Best sitz bath soak for fissure

​Hi folks, Amanda is back with another post about sitz bath. I developed fissure during pregnancy and i was suggested a sitz bath and it helped me a lot in recovery. A sitz bath is a very effective treatment of fissure, hemorrhoids. Other than that sitz bath is also suggested to women those are suffering form postpartum pain (after child birth). Sitz bath is also suggested to acne patients and people who have undergone genital incisions or have inflammation, itching or rash in anus.

​How to take sitz bath

​In order two take sitz bath you just have to sit on your toilet seat with a plastic kit fitted over it​. You perineum area is dipped or soaked in hot water with salt added  for 10 to 15 minutes. This treatment reduces the size of piles or swelling in anus very quickly. It also helps in healing the anal fissure rapidly and prostate issues. ​You can add epsom salt, lavender oil, witch hazel, vinegar, baking soda or even basic salt in the water but make sure water is not very hot.

Sitz bath fitted over toilet seat

​Sitz bath during pregnancy

​Yes, doubtfully there is no side affect of sitz bath during or after pregnancy. In fact it reduces the hemorrhoids caused during pregnancy. Sitz bath is also helpful in episitiomy recovery during child birth.

You can use Sitz Bath every day without fear of slipping or falling in your bathroom while providing comfort that will help relieve your pain immediately after sitting down on it. It’s also great for those who are pregnant as well as seniors looking for a way to get around their homes easier without worry of injury due to falls in the shower or bathtub areas of their home.

​What is a Sitz bath soak

​A sitz bath soak is the liquid that is filled inside the sitz bath seat and the patient suffering from hemorrhoids sits on the seat. Bath soak can be prepared ​at home by adding table salt or vinegar in water.

​Our best picks of Sitz bath Seats and Soaks

​I have gone through thousands of sitz bath kits and sitz bath soaks and chosen the best ones for you based upon ease of user and user comments.

​1) Sitz Bath by Drop of Divinti

​​Do you have hemorrhoids, postpartum pain, or other ailments?

​This sitz bath with contoured designed provides relief and ensures safety. Ergonomic design suits any size body and features wide edges to prevent spillage. No need to run bath water and wait for the tub to fill! Just pour warm water into it having temperature 94F-98F. ​

You’ll be able to sit comfortably in a relaxed position while relieving your pain with ​this Sitz Bath For Toilet Seat that fits on top of an ordinary toilet seat!. It also comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning after each use so it can last longer than ever before!

 This simple solution will make all the difference when it comes time for you to take care of business – literally! The best part about this product is that it doesn’t require running bath water or waiting around until the tub fills up like traditional baths do – just pour some warm water into our Sitz Bath For Toilet Seat and let your troubles melt away! We know how much easier life can be once we find solutions like these that work perfectly every single time without fail – which is why we want everyone who needs one of these products in their lives right now so they too can experience what true relaxation really feels like again soon enough! So dont waste more time.

​2) Over the toilet sitz bath by H-Eleven

​You won't need to fill a bath tub in order to sit for sitz bath. This H-Eleven sitz bath equipment matches with the color of toilet and fits so superbly over the toilet that you won't feel any pain while sitting over it. This sitz bath is very ergonomically designed so that it reduces stress on muscles of hips and legs. This sitz bath is designed in such a wonderful way that it fits most of the toilet seats of different brands like Mayfair, Church, Kohler very conveniently.

​3) ​Sitz bath for Yoni Steam Massage

​If you are suffering from any sort of inflammation in your body bottom region then this is a very suitable option. The plastic used in the construction is of very high quality and fits all types of toilets either round, long​. This Sitz bath is also perfect for Yoni Steam ​which is considered highly beneficial for cleansing of uterus and vagina.

​4) Sitz Bath with a pump by XSSG

Sitz Bath For Vaginal inflammation

​This sitz bath is a real treat for elderly women and pregnant women as they are relieved from stress and they just have to sit on the toilet seat. The sitz bath is deigned according to shapes of human hips so they fit in very easily. It provides great support to pelvic muscles due to its great design making it easier for heavy people to sit on the sitz bath. Another thing i like about it is the great water bag that gives a wonderful hip spa.  Secondly the pump creates bubbles that gives maximum relief to the painful area.

​5) ​Sitz bath with water escape vents

Sitz bath with water escape vents

​This is another very special sitz bath that comes with a free water bag. This bag is very effective for menstrual cramps, so if you are a lady with disturbed menstrual cycle you should give it a try. The sitz bath is also very effective for patients having bladder or prostate infections. Using the water bag you can release the water from the bottle by using a clamp after sitting on the sitz bath. Another great feature is that the plastic used is very durable and you can clean it very easily.

​6) Hangable Kueysing Sitz bath for Empisiotomy

Kueysing Sitz Bath For episiotomy

​This sitz bath by Kueysing is highly appreciated by our tester due to its great quality plastic and hanging feature. It significantly improves pain in genital areas and anus only in one week of use. Ideal for hemorrhoid patient that want to live an independent life with in house solution without going to any medical practitioner. The size of the seat is ideal 16" x 14" x 5.5" and it also fits the bed side commodes. Another great feature is that the quality of the bath is very soft to touch and it comes with a free pump, towel and a hook to hang the sitz bath.

​7) Sitz bath soak by Daily remedy

The best sitz bath soak according to our comparisons is by Daily remedy and it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. This soak is made with 100 percent pure epsom salt, dead sea salt and essential oils including  aloevera, lavender oil, coconut oil. According to user reviews it is not only effective for sitz bath but also you can soak it in bath tub. Due to this soak the post birth healing of mother becomes faster and it also helps in treatment of constipation when used in sitz bath seat with pump. Epsom salt used is a well know cure for the burning sensations caused by episiotomy. 

​8) Sitz Bath Soak by ActivvLife

​The second soak i would like to suggest to my blog readers is by ActivvLife and its is a best herbal and organic treatment to counter hemorrhoid and Anal fissure. Due to contents like witch hazel and epsum salt it is very effective for healing tears and swelling that comes during child birth. Also it is very effective for curing vaginal swelling that is caused due to continuous use of condoms. The damaged blood vessels shrink slowly after you use this soak bath continuously for two weeks in the sitz bath seat.

​9) Sitz bath soak with magnesium sulphate

​Sitz bath soak by EPSOAK is not only effective for hemorrhoids but also very effective for plant growth as it gives an extra boost to the plants. If you have accidentally broken your foot or you have aches in your ankle you can put this soak in hot water and just put your feet inside the solution for 15 minutes for very fast healing. If you put this organic soak in your bath tub it will detoxify your body skin and thus reduces acne and skin problems. You can also mix this soak with your favorite shower gel to make your own body scrub. 


​To conclude i would suggest my reader to try one of these soaks with sitz bath seat or in bath tub. It is surely very effective in treating hemorrhoids and fissure or vaginal itching.  Do comment me if you like any of these soaks. 

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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