Top 3 Projectors with WiFi and Bluetooth [updated December 2019]

​Hi folks this is your blog host Amanda and my today's post is about best projectors having Bluetooth and WiFi functionality. First of all let me explain in easy words the benefits of projector with WiFi. Just as the case with the laptop having WiFi in it means that the laptop can connect to internet and you can play YouTube or any media online on your laptop. Also the laptop can connect conveniently to the wireless networks available in its surroundings after proper authentication. Same is the case with the projector. When we say that the projector has WiFi feature than its a huge benefit and it means that you upload any presentation or video online and it can be directly played on the projector. 

​Now we come to the Bluetooth feature in projector means a lot as well. To understand it properly when we have a Bluetooth speaker, it means that this speaker can produce sound that is played over any mobile or laptop that can connect with the speaker via Bluetooth. Now same is the case with the projectors. When a projector is connected to the laptop or mobile via Bluetooth and any video you play on your mobile will be output or displayed via projector. this is also a great benefit and can become a time savior in current days when the use of mobiles and tablets is increasing rapidly.

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​Our top pics

Victsing wireless Bluetooth projector

​Cocar projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Nebula Capsule

​Nebula Capsule

WiFi and Blu​etooth




Free Tripod




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Screen Cast feature





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1) VicTsing WiFi projector with Bluetooth

​According to tests and comparisons we have conducted the highest rated WiFi projector with Bluetooth feature is by VicTsing. First of all we discuss its most prominent features.

Victsing wireless Bluetooth projector

​Wifi Enabled Projector

You can project your IOS or Android video directly on the VicTsing projector even without a cable due to its builtin WiFi feature

​Sound less projector

​If you kids are studying or sleeping and you  want to watch movie, no problem due to Bluetooth feature you can connect your wireless headphone with the VicTsing projector.

​Noise free Projector

​In comparison to other projectors the quality of sound is superb and the noise cancellation and depression feature further improves.

​Screen images with high quality

​We have observed that the image quality produced by the projector is many times better than its competitors and that is why we have putted this projector first in our list.

​​HDMI out specialized feature projector

​Another great feature is diverse amount of ports available in this projector. With one purchase you get a projector with VGA port, projector with USB and HDMI port. Other than these ports the VicTsing projector has customized ports for AV,SD and audio out.

​​PS4/Smart TV Gaming lovers choice pr​​​​oj​​​​ect​​​​or

If you are PS4 gaming fan than our advice is to chose this projector. The sharp image quality produced makes gaming a real fun using play station. Similarly if you use smart TV or smart TV stick to watch you tube or other online content than you can easily display the YouTube content through this projector. You can also stream the ​Hulu, Netflix, Roku or any other android stick directly due to the Bluetooth feature.

​2. Cocar Android projector

​The second projector we choose for our blog readers and that is fully supports WiFi and Bluetooth feature is by Cocar. It has builtin android system which means that its a powerful standalone system at your disposal with 2 GB ROM and NAND flash memory which makes it very fast in performance. Now we discuss some distinguishing features of Cocar projector

Cocar WiFi projector

​Specialized for 3d Movies and HD movies

​If you are lover of three dimensional movies movies, this projector is a must choice but you have to buy 3d glasses separately. Not only does it displays 3d movies accurately but its a treat for movie lovers as it also plays full HD movies and 4K movies precisely.

​LED bulb for day light with DLP Technology

​The life and quality of LED bulb is very important in the life span of projector and Cocar projector outclass its competitors with a LED bulb that display excellent results in day light and also the life of the LED bulb is significantly increased with latest DLP technology. In comparison tests our team conducted we felt that Cocar projector is far ahead in terms of LED bulb quality.

​Top rated Airplay projector

​As per the stress tests our team conducted, the Cocur projector performed excellently when displaying the movies or songs through Apple Airplay.

​Projected streamlined for Miracast

​Not only does the Cocur projector performed exceptionally well for Airplay but also we got very good results for Miracast. We tested Miracast though Amazon Fire Tv stick, Rooku, Chrome cast and Mi TV box and the Cocur projector displayed the stream very excellently.

​Most sophisticated Android System 

​The feature our team loved about this projector is its operating system which is Android 6.0/ this operating system takes the flexibility of this projector to another level. You can directly download and install apps like Kodi, YouTube, Netflix directly from play store. A movie lover can really understand what does Kodi or Netflix really means to him.

​3. Nebula Capsule by Anker

​The third projector that exceedingly performed well in all our tests is by famous brand in Electronics named Anker. Although its small and smart but it is really feature rich and performance wise our team named it "Little Champion"

​Some distinguishing features are as following

Advanced ​DLP technology rich 

​The most distinguished feature of projector by Anchor is the extraordinary clarity and contrast that became possible due to DLP technology which makes it more portable and smaller in size.

​Ideal projector for conference calls, parties

​Another feature greatly liked by our team of reviewers was the extra ordinary 360 degree omni directional sound produced by Nebula Capsule. this made it the Number 1 choice for parties and conference calls.

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