8 best Low camping tables 2020: for wild camping, college trips, fishing, picnic or grill

​Our Top Picks: Low Camping Tables

​Being a camping enthusiast, i have set up my camping bag which is filled up with all the important stuff i need during my trips. One of the most important thing in my bag pack is a low height-ed camping table. When you are in outdoor a nice table provides you a comfort zone and you feel like at home. Whether you plan a barbecue, or any sort of eat out a nice table adds to your enjoyment. A low camping is also very helpful when you are lying at ground level but the eatables are at slight height so they remain safe from insects specially ants. Few weeks back i also wrote about best caravan awning for windy conditions and this post is another addition to various important stuff you will require when you are outdoors.

​I have made this list after carefully analyzing almost 3000 user reviews at various popular shopping websites. I tried my best to present to my blog readers ​the best outdoor tables in a limited budget. Some tables are as low in height as 5 inches​. Some accommodate more people and some less. You can chose the one that suits your needs according to your personal requirements.

​1) KingCamp Low Camping Table for 6 people

KingCamp Low Camping Table for 6 people

​KingCamp is an authentic brand when it comes to outdoor camping related stuff. This camping table has adjustable height at three different levels ((18. 9 / 22. 4 / 27. 6 inches). The lowest possible height is 18.9 inches. You can use this table for all sort of indoor or outdoor activities. Due to its low height you can also use it for your kids study as well. The table folds very compactly and is very easy to carry. The table is quite spacious and 6 adults can easily site and have some snacks. Another great benefit is that ​the table ​has water resistance bamboo top which means that it doesn't suffer any damages in rainy outdoors. The table legs are also very strong and can easily hold beverages or meals.

​2) Quaanti ​camping kitchen table with 4 chairs

Quaanti Aluminum Camping Table with 4 chairs

​This camping table is also ideal for all sort of indoor or outdoor events including reunions, college trips, buffets. You won't need any sort of assembly to start use this table as it is folding. It folds like a briefcase and you just have to open it and it turns into a nice table. Top of the table is made of water proof aluminum so it is very easy to clean. The table can easily carry weight up to 50 lbs which is enough for daily eating stuff. If you have a small room or apartment this table is a must have as you just fold it and place it in any corner or room. The height of the table can be adjusted from 22 to 28 inches. So the exact dimensions are (47×24×22-28) inches.

3) Rock Cloud ​camping ​table for two people

Rock Cloud Folding Camping Table Aluminum

​This low camping table is ideal for all sort of outdoor activities including beach, fishing, camping, hiking. Its a real low height table with total height of 5 inches. Lets have a look at this picture to get an idea of its height.

5 inch table

​Although the table is small but it is​ very strong and rust and corrosion resistant. The table is very durable and with proper care you can surely use it for years. This table is enough for two people to sit and enjoy the outdoor activities. Above all the table is very light weight and you can easily hold it using single hand.

4) REDCAMP Folding Camping Table

​This is another outdoor low height table with most of 5 star reviews at Amazon. You can use it as a grill side table or picnic table. The table is very strong and weight up to 70 lbs of weight very easily. It hardly takes a minute to unfold the table and upon folding it becomes a briefcase with a handle. Due to adjustable legs its height can be adjusted from 10" to 19" ​very easily. the same table is also available in large size with 4 stools. The large size table is shown below.

Low camping bag with 4 stools

Low camping bag with 4 stools

​5) CampLand Camping Table 

​CampLand brand  was started by a group of people who love the outdoors and wanted to offer the customers high quality outdoor gear. Specially the feature of this table is zippered cartons beneath the table that offers large storage space to protect your food from the bugs and animals. That is the reason this table has all the features for an outdoor table. Campland camping table has all the five star reviews at Amazon and one of the hot selling low height table. One of the distinctive. Another great feature is lifetime warranty from CampLand and 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the table. If you are planning for cooking outdoors than you will surely admire the storage underneath. Detailed specification of the table are as following.

- Overall Dimensions : 47.24L x18.5Wx27.36H 
- Folded Dimensions: 23.62Lx18.5Wx3.96H
- Capacity: 66lbs
- Material: MDF table top , 19mm aluminum Pipe, 600D oxford cartons

Package Included:
-1 x Folding Table
-1 x Carrying Bag 

​6) GCI outdoor table with ​telescoping legs

GCI outdoor table

​GCI Outdoor has found a clear niche in the outdoor industry. The dimensions of this stylish table are 18 x 19.9 x 23.8 inches when it is fully open where 23.8 is height. The table top is very strong and ideal for grilling. If you are lover of doing outdoor grill and tailgating this table surely suits you. An important feature is the telescoping legs of this table which fold very compactly and the table takes the shape as given below. This portable table folds up quickly and easily with its patent-pending Squeeze Telescoping Technology for easy storage.

telescoping legs table

Telescoping legs table

​This table folds to half the size of other camp tables. When legs are extended, this is a great table for two or can be used as a side table . ​The aluminum frame of the table is very light weight and supports up to 60 pounds of weight.

​7) Sanny adjustable height table

Sanny adjustable height table

Sanny adjustable height table

​This is again one of the best selling ​portable low height table at Amazon with overall dimensions: L 35.43”* W 20.86” * H 25.59”. You can use this table for camping as well as for your backyard. The frame of the table is made up of oxidized aluminum which is water-proof,stain-resistant, lightweight, sturdy and durable. Detailed specifications of the low table are


·Surface area:35.4'' x 20.1''
·Height after expansion:26''
·Package size:36.6''x7.5''x4.7''
·Max Load (approximate):66 lbs

Package Includes:
·Aluminum Table Top
·Main Frame(Height Adjustable legs)
·Carrying bag
·Instruction manual

8) Costzon Kids Portable Folding Table and 4 Chair Set

​If you have a lawn in your home and you need a table as low as 17 inches with a set of chairs, then this gorgeous set of table and chairs is a must have. The table has two cup holder spaces builtin to it. This is a great feature as you can enjoy your drink at peace even if the table is placed in a moving vehicle. As the chairs are made up of oxford cloth so it is not suitable for very heavy weight persons to sit upon. However the chair can easily carry weight  up to 245 lbs and the chairs also have back support so you can relax. Th​is complete set can fold and unfold easily, all four chairs and the table can be put in to one bag which provided with the set. The chairs and the table are lightweight, which means an adult male can catch it easily. Detailed specifications are as following

Color: Burgundy
Material: Steel , ABS, Oxford Cloth
Overall Dimension(Fold):25.6"×9.1"×9.1" (LXWXH)
Chair Dimension:15”x15”x23.2”(LXWXH)
Table Dimension:19”x19”x17”(LXWXH)
Table Weight Capacity: 33Lbs
Chair Weight Capacity:245Lbs
Weight:12 lbs

Package Includes:
1× Table
4× Chair
1x Carry Bag

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