My EASELAND Queen Mattress Review {buy it or not}

Hi folks i am Amanda and i welcome you to my blog. On my 30th wedding anniversary i got this Queen size EASELAND mattress as a gift from my husband. Although i quarreled with him a lot as i was expecting a ring from his side. However all my tension went away when i lied on the mattress for the first time.  This mattress is also available in full size or king size, so if you are interested in those you can still continue to read.

Before going any further i would like to say that this post is my honest feedback after using the mattress for almost 6 months. I thought that my observations may be helpful for the people willing to make a fresh purchase.

Ideal Height and Positive Reviews

​One of the reasons we decided to buy this ​mattress was all the five star reviews with highly positive comments at Amazon. Other than that the other convincing factor was its 10 inch height. As far as my experience the thicker mattresses are more comfortable and more long lasting.

Totally soundless

This was my first experience with Gel infused memory foam and it was really a very good experience. My husband is patient of sleep apnea and wakes up again and again at night.  Due to his continuous movements my sleep is often disturbed. After we purchased the EASELAND, this problem is almost finished. Now I seldom wake up due to his movements as the Gel layers in the mattress absorbs the movements perfectly well and don't let them transfer it to me.

Slowly adopts to surrounding temperature

Another great thing I would like to share with my readers regarding this mattress is a slight cool feeling as the gel infused foams absorb heat from your body effectively. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to use this mattress in colder areas. Actually the layer of Gel on top is made in such a way that it very very slows adopts to the temperature in the surroundings. So if its very cold outside, the mattress will not become colder. I really get a better sleep with EASELAND and sometimes i even think that this mattress had become my addiction. Prior to this mattress we were also using a memory foam but it doesn't have a layer of Gel and i sometimes really feel hot as i am a patient of psoriasis. But that was not the case with this mattress, in fact  this mattress helped me a lot in healing my sores.

Ideal for back pain

If you had read about how I fall from height, you will be aware that i am having continuous issues in my spinal cord. The reason why i started is also also that my bed and my mattress are of my main concern. Due to the surgeries i have had, I feel huge pressure on my back near my hips. After using this mattress continually for six months I felt that the stress on my back has significantly reduced. Also another important thing that when i wake up in the morning I felt quite fresh and relaxed.

Best for your skin

When I was 23, i developed psoriasis and it was a horrible disease. Now due to my strict following of diet plan my psoriasis is almost under control. However my mattress and pillow must be free from all sort of chemical or synthetic materials harmful for my skin. That is the reason that before purchasing EASELAND my husband made sure that it is hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified. This authority makes sure that the mattress is free from all sort of chemical and metals that are considered a hazard for humans.

Free delivery

One more reason to buy this mattress is the free delivery in United States. The mattress is delivered conveniently in a box which is in compressed state and takes at least 72 hours to come back to original state. I would like to add one more thing that with this mattress you get a 10 years limited guarantee which is a huge period.So you are at  no risk at all. Also  if you return within 30 days you won;t be charged any thing and neither any questions will be asked.The  24 hour professional after service helps for complete satisfaction.

No sinking at all

During one year of usage i haven't observed any sort of sagging. Although my husband has gained a lot of weight and he daily spends almost 6 hours daily watching Netflix seasons. Still there is no slight depression felt in any part of mattress. 


In the end I would like to say that in my opinion EASELAND queen mattress gives huge value for your money. If you buy from my link given at the bottom i will get some bucks as commission but you won't be charged any extra.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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