Me with my friend Susan

Hi folks here I am Amanda, today i decided to share with my blog readers how i started this blog of mine. Actually it has one of horrible days of my life when i had a fall from a height of 6 meters. I am die hard fan of landscape photography and I travel all across United States for my photography.

It was deadly day of 15th April 2018 and i went to Sedona, Arizona for having some photography. The window of my car was open and i was enjoying the beautiful outdoors with my favorite music from Beatles.

On my way I saw a beautiful rock and i thought to climb it and have some photographs taken. While shooting a video for my channel, I had a 6 meter long fall. My right femur and right foot were badly fractured while sacrum and 4 vertebrae have stable fractures. I had 3 surgeries during that week, two for femur and other one for reconstruction of the heel that was shattered and compressed.

 For a woman who cannot stay in one place to a person who cannot move has not been easy. Firstly, I am thankful to the God for giving me another life, this could have been worse. Secondly, I am truly grateful to family and friends who had visited me and/or prayed for me during that trial period. After I left the hospital, I was moved to a rehab so that I learn to move and walk again. At that time I couldn’t move at all. The journey is long, with lots of time to contemplate and reflect. I tried my best to stay positive during that awful period and I was always wishing this will pass soon quick. My biggest gratitude goes to my husband, without him, I would not have passed a single day. To my mom, her sweet voice makes me calm and her prayers keep me moving.

On the advice of my husband i decided to start this blog. He told me about being an Amazon affiliate as i did most of my household shopping from Amazon from last 15 years. I try my best to give honest reviews about products i purchase. Most of my reviews are related to beds,mattresses and thinks needed in daily household.

Now many years have passed now I can walk and again started my passion, photography. I again thank all my blog readers and my friends who kept my moral high during that dark era of my life.