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​Hi folks, this is your blog host Amanda. Being a mother of ​an infant is ​no doubt a daunting task. I my self raised three kids  and initial 3 years of the kids are real hard ​for the mother and specially when they were new born. When the mother had to bend in order to change baby diapers or bathing the baby, it feels quite painful. Today i am showcasing the product that brought ease to my own life as well. Its a baby changing table that has an attached bath tub as well.

At a Glance:

The first benefit you get from this changing table is that you won’t have to bend. ​Believe me or not, while in standing posture, bathing the baby or changing the diapers feels ​like a peace of cake.

Our recommendations for best changing table with bath tub

Best PickPrimo Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table Combo
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Kinber folding changing table with bath tub
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Staff PickKinfant baby diaper station with bath tub unit and storage trays
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Budget PickBaby Diego baby diaper change table​
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Primo Euro Spa Baby Bath and Changing Table Combo

Best Pick
Primo changing table with bath

​Primo Euro is one of the most loved​ baby changing table at Amazon with highly positive reviews. Based upon the reviews i also ordered this for my third new born baby and thanks God i had no regrets over my decision. Primo brought a lot of ease into my life as i really feel back pain ​when i had to bend for changing diapers. But after i purchased this changing table, both changing diapers and bathing baby became a fun thing to do. To check how this table actually looks like please see the video below. But one thing that the changing table in video is of some other brand but look and feel is ​similar.

  • ​If you purchase a traditional bathing tub, it occupies a lot of space and it is also without legs. You can place this baby bathing tub at any corner of the room and it serves the purpose of bathing your sweet baby as well as changing his/her diapers.
  • Another great benefit of this bathing table is that it is made up of BPA free stuff. What this means is that when you put hot water in the baby bath it will not cause BPA leaching in water which is harmful for babies sensitive skin.
  • ​What makes this bathing table different from others is that you will get three accessory trays free with it. You can use these trays to organize baby diapers, bibs, baby lotions,baby clothes and  baby oil to apply on your baby skin after bathing.
  • Another feature i like the most about the bathing table is its portability due to the wheels. You can take it in any room you want without any issue. The wheels are conveniently locked so you won’t find any problem while bathing.
  • The Euro Spa Bath Offers a 2 Position Baby Bath so you can bath baby as per your convenience. For infants 0-24 Months. The Euro Spa comes complete with a Vinyl Changing Pad, and Safety Strap. This changing mat is very soft and your baby will ​be totally comfortable while you will be changing them. Also the mat is large enough that you can change baby diapers quite conveniently.
  • The wheels of the bath table are anti wear and long lasting. According to user reviews at Amazon the wheels move quite comfortably.

In order to understand how these changing tables are changed into bath tables please look at the image given below. Please note that this image is just for educational purpose and applicable to most of bath tables i will be suggesting.

How to change from baby changing table to bath table

Kinber folding changing table with bath tub

​Kinber changing table is second in my favorite list and its nice elevated design will bring a lot of comfort in your life. If you are suffering from spinal issues or back pain, then ​​changing both cloth, massage care and changing diapers will become very easy for you due to this table. Dimensions of the table are: 33.66″ ​length x 26.97″ ​width x 40.16″ height, suitable for 0-12 months old baby.

All the four wheels have locks which will prevent any sort of accident and also prevent the changing table from slipping away.There is a large ​tray under the bath tub where you can place important bath accessories like bathtub spout cover, bath thermometer (optional),baby soap and shampoo, rinsing cup and baby bath toys. The tray is large enough that it can also accommodate the baby towels as well.

Kinfant baby diaper station with bath tub unit and storage trays

Staff Pick

​​As per reviews received by November 2020, we have raised the position of this changing table with bath to fourth. Mothers can use it for changing baby cloths, diaper and massage the baby. The height of the changing table can be adjusted according to mothers height to relax her spine. The changing table is also useful if the mother is having pain in knees or foot because of bending again and again for changing diapers. The locks present in the caster wheels prevent accidents that can be caused due to slipping of bath tub. A large undercarriage tray provide easy access to all of the bathing and changing accessories you need in one place. 

Baby Diego baby diaper change table​

Budget Pick

​This bath table comes in three different colors including blue, beige and ​pink. Baby Diego’s deluxe ​bath offers parents the comfort and practicality of a wheeled bathing and changing station at waist level. ​Being portable you can place the bath table ​at the most convenient location to bathe your baby. The changing pad includes a safety strap and is made of soft non toxic cushioned vinyl and can be easily wiped clean. Two large storage ​compartments are at the bottom to keep towels, toys, diapers and bathing supplies neatly organized and within easy reach.

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