Top 5 Commercial natural gas rice cooker reviews

​Our Top Picks: Natural gas rice Cookers

Natural gas rice cookers are getting famous in commercial and business use because of the fact that they cook fast and secondly they are more economical as compared to electrical rice cookers. Few of the benefits of propane gas heaters are as following.

  • Rice is cooked very fast as compared to electric rice cookers.
  • Must suitable for rice cooking at larger scale like restaurants, camping sites, hotels, hostels and universities.
  • In case of load shedding or power failure your cooking remains uninterrupted.
  • Rice cooked on propane gas is considered more tasty rich in terms of nutrients.

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​Being a woman i always feel at ease writing for the things i use at my kitchen and same goes with this case. A gas rice cooker is one of my personal favorites at my kids are a lover of vegetables and rice. Previously I wrote about pressure cookers with crisper feature and many women liked that post. I hope you will appreciate this one as well.

1) Rinnai Natural Gas Rice Cooker

Rinnai 55 Cups Natural Gas Rice Cooker

​Rinnai is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to natural gas based products and rice cooker is not an exception. This rice cooker cooks faster as compared to electric cookers which saves your time and energy as well. The reason for fast cooking is that it gives 3 dimensional heating at the temperature of 360 degree centigrade. The rice is cooked in full palate and does not lose its wonderful aroma.

 It has automatic two stage burner so you can control the amount of heat you need. Not only you can simmer rice but also vegetables, braising and tough meat. If your aim is to prepare large quantity of meals at the same time than it is the best option we can give you. The reason is that this Rinnai gas rice cooker can prepare up to 100 bowls of rice at the same time. The handles are anti scalding so you can grip them easily without burning yourself.

The working is very simple as you just have to add right quantity of water and rice and the cooker will take care of rest of things. You can just walk away and do whatever you want. This rice cooker is both CSA and NSF certified and requires a gas input of 9600 BTU. Another great benefit is that it will keep the rice warm for almost 4 hours so you can do whatever you want.

The body of the gas rice cooker is made up of pure stainless steel which is very durable and easy to clean. The burner is energy saving and comes with a safety valve which prevents leakage of gas.

2) TFCFL Commercial Grade Rice Cooker

TFCFL Commercial Grade Rice Cooker

This is again one of the best rice cookers and it is available in different sizes depending upon amount of food you want to cook at the same time. The 15 Liter model can cook up to 10 kg of rice at the same time. Not only you can use rice cooker for rice but also fresh porridge, steamed food, soups and noodles. The cooker is appropriate for all places where massive amount of food needed to be prepared like schools, colleges, cafeterias, hotels or restaurants. You never have to worry about the power failures or short circuiting. Appearance of gas pressure cooker is extra ordinary and it automatically controls the temperature. Ignition of the gas cooker is very fast which results in preparation of meals very quickly. the gas cooker is soundless and doesn't produce any noise.

​3) Rice Natural Gas Induction Cooker with large capacity

Household Stew Cooking Rice Natural Gas Induction Cooker General Purpose

​This household stew is ideal for rice cooking but you have to put it on natural gas stove. It is different from other rice cookers as it does not have a direct connection of natural gas. It has a transparent glass lid which don't let the heat and nutrients escape out of the utensil and you can see from your naked eye when the rice is ready to be served. The handles are insulated means you can easily hold it any time during the cooking. The exterior walls of the rice cooker are very thick and made up of medical stone coating so heat won't escape easily and shorten the time required for rice meal preparation. There are three different sizes of this rice cooker and details are as following.

Size 1: 20cm: Height: 15cm, Volume: 2.2L, Weight: 1800g
Size 2: 24cm: height: 16cm, volume: 4 liters, weight: 2000g
Size 3: 28cm: height: 16cm, volume: 6.2 liters, weight: 2200g

4) Japanese Cast Iron Gohan Nabe Rice Cooker

Japanese Cast Iron Gohan Nabe Rice Cooker

Rice is one of the favorite dish in Japan and the Japanese rice cookers are  famous as they cook delicious rice in very less time. These Japanese rice cookers are had made by very skilled Japanese artisans. This rice cooker can prepare 2 or 3 cups of rice which are sufficient for up to 3 to 4 people. In Japan this rice cooker is used to make rice mixed with plenty of vegetables, mushrooms and fish. The lid of the rice cooker is tightly closed and rim of the pot has a built-in channel to catch any spills in case of boil-over.

5) Thunder Group Propane Gas Rice Cooker

Thunder Group Propane Gas Rice Cooker

​This gas rice cooker is made in Taiwan and it automatically controls the heat and timing. It can make up to 30 to 50 cups of rice and keep them warm for almost 6 hours. Suitable for large family units or hostels where meals are prepared for large number of people. It has highly positive reviews at Amazon. It has adopt pressure ignition, powerful fire, and takes only about 26 minutes to cook huge quantity of rice. Due to high capacity you can cook large quantity of meals in this gas rice cooker.

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