Sealy 10 inch hybrid mattress in a box review

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Overall Score: 9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 10/10

Price: $349-$500

Trial Period: 100 nights free trial period and eligible to return

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Hi folks this is Amanda​ and today ​I am with you with SEALY 10 inch hybrid mattress in a box review. ​SEALY is United States one of most popular brands in the mattress in a box industry. This brand started in 1881 from Sealy, Texas by Daniel Haynes. If you are a bit older citizen you may remember Sealy advertisements with slogans like “The best test of a SEALY posturepedic is you”. SEALY offers trademark  cocoon mattresses, inner spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Due to huge range of products SEALY is considered one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses who not only manufacture but also design their own mattresses.

Quick NavigationPros or Plus points of Sealy 10 inch hybrid mattress in a box1. Conveniently packed and delivered free of Cost2. Great support3. No sagging for 10 years4. Affordable price range5. Soundless and motion absorbing High  memory foam6. Removable and washable cover​7. Best For Sleep Disorders and Newly Wed Couples8. Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy9. Temperature adjusting mattress10. Pain relief feature​Conclusion

Pros or Plus points of Sealy 10 inch hybrid mattress in a box

1. Conveniently packed and delivered free of Cost

If you have seen the above video this bed in box is very conveniently packed and delivered at your door step so you are saved from hustle of carrying a large size 10 inch mattress to your home and you also save the delivery charges as it is delivered free of cost across all the states of America.

​2. Great support

if you are planning to buy SEALY bed in a box one thin for sure, SEALY brand has an excellent after sale support. As mentioned above SEALY provides 100 nights free trial for its wide range of mattresses and during this period you can return the mattress without any hassle. You can call them any time at (1-800-697-3259) or email them at for a quick response from SEALY.

3. No sagging for 10 years

As it is common observation that mattresses sage after 3 or 4 years but according to consumer experiences analyzed by our team it is found that SEALY 10 inch bed in a box works great and never sag at least for the first 10 years.

4. Affordable price range

As compared to its competitors like SERTA, SEALY offers 30 percent lesser price range that is its price is between $349-$500 only and in this price the quality they offer is never compromised.

5. Soundless and motion absorbing High  memory foam

SEALY 10 inch mattress has 2 inch of adaptive and conforming memory foam which is the highest rated material for mattresses because of the fact that it adapts to your body shape and releases maximum pressure and reduces pain in sensitive areas like neck muscles and lower abdomen pains. Also another great benefit of this layer of memory foam is that the mattress becomes soundless when your partner jumps in or out of

​Avoids Dust mites and allergies

​Another added advantage of the top most dense layer of memory foam is that the dust mites cannot penetrate and thus becomes a perfect choice for patients suffering from dust allergies and asthma

6. Removable and washable cover

​Another great benefit of the 10 inch SEALY bed in box is its removable cover which is removed very comfortably and you can even wash it in washing machine. If you have kids at home and they may throw liquids occasionally than SEALY is a good choice.

​7. Best For Sleep Disorders and Newly Wed Couples

​As previously discussed the top most layer of memory foam on this SEALY mattress provides motion transfer resistance which means that if any one person gets out of bed at any part of night there is no sound produced. And if the partner is suffering from sleep disorder than again this feature proves to be quite helpful because because patients suffering from sleep disorders are distracted by minor sounds produced by bed or mattress.

​Also during the sexual encounters the mattress is ideal for newly wedded couples as it does not have any sunken feeling. The second layer in the SEALY mattress in responsive comfort foam and it ​reduces motion transfer with the right amount of responsiveness which makes the sexual encounters are real delight.

8. Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy

Another great feature of SEALY 10 inch hybrid mattress is 100 nights sleep trial and in this period you can always return the mattress. Secondly due to great customer support by SEALY i consider this the best option among the competitors.

9. Temperature adjusting mattress

This 10 inch hybrid mattress has the upper most layer of memory foam which has the quality to adjust temperature according to your body. It means that it contributes a lot to good sleep as it automatically changes its temperature according to your body so you wont feel too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

10. Pain relief feature

The top most layer of memory foam is useful for pain relief as the memory foam displaces or moves pressure from the area of pain or injury. Specially useful for the patients of arthritis, disk degeneration and spinal cord displacement as it releases a lot of stress from joints.


​​I have given most votes to SEALY 10 inch mattress not only because of excellent customer reviews on Amazon but also because its amazing four layers construction, overall comfort level with medium hardness, no sagging issues and its temperature control feature is also that inspired me a lot. Happy buying.

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