Best Tommy Hilfiger check shirts for men

Hi folks, I am Abraham from Nebraska, USA and I was told by Amanda, who is my cousin and friend as well to write about about my favorite Tommy Hilfiger check shirts for men. The reason for her request is because she knew that from my early teenage I always wear shirts of Tommy Hilfiger brand shirts because of their long lasting durability, price affordability and many other features like high class imported cotton. After carefully analyzing reviews at E Bay and Amazon I have shortlisted these one’s with a hope that you will also admire my choice.

1) Tommy Hilfiger short sleeve check shirt

Tommy Hilfiger short sleeve check shirt
Tommy Hilfiger short sleeve check shirt

This beautiful Tommy Hilfiger check shirt is my favorite shirt and it goes very well with jeans as well as black, brown or blue dress pant. When there are hot summer days in New York I prefer this cotton shirt mostly. Being a bachelor I mostly do machine washing and in-spite of weekly machine wash continually for many years the shirt has not lost its charisma. I am an old timer fan of collar button down shirts as in my point of view they give a look of decency and formality. My father was also a fan of such shirts so that might be another reason for me to admire this type of shirts. Being short sleeved this shirt gives a sense of freedom and you get in mood to wear it specially in hot climate or when planning for beach. The front pocket of the shirt has a very fine line of embroidery and its specially useful for putting wallet or sun glasses.

The high class quality cotton used in the shirt has lot of stretch. This means a lot of comfort while you bend or raise your arms. Even if you plan to do a little yoga or exercise in your office break time, this shirt will not become a hurdle in your free body movements.

2) Tommy Hilfiger non iron barrel cuff shirt

Non iron dress shirt

This is the second best selling dress shirt at Amazon with highly positive reviews. Again this has a beautiful checked design which is available in bundle of colors including empire blue, red, purple, pink, white. Being made up of imported cotton it is ideal for warm summers. Also being made up high quality cotton it is breathable and absorbs lot sweat like a towel. So for any reason if you are sweating a lot this short is a very intelligent choice. Not only that it is a button down shirt but it also has adjustable cuffs. This feature is specially useful if you are skinny sort of man. It is a classical regular fit shirt and it will look very good if you are not fat enough or do regular gym because they look classical when you have normal body type. If you are a smoker you don’t have to worry as it has a large size front pocket that can easily hold your cigarette pack. None of the customers who have purchased has filed any complaints regarding shrinking of the shirt material. The last and most important benefit is that it is made up of wrinkle free cloth which won’t require frequent ironing. If you do an office job and it is mandatory to wear a tie than these collar button shirts look really graceful.

This shirt is ideally made for a busy business man who just takes it out of his briefcase and are ready to wear. They require little to no maintenance and you can spend your time in completing your important commitments and achieving your goals rather than pressing the shirt.

3) Tommy Hilfiger fitted button up dress shirt

Tommy Hilfiger fitted button up dress shirt

When you think about old timer decent guy in your mind, the image that appears in your mind is wearing this type of shirt. This is a bit funny but this checkered design Tommy Hilfiger short is one of the most hot selling item. This shirt is more useful for casual sue as it is button up shirt. If you are going to a casual friends party or a dinner at friend’s place than this is a very good option. Being a fitted shirt it really looks nice when worn by people having athletic build. As it is a button closure casual shirt so when you went to beach next time you can open up its buttons to have a nice feel of air flowing. As it is a point or straight collar shirt, so you can alternatively use it in home or office without any issues. According to our review team, there is no damage caused to shirt after we washed it several times in washing machine. But surely if you leave it for very long in heavy sunlight, this may harm its colors.

The shirts absorbs moisture and sweat from your body very effectively and thus helps in regulating your body temperature. In other words that means that if you move frequently from one room to other or an air conditioned room to outdoors this shirt will help your body maintain its temperature.


From thousands of shirts I have tried to shortlist the best checkered shirts which I also enjoy in my wardrobe. I have tried my best to chose shirts with most positive reviews with bright , lively check designs. If you like my choice do comment below and let me know and thanks in advance.

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