Best Velvet hangers for kids and babies in 2021

Being a mother of three daughters I always prefer to buy velvet hangers for them ever since they were small kids. Not only because the clothes won’t slip away but also because they look very decent and space consuming. In this post I and my review team tried to shortlist the best velvet hangers specially for babies and kids clothes and we not only considered opinions of thousands of buyers but we also purchased many of the hanger sets to finally conclude our list. Another benefit of velvet hangers is that they are ideal for hanging bikini and bra because of their non slip surface.

1) AmazonBasics baby velvet hangers

If you have three to four kids you will require separate hangers for all the kids. this set of 50 hangers will be sufficient for all of them. You can hang their pants, shirts, blouse, frocks and whatever without the issues of slipping. Not only that they have ideal dimensions for hanging baby cloths and they will surely not fall.

If you have a compact closet for kids then these hangers are highly suggested as they are quite slim and don’t take much space. Their dimensions are accurately measured so that they can easily manage the baby clothes to clothes of kids up to 12 years old.The material used is high quality plastic so they can bear the weight of heavy kids jackets without the issues of bending. The notches  on the hangers prevent the wide neck clothes and the strap clothes of girls to slip away. Our review team tried to bend the hangers and they are not broken very easily. The swivel of the hangers is very shiny due to chroming and totally rust free.

These have ideal dimensions for not only kids but also baby size clothes. Other than kids stuff the mothers and ladies can ideally use them to hang bra, gowns and other slippery delicate clothing.

The package will be sent to your home in certified frustration less packing with money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the quality.

2) ABSOFINE Kids Velvet Hangers

ABSOFINE clothes hangers are our second best choice for baby and kids velvet hangers because of excellent sturdy design proven during our comparison tests. these come in the set of 30 hangers which can be cascaded over each other to save space. These velvet hangers have totally non slip velvet surface which keep the baby clothes, pants and sweaters at their place. The hook of the hanger is rotating which makes it easier for kids to hang clothes and take them out of the closet. Our review team added weight up to 7 pounds on the hangers but they faced no damage at all. You can hang denim jeans, pants, shorts without any lines.

These are very easy to hang because of 360 degree swivel and also the hooks are very strongly attached with the hanger and they won’t detach even if you try and apply pressure.

3) Pink velvet non slip hangers

The third velvet hangers for babies that our review team has chosen are also Amazon choice for 2020 and come in a pack of 50. They are at amazingly low price with variety of other color options also available. Being made up of high quality ABS plastic these are shock resistant and heat resistant. They don’t change shape with passage of time and are also scratch proof even after several years of use. You can hang both the skirts and pants of the kids at the same time because they are sturdy enough to bear a lot of weight. The velvet is very soft to touch and totally non slip. The gold plated hooks are not only rust free but give an excellent look. The velvet used is so soft that it won’t leave any crease on the pants. The seller also provides 100 percent money back grantee if you are not satisfied with the quality. The specially designed contoured shoulders will not de shape your kids shirts and skirts.

4) Kids velvet hangers with clips

Clips are surely helpful for hanging some girl frocks specially that slip again and again. You can also use them to hang women bra or belts on hangers. These hangers have highly positive reviews at Amazon and you can also use the clips to hang kids pants. The clips are also very useful for hanging clothes of new born babies as they are too small to stay on the hanger. You can use these hangers ideally to hang maxis, tanks or all other dresses that come with straps. You can use them to hang 5 to 6 bras at the same time and chose your favorite bra while going to pool party.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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