Best Steam Mop Replacement Pads

One of the best tools for keeping a home clean and tidy is the steam mop. Hard floors in any home are not only kept squeaky clean and shiny with this handy tool but chemical-free as well. While other cleaning solutions for hard floors like ceramic tile, wooden, or even laminate can be more aggressive and quick, they leave a chemical residue that is less than desirable. And even then a good steam mop can get the job just as quick. And since the cleaning utensil is essentially water, it can’t get any more environmentally friendly than this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a steam mop?

A steam mop is a cleaning tool that uses steam to clean hard floors. It is chemical-free and leaves no residue.

What are the different types of steam mop pads?

The most common type of steam mop pad is the disposable kind. These are made of fabric and can be used for a single cleaning session. After that, they need to be thrown away.

Reusable steam mop pads are also available. These are made of microfiber or other materials that can be washed and reused.

What are the benefits of using steam mop pads?

Using steam mop pads has a number of benefits. First, it is a chemical-free way to clean your floors. Second, it leaves no residue. Third, it is quick and easy to use. Fourth, it is environmentally friendly.

What are the disadvantages of using steam mop pads?

The main disadvantage of using steam mop pads is that they need to be replaced frequently. Disposable pads need to be thrown away after each use, while reusable pads need to be washed.

How often should I replace my steam mop pads?

This depends on how often you use your steam mop. If you use it daily, you will need to replace the pads more frequently than if you only use it once a week.

What are the different types of cleaning solutions I can use with my steam mop?

You can use plain water, vinegar, or a commercial floor cleaner with your steam mop.

At a Glance:

Newly bought steam mops come with a few replacement pads that replace the original one after it has been put through its paces. And while most of these pads are washable there is a hidden expiration date when it simply starts to fall apart. That is when you go into the market looking for the best steam mop replacement pads after you’ve run out of the ones that came with the original. Here, you have two options, you can either look for replacement pads that are not from the original manufacturer and are thus cheaper, or you can go with the original and pay a premium. Here we will discuss the cheaper alternatives for the best steam mop replacement pads.

Our recommendations for best steam mop replecement pads

DesignBedroom stuffRetailer
Best Pick1) F Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Washable Microfiber Mop Pads Cleaning Pads for Shark Steam Pocket Mops
Check Price
Staff Pick2)Rongbenyuan Bissell Steam Mop Pads
Check Price
3)Fushing 3Pcs Steam Mop Pads
Check Price
Budget Pick4)F Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Mop Pad Compatible with Shark Steam
Check Price
5) iSingo 6 Pack Bissell Steam Mop Pads Compatible with Bissell PowerFresh
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1) F Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Washable Microfiber Mop Pads Cleaning Pads for Shark Steam Pocket Mops

Best Pick
F Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Washable Microfiber Mop Pads Cleaning Pads for Shark Steam Pocket Mops S3500 Series S3501 S3601 S3550 S3901 S3801 SE450 S3801CO S3601D

One of the biggest issues with replacement pads is that no size fits all. Each steam mop is slightly different and in an effort to resell unique parts sometimes even vastly different (looking at you Bissell). But the next best thing is one size fits many. And the F Flammi Microfiber mop pads are just that. Fitted to be worked alongside the Shark Steam Pocket Mops S3500 and S3501, S3601, S3550, S3901, S3801, SE450, S3801CO, S3601D series models, there is a whole line of products that are suited for these pads and you can find them all on the product page.

The F Flammi brand cleaning pads are one of the most bought and positively reviewed products on the market. If you have one of the aforementioned Shark Steam Pocket Mops the F Flammi pads are definitely the best alternative option. On the inside, they are lined with special sandwich lining that allows the steam to be released easily and efficiently. The pad can be fastened using the velcro lining along the edges. It is surprisingly heavy-duty and even after multiple washings, it won’t lose its stickiness any time soon. Speaking of washing, it is re washable and reusable. One packet contains 4 separate pads.


  • Universal Design
  • Rewashable
  • Reusable
  • Sandwich Mesh Lining

2)Rongbenyuan Bissell Steam Mop Pads

Staff Pick
Rongbenyuan Bissell Steam Mop Pads 4 pcs for Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940 1440 1544 1806 2075 Series, Model 19402 19404 19408 19409 1940a 1940f 1940q 1940t 1940w B0006 B0017

The Rongbenyuan Bissell Steam Mop Pads are some of the most high-quality pads for the Bissell Powerfresh line in the market. Though technically made for the Bissel 1940 series, this mop pad owing to its generic design fits a variety of different models, even from other manufacturers. And since it’s made of such high-quality material with top-of-the-line linings it is the preferred replacement pad of choice for most of these mops even though it isn’t made for them. Look at the reviews at the bottom of the product page in the Q&A section for specifics.

The package includes two microfiber soft pads for normal everyday use and two microfiber scruffy pads for getting those nasty stains out that just won’t come out normally. It’s reusable, replacement, machine washable, highly absorbent, anti-scratch, strong decontamination, non-depilation, durable, easy to clean.


  • Reusable
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Absorbent
  • Anti-scratch

3)Fushing 3Pcs Steam Mop Pads

Fushing 3Pcs Steam Mop Pads, Washable Microfiber Cleaning Steamer Replacement Pads for Shark Steam Mop S3501 S3601 S2902 S3901 S3550 S3601D S3801 S3801CO SE450 S2901

The Fushing Steam mop pads like the F Flammi pads are meant to be used as replacements for the Shark Steam S3500 series models including S3501, S3601, S2902, S3901, S3550, S3601D S3801, S3801CO, SE450, S2901. They are some of the most durable and high-quality pads available in the market right now. The package comes with 3 pieces of replacement pads. They are machine washable and reusable with a long life. You can clean them using just water or even detergents and soap if the stains are tricky to remove. They are meant to be used on hard surfaces like marble floors and hard tiled floors but they work on carpets just as well.

Another key feature is that they are double-sided. Both sides work just as well and if you find that one side has been dirtied during cleaning you can simply flip it upside down and not have to wait for it to be washed to be used again. Flipping the sides is made easy by the fastening system. The hook and loop strap closure is easy to use. Lined with top-of-the-line sandwich mesh it allows the steam to flow through easily.


  • Reusable
  • Re-washable
  • Double Sided
  • Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Sandwich Mesh Lining

4)F Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Mop Pad Compatible with Shark Steam

Budget Pick
F Flammi 4 Pack Replacement Mop Pad Compatible with Shark Steam & Spray Mop SK410, SK435CO, SK460, SK140, SK141, S3101, S3250, S3251 Microfiber Washable Cleaning Pads

When looking for the Best steam mop replacement pads it’s not without reason that most of the replacement pads you come across are pocket mop pads. They are easy to use and the latches have a long life with few chances of being worn down before the product’s life is already over. This is the reason why pocket pads are preferred. But that is not to say that other kinds of replacement pads don’t have their place. This particular replacement mop pad is a velcro system one-piece mop pad.

The material the pads are made of is high-quality stuff. It is made to effectively trap dust particles which are the primary reason for the pad’s use and be extremely water absorbent. This, coupled with it being fast drying makes for the cleaning process to be quick and hassle-free. The fibers on the surface are just hard enough to be effective and just soft enough that they don’t scratch the surface of wooden floors and ceramic tiles. These are specially for shark steam and spray mop model SK410, SK435CO, SK460, SK140, SK141, S3101, S3250, S3251.


  • Dirt griping microfiber
  • Strong water absorption
  • Fast dry
  • Triple-layer sandwich mesh lining
  • Velcro System Mop Pad
  • Anti-Scratch

5) iSingo 6 Pack Bissell Steam Mop Pads Compatible with Bissell PowerFresh

iSingo 6 Pack Bissell Steam Mop Pads Compatible with Bissell PowerFresh 1806 1940 1544 1440 2075A 2685A Series, Replacement Part Model #5938#203-2633

While Bissell Steam Mops are arguably the best steam mops around it’s surprisingly hard to come across decent replacement pads for them despite their apparent popularity. Owing to their somewhat different style of mop heads mop pads of other products don’t usually fit with some exceptions. This makes for a somewhat difficult user experience. But if you have any of the Bissell Powerfresh models, you’re in luck because the iSingo replacement pads for that series of steam mops are almost better than the original.

The first thing is first, the package comes with 6 pieces of pads. 3 Pads are soft fiber meant for everyday use and 3 pads have scrubby fiber attached to get rid of stubborn stains. You can also choose to get the 4 pieces version for a lower price or the 8 pieces version for a higher price. The pads have water absorption properties with guaranteed fast-drying afterward. You can reuse the pads after a wash if they get dirty. Remember to not use fabric softener as that will make the pads lose their structural integrity faster than they would otherwise.

  • Value for Money
  • Water Absorbent
  • Fast Dry
  • No Fading at high temperatures


So while we hope that you found the best steam mop replacement pad for you using our list, it is imperative to note some of the things you need to be mindful of before buying anything. One of the biggest problems with this type of product is that you need to be absolutely certain that it will fit your personal steam mop. Look for the reviews at the bottom to find out if the product works for your device.

Another thing to note is that while it is possible to use detergent and soap to wash the dirty pads it will reduce the lifespan of the pad and it is better to wash using just water so the microfiber doesn’t become just a rag after a few cycles.

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