Best youth pants with reusable tabs

I raised three kids and they are grown ups now and for my daughter II had to purchase the youth pants because she had issue of urine leakage until she reached her high school. During this period I purchased youth pants of various brands for her. In this post I have shortlisted the three top youth pants with reusable tabs.

Features we looked for in youth pants

Before I shortlisted the best youth pants, our review team looked for following features in the youth pants

  • They should be highly absorbent,
  • They should not be over priced.
  • Their should be no complaints of leakage.
  • They should not create allergy or itchiness.
  • They should be comfortable to wear under all weather conditions.
  • Their adhesive strips and tabs should be of high quality and reusable in nature.

Now here is our list

1) Curity Youth Pants pull on diapers

If your toddler is healthy and normal diapers are too small for him or he has grown up and need large size diapers then you should try these youth pants from Curity brand. these work equally well for both boys and girls. The great thing is that they are worn just like underwear either in day or night. You get 14 youth pants in one pack and these are suitable for teenagers and adolescent children under age of 16. These come with standing leg gathers which provide leak protection under all circumstances. These have maximum absorbency of liquids so you won’t be irritated by feeling of wetness.

These are equally good for warm and cold environments and no costumer complaints received that claimed that these are harsh on skin. Most of young boys and girls said that these feel very soft.

If you had a history of pamper rash than I suggest that you give these one a try as these go good with skin of most of people. Specially even if you pee more than once a night you still don’t have to worry.

Even if you are over weight these Curity youth pants are highly suggested as per reviews these cover the most widest area of body.

If the patient has sever issues of urine leakage and you think that the moist may reach the underlying mattress then I suggest that you would use bed pads that comes with adhesive strips.

2) Depend Incontinence Protection with Tabs

These youth pants comes in two sizes small and medium and these are specially made for young adults suffering from incontinence. They some with three tabs and are very easy to wear and remove. Their special feature is that they properly stop all sort of bad smell and they have a wetness indicator that will tell when you need to change the pant. If your kid is suffering from bladder leaks than these are highly suggested. Also if due to age or any disease you cannot control your urine for longer duration travel these can be your very best friends. Due to minimum number of complains and high absorbency rates these are declared Amazon Choice from may years.

The three adhesive tabs are sticky enough that you can call them reusable tabs. Even if you open the youth pants multiple times you won’t have to worry about will they stick back again,

The material used for their construction is according to United Sates standards and don’t cause any sort of rash, itching or allergies. Also these are totally latex free, which is most cause of allergy in many people.

Even if you are an athlete or participating in any sports, one thing our review team grantee is that the adhesive tabs won’t break or torn apart. There are extremely positive remarks regarding their durability.

Patients suffering from bowel syndrome offer complain about side leaks but you won’t have to worry about side leaks because the patented design of Depend youth pants prevent all sided leakages.

3) FitRight Ultra Adult Diapers

These pull up under wears are equally good for adults as well as youngsters and have highly positive reviews. They can be used by young boys and girls both and are super absorbent. They give all night protection due to their high quality and totally save the patient from sores. These are made up of anti allergic material and even if you are buying these for yourself or your kids you won’t worry about skin allergies.

Another thing our review team liked about these adult pants is that they will surely safe your bed from being wet if your patient or yourself is suffering from bladder control or urinary incontinence.

FITRIGHT youth pants will also help in improving your sleep hours even if you pee multiple times at night because of high quality polymers used in their construction. You won’t need to get out of bed again and again to change the adult pants. Similarly if you are looking after a bed ridden patient these are a very good option.

Even if you move out of bed or jump in bed these youth pants will not lose their position. These are suggested by our review team for adult incontinence and post-partum bladder leakage.

These youth pants have special mechanism to manage the odor and we received very good reviews that even your bed partner sleep will not be disturbed due to bad smell.

Patented design is unique with top class dry system providing dry surface and loop tapes that totally prevent repositioning of youth pants.


In the end I would like to congratulate you if you are looking after a sick patient, kid or even an adult. You care for them that is why you are reading this article. Me and my team has tried our level best to chose the best youth pants or under wear with reusable tabs for your young child. Do comment below if you like our effort.

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