Are you looking for best mattress for platform bed with slats?

The concept of platform beds with slats is quite old and its a quite a tradition. Still now most of the people prefer the platform beds with wooden or metal slats. Technology have changed and now traditional beds that rest on box spring are gaining popularity but they are not a match to the traditional platform beds due to dozen of reasons. Today i will shortlist top three best mattress for platform bed with slats. The reason i prefer the slatted mattresses over innerspring mattresses are

  1. Platform bed with slats are more suitable for memory foam mattress.
  2. Platform bed with wooden slats give more firm support and thus are more suitable for people suffering from back ache.
  3. The space below the wooden slats of platform bed can be very effectively utilized for making large size cabinets.
  4. Its cost effective as instead of box spring it just rests on wooden or metal slats.
  5. Platform beds with slats are ideal for memory foam which is quite popular due to its durability and comfort sleep.

The platform bed can be as good for the memory foam or with the traditional inner spring mattress. The wooden slats of the platform bed are equally good for both of them but as the memory foam are a result of lot of research so I recommend to go for the memory foam instead of innerspring mattress. The major reason behind is that the springs within the innerspring mattress deteriorate with passage of time and after few years it looks like that from portions your mattress has sat down or got buried. Instead the memory foam placed on the platform bed’s wooden slats keeps its shape and alters itself according to body shape and keeps giving you a consistent feel of comfort.

So far as you have judged that for your platform bed i am recommending you a memory foam mattress but still you have to be aware that although the memory foams are better for people with sleep isssues, back pain and spinal cord issues still their are many pitfalls. Some memory foams get too hot or cold according to weather, some are made up of material that cause allergies and some are too soft that you feel sunken. To help you get away from any wrong decision we have selected the best mattresses for your platform bed with slats available in 2019 and also compared their features so that you can easily make your choice.

1. Nectar Memory Foam mattress for Platform bed

Nectar mattress for platform bed with slats
Nectar mattress for platform bed with slats

Nectar is one of the most recognized and renowned brands in memory foam manufacturers. Indeed they are considered pioneers in memory foam industry. Due to perfection they have achieved they have got most positive feedback from customers and also the prices are very less (Below 500 dollars) as compared to competitors as Nectar is offering price reduction due to Black Friday Deals for 2019. Some important features of the nectar mattress are as following

  1. Whatever is the size of your platform bed king, queen, twin or California king you can get appropriately sized nectar mattress that can fit on the wooden slats quite easily.
  2. For platform bed owners , nectar is giving the largest warranty, that is the forever life time warranty. If any duration of time after your purchase you feel that the mattress has de-shaped, you can simply return it back. This indicates the confidence of manufactures in their product.
  3. Order it now and you get two branded Nectar pillows free with each purchase which saves you an extra 150 dollars. According to user reviews the pillows are very high quality and quite firm and reasonably sized.



2. Linenspa hybrid mattress for Platform bed

LinenSpa hybrid mattress for platform bed
LinenSpa hybrid mattress for platform bed

If you are little out of budget and want a cheaper option for your slatted platform bed than we have chosen Linenspa specially for you. Linenspa is an established and trusted brand in the field of mattresses since decades.It is hybrid bed with comes with benefits of both memory foam and innerspring foam. This mattress comes for all sizes of beds including twin, twin XL, king, queen or California king. This mattress has perfect square border so it easily fits into any platform bed you have with wooden slats. The layer of memory foam is specially helpful for people suffering from back pain, arthritis and spinal cord disorders. The reason is that the memory foam layer used puts pressure on the pressure points of human body. This mattress is chosen as Amazon choice for many years because of highly positive feedback from users. So i highly recommend this mattress if you are under budget for your platform bed with wooden bed frame slats or bed with sprung bed slatted frames.

3. Class Brands Cool Gel mattress for Adjustable and slatted Platform Bed

adjustable and slatted platform bed

The final and last mattress i have chosen for my blog users is my famous brand known as “Classic Brands”.  This bed is adjustable base friendly and not only for the adjustable bed but it can fit any size of platform bed with wooden slats. This is also one of the highest selling mattresses on Amazon with ninety percent positive reviews. Class Brands is also offering two free pillows in the deal. The bed is highly recommended if you are sensitive to allergies or you are having spinal cord injury of any kind including sports injuries. Also if you are facing high stress at office and you are lacking a good sleep than i recommend you once try this mattress you will never regret this money spent. The additional layer of GEL in this mattress provides a great relief of stress and a cooling affect. Please note my words if you are facing sleep less nights or any sort of anxiety or depression due to any reason just purchase this mattress.


To conclude i will just say that i have tried my best to short list the best best mattress for platform bed with slats for my blog viewers. In this effort i have gone through tons of user reviews. Do comment below if you like my efforts. Happy shopping.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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