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I own a sweet cat named Melisa and she broke her leg last winter when she got slipped at the doorway. It took her almost 3 months to cure completely. The veterinarian suggested me to buy pet socks so that her muscles heal more quickly. a Being a pet owner, you should have some nice pair of socks for your pet for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons are

  • These save your pet from cold.
  • These prevent your pet from slipping and getting hurt.
  • These make your pet adorable specially on occasions like Halloween or indoor parties.
  • These saves your costly furniture and mattresses from pet’s paw scratches.
  • These prevent your pet from licking the open wounds.
  • The broken bone of the pet heals more quickly and muscles are strengthened due to the warmth provided by socks.

Our review team has spent numerous hours on various shopping websites to shortlist the best options with highly positive reviews. I hope you would enjoy and so comment below.

1) Anti slip knit socks for pets with traction soles

These are one of the hot selling pet socks at amazon and these are chosen by our review team as the number one choice for your pet. Our selection criteria involves rigorous comparison of various pet socks and study of genuine reviews by pet owners. Being knit socks these are warm and are available in really wonderful colors. The pet won’t be able to get rid of these just by moving his paws due to a wonderful elastic grip. These not only quite down the pet’s footsteps but also save the wooden floors from the paw scratches.

2) Anti-slip knit dog socks and cat socks with rubber reinforcement

These are Amazon Choice for 2020 and these are made up of imported cotton material and available in different sizes according to size of your pet. these socks not only prevent your cat or dog from slipping but also save your floor from the nail scratches.Special silicone Gel is applied on sole of the socks to prevent slipping. Some cats try to damage your expensive sofa using their nails. When they are wearing the socks there will be no issues at all. The material used in socks make the pet comfortable and they are not irritated by them. In winter season your dog feels more protected and warm wearing these wonderful socks. If you have wooden floors these socks will make like easier for your pet and prevent slips.

3) Pawks Dog Socks

These socks also prevent traction on slippery surfaces with paws. If your cat is habitual of placing pet marks over the mattress and beds then you must buy these cat socks. Rubber inside the socks prevent the socks from falling down and stay in position. These socks look quite modern and fashionable with a paw footprint which is anti skid technology. As these socks are made up of imported cotton, you can always wash them conveniently. If your dog wears shoes, then you must first put these socks on to prevent scratching of the dog’s skin. After wearing these socks you will surely feel that your pet is now more happy and confident because of care and comfort he is receiving. In case your dog or cat has an injured paw, these socks will help them heal faster and save the paws from dust and fungus.  The socks come in a variety of colors that make your pet look wonderful every day.

4) Double side pet socks with adjustable straps

These are one of the most hot selling pet socks at Amazon and the distinctive feature is the adjustable strap. These socks are available in small, medium and large sizes so you can use them for all breeds of dogs even large or small. If you are annoyed by the noise of your pet’s footsteps, then these socks will provide the solution and you will enjoy  the silence. Many times due to falling or slipping on the tiled floors the pets paws are damaged. These socks will make the paws safe and prevent damages to paws. The patented straps won’t allow the dog or cat to get rid of socks. These socks will absorb the pet’s sweat and keep him warm.Bottom socks will prevent the dog from slipping on ice or any hard surface. These socks are made up of imported cotton totally free of pilling. Even if you own a small cat or kitten, you have socks available for them.The socks are divided into three sections, which make them easier to put on for your pet. Many times dogs destroy furniture by putting scratches on them and these socks stop them from doing this.

5) Cat shoes and socks silica

These are very different socks or shoes for cats and these are made up of silica gel. These are highly useful for cutting nails or for bathing the cats. You can also call them cat socks made up of silica gel and it will be especially helpful if you are a veterinary doctor and you are afraid of getting hurt by pet paws. The belt at the top of the cat socks is very helpful so that the pet won’t get rid of the shoes very easily. Initially you cat won’t wear these socks for too long but sooner she will become comfortable with them.


That is really short post but I hope that I would bring some good in the life of your pet by preventing any accidents caused by slipping on floors. Take care and Bye from Amanda.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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