How to choose best push button fishing reel

Do you miss the good old-fashioned push-button spin caster at times? Well, we all do as it was a staple of father-children bonding during fishing. But, you will be really thrilled to know that the spin casters have found their way from your basements to the fishing market again with tons of advanced features. Our review team spent several hours physically examining a bundle of fishing reels and after that, we have come up with this list of best push-button fishing reels.

So, do you want your fishing to be better than ever? Get ready for an experience like never before because we are going to introduce you to some of the best push-button fishing reels that are going to be your holy grail. So, let’s check it out!

Our recommendations for best push button finsing reel

Best PickRUNCL Spincast Fishing Reel
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Staff PickPflueger push button fishing reel
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Budget PickAbu Garcia push button fishing reel
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KastKing Brutus Fishing Reel with push button casting
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ZEBCO fishing reel for kids
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RUNCL Spincast Fishing Reel

Best Pick

Suppose the pickup system of your reel is top-notch. In that case, it will elevate your fishing experience, and the RUNCL fishing reel has stain-less steel that is very durable and a dual pickup system to make it easy for you to decide between hooking it or making another cast.

For fast-running fishes that are highly unlikely to be captured, this amazing fishing reel has very high speed, making it easier for you to catch the runner fishes. The handle of this fishing reel is very diverse, and you can use it for both right and left hand by just pushing the handle to the other side, and voila.

This reel is ideal for people who are looking for an all-rounder and family-friendly fishing reel so everyone can use it. This spin-cast reel’s fishing line is really long compared to other reels, and you can easily catch fish from a great distance.

Along with all these powerful features, this fishing reel is not very heavy and can be carried quite easily as compared to other comparatively heavy options. Worried about line tangling? Forget about it as RUNCL spin-cast ensures to minimize tangling as well.


  • Tangle-free cast
  • Lightweight
  • Great cast speed
  • Longer reel line


  • Not easily repaired
  • Not ideal for bigger fishes

Pflueger push button fishing reel

Staff Pick

The spin cast reel of this unique fishing reel is of premium quality and of stainless steel. It contains 5 bearing systems that provide a top-notch fishing experience to spin cast enthusiasts. The aluminum frame of Pflueger makes it super-durable and reliable, and one reel goes a long way.

Its aluminum cone is also very powerful yet ensures smooth delivery of the reel line to serve its purpose. The aluminum handle is very comfortable to hold and gives you a firm grip for a perfect pull. It gives you a quick anti-reverse, enabling you to back reel easily so that you and your fish don’t feel the drag.

The spooled drag of this amazing fishing reel helps you to let the line out easily without causing a lot of friction, and it does not damage your line as well. For the quick setting of hooks, this reel contains a clutch ball bearing, and the material of this incredible reel is wear and tear-free, so one reel really goes a long way.


  • Stainless steel
  • Powerful aluminum cone
  • Quick hook setting
  • It contains 5 bearing systems.
  • Push button is very soft and handy to press.


  • Only suitable for freshwater
  • The reel cannot hold 40lb line

Abu Garcia push button fishing reel

Budget Pick

The Abu Garcia fishing reel contains two strong bearing systems that make sure your fishing experience is elite. It gives you a really smooth drag that does not put a lot of pressure on your line and saves it from any tears. You can pick up the line without any hassle with its Quadcam system.

The design of this fishing reel is also awe-inspiring, and it is suitable for your whole family with its user-friendly nature. The cone of this reel is made of stainless steel and a graphite frame, which makes it super-durable, and you can totally count on it if you want a perfect fishing experience.

Casting with Abu Garcia

Casting was never smoother than this until Abu Garcia introduced its unique push-button technology that takes your casting game to the next level. It is very easy to use and must be your holy grail if you love baiting bigger fishes.


  • A strong bearing system
  • Smooth drag
  • Stainless steel cone
  • Push-button technology


  • Slightly heavy
  • Not suitable for light line

KastKing Brutus Fishing Reel with push button casting

This is also one of the most hot-selling push-button fishing reels at Amazon. Its highlight feature is the extra-long fishing reel that allows you to make longer casts. More specifically if you are interested in deep-sea fishing this push-button reel is your way forward as it goes really deep. Another best thing about it is its reversible handle that allows the reel to turn backward. It is also helpful so that you can shift the handle from the left side to the right side at your convenience.

It has double-shielded ball bearings, that make it quite smooth to throw and play with. As the fishing reel picks up line quite faster as compared to other fishing reels, so your chances of winning the fishing competition are quite bright. Finally, the patented dual pickup system grabs slack line quickly so you can quickly be ready to set the hook or make another cast. We consider it a viable option for both fresh water and saltwater fishing. Last but not least all the screws are hidden inside the body so they won’t hurt your hand or fingers.

Its special designs prevent sliding during winding. As being lightweight you feel less tired after long fishing sessions. Seems very simple but it has incredible dragging power and connects seamlessly to the fishing pool.

ZEBCO fishing reel for kids

ZEBCO is a very established brand since 1949 and it is famous for its tough and sleek design. It has a 10-pound fishing line which is suitable for catching fishes like Trout and walleye. You can change its handle from right hand to left hand as per your need. It is ideal for beginners and kids featuring tough outer bodies. The adjustable front drag is very smooth and easy for kids to handle.

Design is tangle-free and can handle quite a lot of load. The design is less complex and kids can handle it easily. Kids can practice at the home pool before going on real fishing. Its weight is 1.95 pounds which are considered medium and kids of age 7 and above can carry it easily.

The ball bearings are quite smooth and of a reputable quality. As a beginner fisherman, this is a good fishing reel for all salt water and fresh water species. A most important feature is that it is very economical under the price tag of 15 dollars. Not only it is cheap but this gift can make the day for your son who is fond of fishing in wild.


Lastly, from the above three spin caster reels, choose the one that is ideal for you and that serves its purpose without any hassle. The fishing reels are not a bed of roses always, but with the above three, you can expect a perfect fishing experience and elite quality.

Make sure to take care of your fishing reels and clean them properly after each use to prevent any damage. The storage area of the reel also plays a pivotal role in preserving the quality and maintaining the longevity of your reel. Happy fishing!

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