8 best romeo boots that you should never miss in 2020

​Our Top Picks: Best Romeo boots

​Hi folks, ​if you are looking for best romeo ​boots, then you have landed at the right place. Let me introduce my self. I am Abraham and i frequently visit hiking trails in Us. I am a huge admirer of John Muir hiking trail in California and for each of my trips my shoes are of my supreme importance. In this post i listed my favorite pair of romeo boots, some of these i have personally used and others i have shortlisted after researching user reviews from all available sources. The beauty of romeo shoes are that they are equally good for both indoor and outdoor use.

​Before taking you to the list of romeo boots, i would like you to look at our list of best ankle snow boots. I hope you will like that as well.

​1) EVA sole romeo ​shoes


Georgia romeo shoes are  designed in the USA and manufactured at a state of the art manufacturing plant in the Dominican Republic. These are made up of full grain leather which is known for its strength and durability. The height of the shoes is 3 inches and have a strong rubber sole. Another great feature is the oil resistant bumper guard which increases the life of shoe and decrease the maintenance costs. The mid-sole used in these shoes is Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) which is very soft and mostly used in sports shoes. These are made of genuine leather which is ideal for long term use and for using under heavy rains. If you love hunting or outdoor activities which involve going in watery areas, these shoes are a nice option. Even if you have to walk long miles, you won't get tired due to pressure sustaining slip resistant rubber sole. However the pair of shoes have removable insole, but it would be comfortable with the cirrhotics insoles.

​2) Romeo Work Shoe with steel shank

​These 100% leather Romeo shoes come with high performance lining steel shank. This steel shank provides support to your feet and ankle specially the arch areas. If you are suffering from pain in arch area of foot, this is a very good option to chose from. Leather goodyear welt around the shoe outsole gives you a feeling of grip while you walk or run. If you are a field worker or you are a worker, farmer or hunter these pair of shoes is a must have. These shoes will provide exceptional comfort level while you walk or climb.

3) ​ESD Romeo shoes

​These romeo boots have 6 inch steel toe which can prevent you from lot of outdoor accidents. So if you are a hunter or enjoy outdoor activities, these shoes can be your best friends. These shoes ​are made up of special types of leather called oiled leather. And oiled leather is known to be very strong and long lasting.

​If you are an electrician, or your job is related to electronics, these shoes are​ a must have for you because ​these are static dissipative shoes (​​ESD shoes) which maintain a resistance of electric charge.

​If you are involved in any sports, or jogging than again these shoes are a nice choice. Reason is that these shoes are very breathable. Being more stable and breathable, they prevent sports injuries.

Fabric of shoes was made with COOLMAX technology that transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, fiber structures provide insulation on colder days. ​

4) Thomas & Vine romeo round toe boots

​These romeo shoes have a very comfortable rubber shoes, and these are specially made for walking on ice or rainy roads to avoid slipping. The outside of the shoes are made up of genuine leather which are very comfortable and totally water proof. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town, heading to work, or running errands, you’ll love the comfortable, lightweight feel that ​these​ romeo boots provide.

5) Thomas & Vine​ ​wingtip shoes

​These romeo shoes also have rubber sole and totally non slip and noise free in all sort of tiles or floors. These are made up of genuine leather and look equally good with dress pants and jeans as well. The shoes are very light weight, firm but still very comfortable. The professional pair of romeo shoes were designed by keeping in mind long office days. The shoes have great breath-ability and strong grip as well.

​6) Romeo Boots ​with mudguard

​These twin gore shoes are ideal for walking or playing tennis.Due to polyurethane sole, you will feel very soft when walking. ​Polyurethane soles are also tear resistant and long lasting. Upper portion of shoes are made up of fine grain leather which gives strong grip. You can say that these romeo boots are more focused on comfort than speed. These shoes are specially made with a mudguard, so you can comfortably walk on muddy roads.

​7) Danner Romeo Boot for hiking

​These romeo boots have vibram sole which can be used on all sort of surfaces. you would be astonished to know that the expedition that went to mountains like k2 also use the shoes having vibram sole. Other than that the EVA midsole prevents your foot from injury due to pointed rocks that come under yuor shoes while tracking or hiking.

​These romeo shoes are very comfortable and I copy from one of user reviews

"These have been more comfortable than I could have ever expected. I'm actually buying another pair today because I want to keep a pristine set for work. The other I use out in the yard constantly eschewing the myriad of boots and wellies I have at my disposal. I did find that the insole provided was inadequate for my needs, but an inexpensive Dr. Scholl's odor eaters insoles quickly remedied that for me."

​8) ​Breathable ​romeo ​boots

​These romeo shoes are made up of 100 percent leather still these are very affordable. The shaft measures approximately 4" from arch. These beautiful shoes are light weight and suitable for both men and women. These are breathable and very comfortable. Imported rubber sole used absorbs shocks very efficiently. these are suitable for walking both in summer and winder conditions. Even if you want to walk on road or hilly areas these romeo's will be your good partner.

​Comments on Amazon are very good for these pair of shoes and I copy one of them here

"I love these boots. They flex easily which reduces fatigue on my arches. They slip on rather easily and have neoprene collars for both comfort and durability. Other slip on boots actually wear throughout the fit entry after repeatedly taking them on/off The insoles are good and can easily be replaced with other brands for even greater comfort. The tread wears good to provide a relatively long life. The leather is of good quality and is water resistant. There is ample room in the safety toe and are available in the wide model if needed. Less seams translates to less chances of falling apart. This is the best slip on I have tried."

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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