A comprehensive guide to Coconut coir mattresses and door mats [2019]

​Hi folks, if you are an organic food lover today’s post will delight you for sure. I will be sharing with you my experiences with coconut coir mattresses, door and pillows and also in gardening. Due to my back pain issue i was recommended by my physician to use a Coconut coir mattress and pillow. I think that using coconut mattress and pillows was a very good experience and it brought quite improvement in my spinal related issues. In this article i will  suggest best coconut mattresses and pillows and i have read more than 100 reviews to give you a good insight.


I start with a bit of introduction. As the name explains the coconut coir is the other name of coconut fiber that is taken from husk of coconut and it is widely used in foot mats and pillows and mattresses. To have a full understanding have a look at these images

Coconut coir stage 1

Coconut coir stage 1

Coconut coir stage 2

Now as you have understood about the coconut coir. Now we see how pillows or mattresses are made from coconut coir.

How pillows and mattresses are made from coconut?

As you all know that pillows and mattresses should be soft and to achieve this the coconut coir is surrounded by soft material like wool and latex layers. Also cotton covers are made that surround the pillow or mattress.

What are benefits of using coconut coir in mattresses and pillows?

These mattresses and pillows are dust mite resistant. Also as they are very suitable for people suffering from back pain and allergies. Secondly the coconut has very dense fibers and these fibers evenly disperse body pressure.these mattresses are considered equally good for small babies. the comfortable support of the coir mattress helps baby sleep well. This is shown in Figure below

coconut coir mattress for baby

Coconut coir mattress for baby

How does sleeping on coconut coir mattress feels like?

Coconut coir mattress feels a little bit more harder than the normal mattresses and same is the case with the pillows. So if you are a lover of firm mattresses the coco mattress is a good choice for you.


What to check before buying a coir mattress?

The thickness of coconut coir is very important, if thickness is very less it doesn’t provide the required firmness.

​Best Coconut Coir Mattresses

Now I suggest best coir mattresses for you to purchase after going through tons of reviews at Amazon. I will make sure that my blog visitors avail the best deals. 

1. Colgate EcoSpring Crib Mattress with coir Fiber

Colgate Coconut Mattress

Colgate Coconut Mattress

Colgate is USA, Atlanta based firm that specializes in making coconut mattresses for toddlers. If you are thinking for buying a mattress for new born or any kid that Colgate is the best recommended thing. Some important features are

  • High quality spring unit – 150 coils of extra thick 13.5-gauge steel coils, with 9.0-gauge steel border rods for sturdy edge support
  • Waterproof, tear-resistant, and stain-resistant damask cloth cover
  • Renewable coir fiber insulator pad made from coconut shell husks
  • Eco-friendlier foam made with sustainable plant oils and totally odor less.
  • Extra comfort from natural cotton batting cushioning layers
  • Naturally fire resistant, with no fire retardant chemicals used
  • GREENGUARD® Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified safe for no harmful emissions
  • Hypoallergenic & phthalate free
  • Fits all standard size American cribs and toddler beds
  • Made in the USA by Colgate, the Crib Mattress Specialist®, a family-owned and operated company since 1955

2. Cambay Organic Coconut Coir Mattress by Palmpring 

Palmpring coconut mattress

Palmpring coconut mattress

​For adults looking for a firm coir mattress, the first choice is Cambay specially for lovers of totally organic mattresses, which is a reputable and established brand in terms of coir mattresses. One of our clients, purchased this mattress from Amazon and he is using it for the last 4 years. I feel it quite stiff as my doctor suggested me for the back pain. The important features of this mattress are as following

  • Total made up of Organic Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Organic Coconut Coir Mattress
  • Materials resist bacteria, mold growth, dust mites, & bed bugs.
  • Hypoallergenic, No off-gassing
  • Rubberized coconut fibers replace need for metal springs
  • Chemical-free, and Metal-free.

These Palmpring mattresses come in five different sizes including

3. JIAMIN Coconut Palm Shell Mattress (Queen Size)

removable cover of coconut mattress

removable cover of coconut mattress

JIAMIN coconut mattress is 3.5mm think which is quite reasonable. Some important features of this mattress are as following

  1. It has a layer of natural or organic latex.
  2. If space is the issue and you are looking for a folding coconut mattress which you can use for the guests/ camping out, than this mattress is a very good choice. Also as it is a single fold so there are not much chances of breakage.
  3. Due to coconut raw material used, this mattress is breathable which means air easily flows through. This is very healthy for young babies and toddlers as well.
  4. One very handy feature is the outer cover that comes with a zipper so you can easily wash the outer cover.

​Coconut Mattress for king and queen size

​If you are looking for a firm coconut coir mattress that gives your back a firm support then this is the best option. It is multipurpose due to its folding ability you can take it to picnic or put it over the sofa. If you or your partner have sleep issues then good news is that this coconut mattress does not produce any sort of sounds due to movement at night. Being organic it is hypoallergenic and does not produce any sort of allergies. The zipped cover can be machine washed very easily and also this mattress is available for king size or queen size beds.

2. Natural Coconut Pillows

Natural Coconut Pillows are filled with natural coconut coir filled in natural cotton cover and a special layer of soft natural latex. Unfortunately such pillows are not available you have to purchase coconut fiber and fill it inside. Coconut fiber is available from ​Amazon in a packet of 7 to 8 liters but it is usually available for making birds nest. You have to tale some pain and fill it inside cotton pillow cover.

​2.1 Coconut infused Pillow by Classic Brands

Memory foam pillow with infused coconut

​That is a great coir pillow with removable and washable cover. You can use it without any pillow cover and its cover gives a real cooling effect wile you sleep. It comes in queen and king sizes and the memory foam is highly suggested for people suffering from neck pain or shoulder pain.

3. Coconut Coir Door Mats

Coconut coir is an excellent choice for door mats due to its extreme dry nature and it removes dirt from shoes immediately. Most importantly the coconut doormats don’t allow for growth of mold or bacteria.

Here is some most selling door mats we have chosen for you

3.1 Deciduous Tree Coconut Coir Modern Door Mat

Tree picture coconut doormat

Tree picture coconut doormat

Important features of this door mat are as following

  • Its modern and refreshing aesthetic can provide a great look for your home entryway
  • Its anti bacterial and anti fungal and also available in multiple sizes
  • Its odor less and strictly removes dirt from shoes

3.2 Coconut doormat with a cute cat

cute cat coconut door mat

If you are a cat lover, you will love  this dirt absorbing foot mat. Some features are

  • Hand made with all natural coir
  • Eco-friendly, made from coconut fiber
  • Two sneaky tuxedo feline cats
  • Hand stenciled with fade resistant dyes
  • Tough and abrasive, easily removes dirt from shoes
  • Perfect outdoor mat for your front door, porch, balcony and more

3.3 Beautiful Home Written Coconut Coir Door Mat

This is another simple and elegant coconut doormat i recommend to my blog users. some salient features are

  • This all-weather mat is hand-woven using 100% coconut fibers that naturally trap dirt.
  • The subtle pattern is hand-stenciled using fade-resistant dyes that will keep this charming style all year long.
  • Its hand woven, rectangular shaped and totally made of pure coir.
  • The back side is non slip so it is anti falling.

Coconut Coir For Gardening

Coconut Coir For gardening

Coconut Coir for home garden

​Although not very related to beds and mattresses, but if you are a gardener and want to grow seeds of your own you would be amazed to know that coconut coir when mixed with small amount of mud, can result in very efficient growth of plants and also they give very better fruits. As i love to do gardening so based on my experience i recommend CocoBliss. 

​Salient features of this coir pith are

  • Produces stronger plants with vigorous root system, superior growing medium over peat moss, cost effective
  • Renewable, Biodegradable & Eco friendly, Stable PH and EC. Hygroscopic and easy to wet, retains 8x its weight in water. 


​Thanks for reading my post. Do comment below if you need any improvement or suggest addition of any coconut mattress or pillow in the list.

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