Best crystal Decorations For your table

When furnishing your home, it is tempting to focus on the larger picture and keep the smaller things for later. Sofas, rugs, carpets, wallpapers, beds, curtains, etc are the first few things that come to mind when you think about when you hear the word furnishing. And it is a fact that the bigger picture does matter, a well-decorated home should have an overall theme that reflects your personality and shows your taste however, the small decorations are just as important. Thinking about what you are going to adorn your dinner or coffee table with can be surprisingly difficult. That’s where this article comes in. From dinnerplates to figurines and marbles, we have listed the best decorations for your table.

“Why crystal decorations though?” I hear you ask. The answer, my dear Watson, is quite elementary. Crystal decor is unique in the fact that it can go well with any design that you are hoping to establish. Whether you are a lover of Minimalist interior design or are hoping for your house to look like a transitionally decorated home, crystal decor on the table will go great. It can accentuate both the sleek, slim lines that are featured in modern interior decoration or the natural feel that comes from rustic decoration. All in all, it is the best option for an aspiring decorator looking for something to fill the glaring empty space on the table.

1) Swarovski Crystal Eagle Figurine (Author’s Choice)

Swarovski Crystal Eagle Figurine (Author's Choice)
Swarovski Crystal Eagle Figurine (Author’s Choice)

The best thing to fill the space of your table is a figurine. It adds a certain amount of classiness to your house that most things cannot on their own. It brings a surprisingly great amount of personality to the house considering its relatively small size. The Swarovski crystal eagle figurine is a great example of this. It single-handedly attracts the attention of anyone in the room. Rather than go for a realistic sculpture, Swarovski has decided to go with a stylistic design that arguably looks better than a realistic figurine. It does not feel out of place on the table and adds to the overall decor. Even if you do not think highly of animal figurines, this is sure to catch your eye and leave an impression on you with its exquisite cuts and post-modern inspired design that leans heavily into using straight cuts to show the curvature and unique perspectives. The shadows and shines that this creates in a crystal sculpture are the main selling point for this statuette.

Swarovski Crystal is a reputable company famed for its sophisticated style and high-class customer base. The company has been around and providing the world with quality products of exquisite craftsmanship since 1895. They have a great reputation and are the number one leading company for precision-cutting of jewelry stones.

2) Waterford Crystal Eagle Figurine (Best Budget Figurine)

Waterford Crystal Eagle Figurine (Best Budget Figurine)
Waterford Crystal Eagle Figurine (Best Budget Figurine)

Although we have already covered one eagle figurine, I feel like I need to add this to the list as well. My personal favorite figurines are crystal birds, more specifically crystal eagles. Crystal birds hold a meaning of freedom and have a special charm that screams out to me, which is why I could not resist adding more than just one in this list.

While the Swarovski figurine might be the single best crystal eagle figurine available in every regard, it falls short in price. Its price is the deal-breaker for most people. This is where the Waterford figurine comes in. It is comparably much cheaper than the Swarovski figurine while giving a comparable result. It is a great choice for anyone who is not willing to invest a huge amount of money into a single figurine out of the get-go. The cuts are definitely not as unique or eye-catching, but they do their job pretty well and add to your home’s atmosphere. While the Swarovski figurine gives off a high class and premium vibe, the Waterford figurine is more muted and less eye-grabbing. It gives your house a classy look without being too standout and goes well with modern or minimalist designs.

It has been sculpted by the master sculptor Fred Curtis who works for Waterford. This figurine really highlights his special talent for sculpting and cutting realistic figures in relative creative freedom. It is a great addition to his collection and would be a great addition to yours as well. It adds class as well as personality to your table at quite a reasonable cost and goes well with a lot of decors.

3) Nachtmann Quartz Crystal Bowl (Most Memorable Design)

Nachtmann Quartz Crystal Bowl (Most Memorable Design)
Nachtmann Quartz Crystal Bowl (Most Memorable Design)

The next best thing after a figurine is dinnerware. I can safely say that the Nachtmann Quartz crystal bowl is a fine specimen within the selection. It has a post-modern inspired look that has a very memorable cutting pattern that gives it multiple reflective facets. It goes well in any environment. It can be used to accentuate your house regardless of the overall decor. It is best used as an ornamental bowl due to its high reflection, meaning it is not meant for functionality in the traditional sense. It is more suited to hold some other ornamental crystal pieces such as crystal gems, marbles or even to be put on display on its own. While it may not sound too good, trust me on this and grab one of these because I guarantee you that it will go well as something to fill up space on your table. The only thing worse than an empty table is a badly furnished table, so be sure to make sure that it fits the surroundings before you buy it. That is not a major concern because as mentioned before, crystal decor goes well with most kinds of interior furnishings but sometimes the table does not fit at all with it.

Nachtmann is one of the best brands for crystal dinnerware. From crystal mugs and crystal cups to crystal plates, they manufacture them all. They have been in this business since the early 1800s and have established themselves as a reliable brand. They ensure lead-free crystal manufacturing and the best quality possible. They offer exquisite designs ranging from simple and minimalist to gaudy and attention-grabbing.

4) Sparkling Collectibles Large Crystal Giraffe Figurine (Largest Figurine)

Sparkling Collectibles Large Crystal Giraffe Figurine (Largest Figurine)
Sparkling Collectibles Large Crystal Giraffe Figurine (Largest Figurine)

Yes, it’s another figurine. However, this one is not a crystal bird, instead, It is a crystal giraffe. It is sold by Sparkling Collection, which offers a wide variety of high-quality figurine collectibles. It is a well-known name in the industry. This figurine is a particularly unique design that is not often seen in others. It features a sitting giraffe with a raised up head. The uniqueness comes from its weirdly realistic yet surreal design. It is made of Swarovski crystal but has been hand-painted to give it a much more realistic look. However, the shine of the crystal comes through at some points and that gives it a unique look that is not found in other brands of figurines. I particularly liked the realistic expression on this crystal giraffe figurine as well as the relatively large size that a lot of the newer figurines do not have. Looking at small figurines is well and all, but a large one is definitely not unwelcome. It is an absolute unit at 8.5″ that gives makes your table a lot more vibrant. This is something that really made me pick this rather than all the other crystal decorations for tables. Keep in mind that it is a limited edition figurine that the manufacturers do not plan to produce in the future so buy it before long if you plan on it.

All the Sparkling Collectible figurines come with a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer and their worth does not fall over time because of this, provided they remain in good condition of course. The great thing about Sparkling Collectibles is the packaging. They ship fast and they ship well. All of their products are delivered in premium packaging, i.e. a padded, satin-lined, presentation Box that in itself makes a good collectible.

5) Crystal Desk Lamps with USB Charging Ports (Most Useful Table Decoration)

Crystal Desk Lamps with USB Charging Ports (Most Useful Table Decoration)
Crystal Desk Lamps with USB Charging Ports (Most Useful Table Decoration)

Now that the figurines are out of the way, you should think about whether you are going to get a lamp or not. Lamps are a great option for setting a mood, changing the aesthetic, and spicing up the room. The crystal desk lamp, even when off, brings a wealthy and expensive look to the room with its sparkling exterior and tasteful color palate. These table lamps set a wonderfully romantic atmosphere that makes them perfect crystal decorations for tables in the bedroom, they go well on the bedside. They provide enough light for reading, but low enough to set a good mood going. They come in a set so they can be put on both side tables. 

6) Nachtmann 4 Piece Serving Set (Best Dinnerware)

Nachtmann 4 Piece Serving Set (Best Dinnerware)
Nachtmann 4 Piece Serving Set (Best Dinnerware)

The Nachtmann 4 piece serving set includes one square plate, one rectangular bowl, and two square bowls. All the pieces have been made with exquisite craftsmanship that is exhibited in its unique weave-like design which sets it apart from other such sets. They are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily. This set is perfect as crystal party decorations. There is a large platter as well as smaller bowls that fit well on it. Their unique feel is what makes them good for most settings. They can also be used as crystal dinnerware, the bowls go well as sauce dishes and can be used to bring a posh feeling to the dinner table and impress guests. They are quite elegant and make great gifts as well. 

This set is a part of the Bossa Nova collection, paying homage to the movement in Brazil’s dance culture. The high-contrast woven design of the Bossa Nova collection is an interpretation of this joyful musical experimentation and creates a desire for more.

That being said, it is not as good as it seems on first look. The quality of the material is very good, the bowls and plates indeed heavy and feel good to hold. Look-wise this crystal dinnerware set is a great choice. However, the base of the bowls is not flat. It shakes and makes noise when placed on a plate which makes it less desirable.

7) Godinger Gold Banded 4 Piece Crystal Glasses (Best Budget Product)

Godinger Gold Banded 4 Piece Crystal Glasses (Best Budget Product)
Godinger Gold Banded 4 Piece Crystal Glasses (Best Budget Product)

The next item you want adorning your table is crystal cups. After getting dinnerware like plates and bowls, glasses are a natural addition. They go well with the other dinnerware items and set a theme for the table. The Godinger glasses are particularly eye-catching. They have gold banding, meaning that the rims of these glasses are colored in a gold color that gives them a unique look not found in most other crystal cups.

They have a classic whiskey sour convex hemispherical design with two sets of three uni-centric notches rising from the base of the glass to its mouth that are connected by a series of neat squares jutting out inside a larger perfect two-dimensional square that adorns its lower half. This set is a perfect addition not only to your dinner but also to your home bar and looks good in most settings.

Godinger, the manufacturer of the product, specializes in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal giftware and has cemented its position within the industry after being established in the late 1900s. Their products are available in the US in all major retailers.

8) Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Stones (Most Unique Decor

Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Stones (Most Unique Decor
Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Stones (Most Unique Decor

It might seem ridiculous that a list of crystal decorations includes something like alternate medicine stones but it is not an exaggeration to say that well-polished rocks elevate the level of any kind of furnishing. While they might not fix any of your sicknesses or give you eternal life, but they will definitely go well with any kind of interior design, doesn’t matter if you chose to go for a modern, minimalist, or a traditional look for your house. Polished rocks are a sure-fire way to spice up your home decor in a unique and fun way.

Obviously they cannot be put on a table by themselves. They look good in a container of some sort like a jar or even a plate. For this purpose, the previously mentioned Nachtmann Quartz Crystal Bowl is absolutely perfect. It is not meant for usage as dinnerware anyways, so it acts well as a holder for your crystal gems and polished rocks or even other small crystal pieces. These polished rocks arent as prolific as filling your house with figurines or adorning the table with expensive crystal dinnerware, however, they add a subtle charm to the entire house that leaves a lasting impression without an apparent reason in the viewer’s mind.

Comparison Table

Swarovski Crystal Eagle Figurine (Author's Choice)Swarovski-Crystal-Eagle-Figurine5.75 x 8.13 x 4.5 inches
3.12 pounds
Waterford Crystal Eagle Figurine (Best Budget Figurine)Waterford-Crystal-Eagle-Figurine9 x 8.7 x 8.2 inches
1 ounces
Nachtmann Quartz Crystal Bowl (Most Memorable Design)Nachtmann-Quartz-Crystal-Bowl13.75 x 5.5 x 13.75 inches
5.72 pounds
Crystal of America
Sparkling Collectibles Large Crystal Giraffe Figurine (Largest Figurine)Sparkling-Collectibles-Large-Crystal-Giraffe-Figurine8.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 inches
2 pounds
Products-Group, Inc.
Crystal Desk Lamps with USB Charging Ports (Most Useful Table Decoration)Crystal-Desk-Lamps-with-USB-Charging-Ports4.33 x 4.33 x 11.73 inches
0.042 ounces
Nachtmann 4 Piece Serving Set (Best Dinnerware)Nachtmann-4-Piece-Serving-Set8.5 x 2.3 x 8.5 inches
3.08 pounds
Godinger Gold Banded 4 Piece Crystal Glasses (Best Budget Product)Godinger-Gold-Banded-4-Piece-Crystal-Glasses14.5 x 8.4 x 3.7 inches
5.35 pounds
Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Stones (Most Unique DecorBingcute-Brazilian-Tumbled-Polished-Natural-Stones5.4 x 3.9 x 1 inches
7.2 ounces

Final Remarks

The mark of a good interior decorator is that they don’t just focus on the obvious flashy decorations, but they also pay attention to the little details that elevate decoration from an expensive hobby to art. Knowing exactly what kind of ornamentation you want in your home is key to making that happen. This list not only helps you find your perfect ornamental crystal piece but also to find your own unique taste so that you can explore the world of home furnishing yourself and have the creative ability and freedom to create an interior decoration that reflects your own personality and leaves a lasting impression on anyone that sees it.

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