5 Best rubber backed rugs of 2020 for your kitchen

Rubber backed rugs are a mandatory part of my kitchen. They not only prevent my family and pets from slipping but also absorb the spills in the kitchen like oils. Other than that they save us from catching flu by saving us from cold floor. Me and my review team have spent several hours choosing the best rugs for your kitchen. I hope you appreciate our effort.

1) Maples Rugs rubber backed rug

The first rubber backed rug chosen by our review team is also the best seller at Amazon by November 2020 and has got great reviews at Amazon. It is made up of Olefin fiber which is specially popular for use in kitchen rugs.

  • The advantage of Olefin material are that it is water resistant and doesn’t absorb liquids.
  • It is totally free of bacteria and mold.
  • You can also use it in your basement or outside the bathroom because it dries very quickly and is mold resistant.
  • It is rectangular in shape and has nice geometric patterns on it.
  • It’s colors don’t fade even after lot of spilling of oils and liquids.
  • The anti-skid rubber backing is quite useful and prevent you from any accidents that can be caused in kitchen due to slipping.
  • Finally and most important feature is that it is a totally Made in USA.
  • It will protect your floor from scratch marks made by your dog and the pet will be safe from slipping.

2) ComfiLife floor mat with non-slip rubber bottom

The second kitchen mat I have chosen for my blog readers is from ComfiLife and it is declared Amazon Choice for the year 2020 because of excellent user feedback. After evaluating the product we highly recommend this product to our readers. It is a specially padded stress relief mat and gives you comfort. You can place it on any place where you have to stand for longer duration. It can be your shop, your washing area or your bathroom. Due to high density thick cushion used in construction it has become very durable. Finally and most important feature is that the company offers a life time money back and replacement guarantee. You can also use it at any high traffic area of your house like entrance or exit or outside the washrooms or shower area. Its very easy to clean through vacuum or damp cloth and hardly takes a minute. You can use it both indoor or outdoor as per convenience.

3) Custom size Blue plain rubber backed rug

The third best rug we have chosen for your kitchen is also a very special one. You will love its colors and it is proudly made in USA with highly positive reviews. You can use it on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble, and tile flooring. Due to the rubber back this rug you, your kids and your pets from slipping on wood. It is very easy to clean with mild detergent and water. You can also hose it and than hang it to dry. Do not wash in the machine and it is totally stain resistant as well. Due to low height you can use it at door entrance and door will open conveniently. The edges are very smooth and free of fraying. It is great for both residential and commercial use where there are lots of customers. You can also use it near the swimming pool as it is water resistant and dries quickly.

4) Delxo Kitchen 2 piece microfiber rug set

These are made up of soft microfiber and absorb oil and liquids quickly and hence keeps your kitchen clean. They are treat to stand upon and are also Amazon Choice due to high customer satisfaction ratio. These are made up of 100% Chenille microfiber which not only relaxes your feet but also saves your from standing on cold floor. You can easily wash them in machine and dry them in sun or tumble dry. The mat firmly stays at its place so you can move or run in the area with confidence. It is totally fade-resistant and there will be no shedding of carpet after several years of use. These are very soft to touch like a rose and also dries very quickly.

5) Carvapet 2 pieces microfiber rubber backed kitchen and bath mat set

The Carvapet kitchen rugs are equally good to be used near the bath tub in wash room. They are declared Amazon Choice in 2020 and are also one of the hot selling products at Amazon. These protect your floor from damages caused by moisture, dampness and water. These are totally slip proof because of latex rubber backed bottom area. These don’t started to wear with time and also very comfortable and soft to walk upon. These are wider and longer than traditional rugs and gives your tired feet a sense of relaxation. The mats are equally good for all surfaces like wood, ceramic, marble except the carpets. This kitchen rug has a very nice design that will adjust itself with any style of home decor you have.


Our team and my self have tried our level best to chose the best rubber backed rugs for your kitchen. Whichever rug you like make sure there is no water under the rug because that will cause it to slip. And that may cause a health injury to your family or your pet.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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