Bestway Air bed/mattress review

Hi Folks this is John Mark and today i will be giving you my reviews on my latest purchase the best way air bed or air mattress.  If you are not aware let me tell you briefly that an air mattress is usually made of plastic type material with air filled inside it.

These mattresses also suits if you have lack of space or you are going outdoors on camping or fun. You might be thinking that these air mattresses should look weird?. No they don’t look that bad as they are very carefully designed to match the regular mattresses.

As you all know that I don’t put any affiliate links in my posts so the reason behind is to give you very honest opinion about the product i have used. That’s the reason i always tells the drawbacks or reasons why you should not buy this product. So we start with Best Way Air Mattress.

Do test it on First day

It is one piece of advice for all buyers, if you purchased this air bed for some occasion , trip or guests you should test it before one day by sleeping all night on it to check air losses.  Otherwise you will feel ashamed in front of their guests when they will tell you that they were sinking in the bed last night.

Why you should not buy Best Way Air Mattress?

  1. If you are having toddlers or small kids that are naughts (mostly are :->) than there are bright chances that they will create a leakage in the air mattress in few days and it will become a piece of junk as it is very hard to find the leakage point inside the air mattress.
  2. These mattresses lose some air every night so if you get freaked by filling up air after few days don’t go for these.
  3. If your pet specially cat sleeps with you than don’t go for this air bed. Your cat will puncture it in no time. solution is that you have to buy an extra  mattress cover.
  4. If you and your spouse are overweight there are clear chances that you wont fit into the queen size air mattress because the dimensions are 80″ x 60″ x 15″. Also if you or your kids are quite tall than don’t purchase this.
  5. The height of the bed is 15 inches which is quite less. Many people due to various reasons like beds with more height. So if you are on of them don’t go for it. But this height will be good for your pet :->
  6. If you are already having issues of backbone or stiff neck than you this mattress is not recommended for you. Long term use of this air bed is also not recommended as it may lead to back pain. Its only suggested for short term.
  7. If by bad luck you got some leak than its very hard to find the leak. You may have to apply shampoo all over it to have a trace.
  8. If you are a fan of very firm or hard  mattresses than don’t go for these as they in all cases lose some air during every night.

Why you should buy Best Way Air Mattress?

  1. The air loss of these air mattresses is very minimal as compared to other brand air beds i had used earlier.
  2. They come with a builtin AC pump so you don’t have to lose some extra bucks in the pump. Just add the plug of the pump in the power source and in four minutes your air bed is ready for your travel adventure. Also the pump is very less noise as compared to the air bed i owned last time.
  3. Most importantly many air beds that i used in past are not very comfortable and they give a back ache in morning when you wake up in your tent but this one’s comfort level is quite high and specially because of its design according to body curves.
  4. One of another important reason to buy Best Way air bed is its affordability. If you are a student or a traveler the cost really matters. And these come with a builtin pillow so that saves you another couple of bucks.
  5. Sometimes the inflation and deflation time also matters and specially for campers and tourists. Its inflation and deflation takes maximum of 5 minutes. So this is also a good advantage.
  6. If you have inadequate space in your house and guests comes quite frequently than these beds are the turn key solution. Also if you are a frequent traveler who loves camping outdoors , than these are must have accessory.
  7. The customer care service of best way air mattress is quite good and in case of any leakage they instantly replace your mattress.
  8. Best way air bed is also good for sheets means once you put the sheet on it it don’t move too much.



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