similar to our last product, this is also a foam mattress elevator that has a non-adjustable incline. Though the Beautyrest model offers an elevation of 5 inches above head level instead of the 7 inches that were available in the last model. This is the major difference between the two. In the end, this is a matter of preference and something you’ll have to try out in order to find out for yourselves. Though we will say this, more people find that a 5-inch incline suits them better and feels more natural than a 7-inch incline. But as we said, in the end, it is up to you.

This mattress boasts polyurethane, a type of foam that is meant for being inherently long lasting and durable. This is great because one of the most common problems inherent in foam mattress elevators is them becoming ‘spongy’ and ‘squished’. This is, fortunately, not the case with this particular mattress.

Another feather in Beautyrest’s cap is the fact that their product offers more options as far as bed sizes go than most of their competition. In addition to the standard twin, full, king and queen sizes you also have the California King size that has become more commonplace as of late.

3- Cardinal & Crest Geo Foam Mattress Incline Topper

Cardinal & Crest Geo Foam Mattress Incline Elevator TopperCardinal & Crest Geo Foam Mattress Incline Elevator Topper

From Cardinal & Crest, this is a little bit different from previously discussed models. It is another 1-inch to 5-inch ascending mattress elevator but it is made from a different mold of foam. Whereas the Avana and the Beautyrest versions were made of flat foam, this one is made of grooved foam that offers breathability to the wedge as it is applied underneath the mattress.

Some people find that the grooved nature of the foam makes it even more firm and helps it retain its structural integrity in the long term.

It is easy to use and apply. Incredibly lightweight, you can simply roll it out underneath the mattress by lifting it up and take it out afterward. Though, this is also classified as a topper, which means you can lay it on top your mattress without the need for wedging it below the mattress. Put a bed cover on top of it and you’re done.

This is helpful for more elderly folk who may have trouble lifting the mattress to lay the elevator wedge underneath it.

Like most of its competition, it is hypoallergenic, meaning it is made from polyurethane which is the best type of foam available for longtime firmness.

4- PH Mattress Bed Topper

PH Mattress Bed TopperPH Mattress Bed Topper

This is another mattress bed topper which means it can be added both above and below the mattress. The grooved pattern on top of the foam elevator makes it comfortable and firm for sensitive sleepers to lay on.

The elevation is 5 inches at the head and a half an inch at the feet. There is a minuscule difference in height as compared to other 5 inch inclines which is barely noticeable.

Made by PH, this is a more toned down version of the last model. It comes in only one model that is meant to be all-purpose for all bed sizes. Though there are not many customization options, the integrity of the foam and the reliability of the product itself are very good.

5- Reflux Guard Adjustable Elevator

Reflux Guard Adjustable Mattress Elevator Reflux Guard Adjustable Mattress Elevator

If you are looking for something specifically more tailored towards curing Acid Reflux or GERD and are finding other options not to your liking than this is a great alternative.

Made by Reflux Guard (it’s in the name), this mattress elevator is specifically designed with curing Acid Reflux in mind.

Reliability and longevity are the focus when it comes to this product. The foam is quality material made from polyurethane. And it comes with a 10-year warranty to add that last bit of reassurance that, yes, foam does last that long.

The elevator offers 6 inches of height that can be adjusted by sliding the wedge deeper below the mattress. The added length of the elevator itself is the reason this is possible. You can change the height of the head by as much as 8 inches when all is said and done.

6- Rise Easy Electric Mattress Elevator

electric mattress elevator rise easy

​If you are looking for an electric mattress elevator than Rise Easy is the most recommended option from our team. This electric bed elevator has adjustable width due to which it can be installed on any size bed including king, size, queen size, single, or double beds. Whatever is your type of bed base either devan or slatted bed base this elevator can serve you the purpose. Without the need of any helper the patient can conveniently change his posture from lying down to sitting and vice versa. This mattress elevator gives an elevation as much required just on a press of button and the range of elevation is from 5 to 85. That means that it is up to patient will that either he wishes to sit or lay flat. This electrical mattress elevator is noise free and can be cleaned very easily with any ​liquid disinfectant.

7- Avana bed wedge pillow with bamboo cover

This bed wedge fits half the width of full king size bed or mattress as shown in the figure above. What makes it a very good buying choice is the bamboo cover which feels as soft as silk. If you are a patient of skin diseases, the wedge will be a better option. Reason is that due to the bamboo cover it is anti-bacterial and also mould resistant which makes it even more suitable for paraplegic patients. You can be proud that this product is totally USA made. The Super Slant can even help decrease swollen joints due to surgery or injury, and it can help relieve aching or swollen feet.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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