Best seven curtain rods for blackout curtains in 2020

​Our top picks: Blackout curtain rods at a glance

​A beautiful curtain rod is no doubt most catching thing that beautifies the whole look and feel of your room. If you ​looking to buy best curtain rod for blackout curtains than you have landed at the right place. In my previous post i presented to my blog readers best blackout roman shades​ and this time we are focusing on curtain rods. 

​What to look for in a blackout curtain rod ?

Curtain rods are not only a requirement but they also play a major role in beautifying your room. The blackout curtains are mostly a bit heavier because they have to block the sun light. For that reason the curtain rod you choose must be sturdy and strong enough to bear the weight of curtains conveniently.

​Before selecting the proper rod for your blackout curtain, you must decide that which color you should chose. In our opinion the curtain rods with golden, silver or black colors usually compliment all different colors of curtains.

Other than that you should measure precisely the width of your window where you want to place the curtain rod. If your window size is 10 inches than it is recommended that you purchase a curtain rod of 13 inches or 14 inches so that you are never short of rod.

Also you should also make sure that if you already have the curtain rod brackets or hooks, than the rod you buy must compliment with the brackets. The reason is that the rod has to sit on the brackets and if it sits firmly there will be no fear of your curtains falling or damaging.

The placement of curtain rod fro blackout curtains is very much important. The reason is that if you placed the rod higher than where they should be, than sunlight may peep into your room from beneath the curtains. That is the reason it is important to measure the height of your blackout curtains before you can decide the point at which to attach the curtain rod with the help of brackets.

​1) Curtain Rod with bird finial

Curtain Rod with bird finial

​After carefully analyzing user reviews received uptill Septemer 2020, we have given this beautiful rod with bird finial first position in our rankings. These are made up of high quality metal so you know that they last long. They are backed up by 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by their looks or quality. These are sold as complete set means you don't need to buy any screws or any other installation material. The finials are hand painted and look really stunning. You can use them with windows of any size as they come in different sizes and with adjustable brackets. 

​2) Umbra curved blackout ​twilight double Curtain Rod

Umbra Blackout or Room Darkening Panels Curtain Rod

Umbra blackout curtain rod

Umbra Blackout or Room Darkening Panels Curtain Rod

Umbra Blackout or Room Darkening Panels Curtain Rod

​Umbra twilight double curtain rod is declared Amazon Choice  with 80 percent of 5 star ratings. ​The reason for its popularity is excellent feedback from users regarding its ease of installation. The detailed video is also available on Amazon for curtain rod installation. It has curved edges without the need of any finial which gives a very different and decent feeling.

 Being a double curtain rod you can always get double benefits of two layers of curtains. The inner layer is mostly light and see through and allows sunlight and air to pass through the room. The outer curtain is thicker and creates a room darkening affect. 

Another great thing about Umbra brand is that in case of any problems or bad experience you can return any time within 30 days without any questions asked. 

As the Umbra curtain rod is installed very close to the wall as per its design so it blocks not only the sunlight but also reduces the noise entering your room. Whatever is the size of your window, Umbra cotton rod comes in three different size which fit most of windows.

Umbra twilight rod is available in four brilliant colors including bronze, nickel, pewter and brass.

​3) Double Decopolitan urn curtain rod

Decopolitan double urn curtain rod

Double double Decopolitan urn curtain rod

Double double Decopolitan urn curtain rod look

My second choice for complete blackout curtains is decopolitan style double rod urn curtains. ​This centuries old style never gets out of fashion and is always hot favorite among the interior designers which prefer to give rich and delicate look to the room. These decopolitan curtain rod comes in variety of sizes as per your windows size. The inner rod is more suitable for light white colored curtains that would allow passing of sun light and fresh air. The outer rod is more suitable for heavy high colored curtains. The Installation of this double curtain rod is also extremely easy as all nuts and bolts required for  its mounting are provided along with the kit.

The kit is available in colors including bronze, light gold, bright white, antique white, brown and antique silver. You need not to worry about the length of the rod as it is truly adjustable. This can be seen on the video present in the Amazon product section. Installation manual and screws are also provided with the rod and you can install it yourself without hiring any other technician. These blackout curtain rods are suitable to be installed in any room including bedroom, TV room, living room or even kitchen. Finally matching holdbacks are also included in the kit and it is one of the most affordable deal we have found on Amazon.

​4) Round finial double curtain rod

Telescoping curtain rod for blackout curtains

Telescoping curtain rod for blackout curtains

​This telescoping round double rod and single rod curtain rod is from ​H.VERSAILTEX brand and comes with a complete package including finials. Being an interior designer i find these curtain rod very aesthetically appealing. They give a dynamic and majestic look to the room or even the kitchen. The installation is again very easy and hardly take up to 5 minutes with the help of manual and videos provided. The same double rod is also available in single rod style. Within the period of 30 days you can easily return these telescoping rods due to any reason. The total length of the curtain rod can be altered as desired so you don't have to worry about the length issue. The rod is available in three colors including pewter, nickel and black. Due to double rod these are great for back tab, rod pocket and tab top curtains with layered look.

The construction of this double rod is from strong sturdy metal with mate finishing. Gives a great look to your window. The front rod s almost 5 inch away from the wall and the inner rod is 2 and 1/2 inches away from wall. Ideal for blackout rooms as their are rare chances of any light entering. The whole set includes 2 adjustable length rods, 2 resin finials, 2 end cap / finials and 3 durable mounting brackets.

​5) Marble finial double curtain rod for blackout curtains

marble finial curtain rod for blackout curtains

Marble finial curtain double rod for blackout curtains

​These are one of the most hot selling double rod telescoping curtain rods ideal for blackout curtains from Decopolitan brand. These are further beautified because of the two classical marble finials attached with the rod. These are available in brown and antique silver colors. The length of the rod is adjustable and installation is very easy and takes hardly 5 minutes. The marbles are attached firmly to solid metal rods, which can easily bear weight of heavy curtains. All the stuff required for installation is included in the kit so need no worries. The customer reviews about the quality of metal and other stuff is very good so you can go for this purchase. Double rod style not only looks great but also it helps in creating blackout affect in the room due to adding of light barrier see through curtain on the the behind bar.

​​6) Meriville Double rod with crystal finials

crystal finial double rods for blackout

Crystal finial double rods for blackout

​These beautiful double rod curtain rods are form Meriville brand and have very positive reviews at Amazon. The both the ends have shiny crystal finials which greatly enhances the look of your room. The rods come in three different sizes so you can purchase according to your requirements, Ideal for creating dark affect in room as it supports two curtains at each rod. The complete set contains two double brackets, two crystal finials, two rods and mounting screws. In the case you are not satisfied you can get your money back without any issues or questions asked. If you are looking for real glass crystal finial rods than these are the best option available. Due to the double rod they become the product of choice for blackout curtains in layers.

​7) Square end double curtain rod by AmazonBasics

Square Finials double Curtain Rods

Square Finials double Curtain Rods

​These elegant looking square ended curtain rods are one of the Amazon best sellers. These are strong and their installation is very easy and takes up to 10 minutes. These also comes in different lengths which can be further adjustable as well. Due to double rod you can hang heavy fabric and sheer fabric curtains simultaneously. The package comes with mounting hardware, including screws, anchors, and installation instructions​. The rods are available in nickel, bronze and black colors. The metal used is of extreme high quality and durable. However curtain clip rings and decorative curtain holdbacks are sold separately.

​8) White vintage double cotton rod

​Ddecopilitan White double cotton rod

​Decopilitan White double cotton rod

​White is the color depicting peace and satisfaction. If you like white color schemes, here is an Amazon best seller double cotton rod with ​round finials having leaf style carvings on them by Decopilitan. Like other Decopolitan rods they come with money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. The length of the rods are adjustable. If you want blackout curtains, again this is a best option as you can add two curtains at the same time. Installation can be performed in 5 minutes without any assistance from any one. If you are an admirer of old vintage look and feel than this is the must have cotton rod for your home.

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