Top 3 lofted bed frames for queen size mattress

​Our Top Picks : ​Lofted bed frame queen size

​If you are looking for  lofted bed frame for ​queen size bed, you have landed at right place. ​Most of people already own a queen size bed you can get extra sleeping space by ​putting a loft bed over the queen size bed​. We have undergone almost 16 hours of research and studied user reviews before presenting these three queen size lofted bed frames for our users.

 A loft bed is a little bit different from a bunk bed as they utilize the space under the top bed more effectively. You can place a piano, a reading table or a set of chairs under the loft bed. In this post i have focused on loft beds for adults specially queen size loft beds and the reason is that it can easily accommodate two people on the top portion.

​1) Queen Size lofted bed by Francis Loft & bunks

​Queen Size loft bed by Francis Loft & bunks

​Queen Size loft bed by Francis Loft & bunks

​Francis Loft and bunks is one of the most hot selling brand on Amazon and one of the reasons is that these are very easy to assemble. It hardly takes 10 minutes in complete assembly process of the loft bed. It is recommend that two people work together to assemble the bed. The design of the loft bed is very stylish and contemporary. You can place it in any room including reading room or kids bed room. The simple design of the bed frame is suitable for whatever color scheme you have in your house.

​Loft bed for heavy adults: 

The aluminum bed frames are very sturdy and easily carry weight of a fat person. According to documentation it can carry weight up to 2000 lbs very easily. So if you have a big family this bunk bed is a very good choice. The bed doesn't move while any one on the bed moves. Also we have tested that the bed is totally noise free meaning that if someone jumps out of bed the bed not produce sounds. The ladder is non slip and doesn't move while climbing. 

Ideal for Studio apartments: 

The design of the bed is space saving and ideal for smaller studio apartment rooms. It is Eco-friendly and multi functional so you can have plenty of ideas for its decor. You can think of tons of items to place under the queen size loft bed. The solid stairs take you up and the strong rails prevent you from falling while asleep. The guard rails are solid and durable.

There is a ​builtin study area on the left side which you can use as a computer table or bookshelf as well.

2) ​DHP queen size lofted bed

DHP queen size loft bed

DHP queen size loft bed

​Although this is not a loft bed for exactly queen size mattress however you can still use your queen size mattress with this  loft bed ​as the mattress will hang out a little bit. The assembly is easy and it can carry weight up to 300 lbs. The below area of this queen loft bed is empty so you can utilize it to place another bed or study table or whatever you need. the loft bed comes with a 1 year warranty by DHP and excellent customer reviews at Amazon.

 Whatever type of decor you have at your home this bed will free  space and match the style as well. The bed arrives very well packed and with a detailed booklet containing details of assembly. If you have twins you can purchase two of these beds as well. The top bunk is designed for just a full size mattress without the need for a box spring with its metal slats and it includes guard rails on both sides. The loft bed has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and meets ASTM and CPSC specifications. If you have a small room this loft bed gives you lot of space for storage as well as sitting area.

​3) WE Loft bed for queen size bed

Loft Bed that fits over a queen size bed

Loft Bed that fits over a queen size bed

​Most people already own a queen size bed. Now a situation arise that you have a guest or you want to increase sleeping space for an elderly kid. The best situation is that you purchase a loft bed that fits over the queen size bed. In this way you utilize the space underneath the loft bed as well. This loft bed we have chosen for you is one of the most hot selling at Amazon with highly positive customer reviews. This loft bed can carry 250 lbs of weight. If you are a gaming enthusiast and you are getting short of space in your room. You can surely use the space underneath the loft bed for you gaming station.

Another distinct feature is that it has ladders on both sides. Due to this feature you can climb form any side. Full size safety rails for upper bunk are included in the package for added security. Black rusty metal finishing make it ideal choice for any type of decor. You won't need any box spring with this bunk bed. You just put the mattress and any one can sleep over it.

Even if you are a tall person you don't have to worry about this issue as there is enough space below this bunk bed that a tall adult can stand under it. The mattress is sold separately so you can utilize the one you already have at home. If you have small kids and ​your house lacks a play area for kids. In this situation this bunk bed can be a life saver as it will provide plenty of space for  you kids to play and study as well.

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