Review of my new buy Sertapedic pillow [Won’t Go Flat Pillow spoiler]

Hi folks , this is first time i am writing a review of a pillow called Sertapedic pillow. I purchased it one month back on June 2019, from a popular shopping website, so i thought of sharing my personal opinion on the purchase. I would like to mention that i never share any affiliate links and i am not affiliate of any product i review on my website, my sole intention is to guide my blog readers in making a right decision.

This Sertapedic  pillow came in a nominal price and the tag line won’t go flat persuaded me to buy it. Also the price was very less and it was filled with cotton and polyester so i thought giving it a try. However after a month use i came to conclusion that my decision was not correct so i started my computer and started writing so i may save a few bucks of my blog readers.

As of my way of writing a review i will tell why you should not buy this pillow and after that i will tell you why you should buy it. From whatever you get convinced you choose that.

Here is my small table of contents

  1. Why you should not buy Sertapedic pillow
  2. Why to buy Sertapedic pillow
  3. Conclusion

1. Why you should not buy Sertapedic pillow

  1. Because it becomes flat usually after a using a year but i think that’s still worth the price. I am also a bad pillow user as i fold it so it becomes a bit raised.
  2. Your neck may started to pain and muscles get stiff, if you are used to using a less height-ed and less fluffy pillow. This one is quite fluffy and if you life lowered pillows this one is not for you.
  3. The sewing of the pillow is very week. My pillow burst from one end within 3 days.
  4. If you prefer big size pillows that’s a right choice as the size of this pillow is 14.5″ x 19″ x 21″.

2.Why you should  buy Sertapedic pillow

  1. If you like very big, fluffy and long lasting pillow you can buy as after few days use it will become quite hard.
  2. Its perfect if you are used to holding a pillow while watching TV or putting your legs on the pillow or just cuddling with the pillow or even if you are used to put the pillow between your knees or legs than this pillow is ideal choice.
  3. The pillow is filled with hypoallergenic stuff which is very good for you if you are an allergy patient.
  4. Initially this pillow was fluffy but became hard after almost 6 months but use so if you like firm and hard pillows go for it.
  5. It fits easily into standard size pillow covers.
  6. Another reason to buy the pillow is that its a Serta pillow which is a big brand and they will surely easily refund you back if you won’t like it.


To conclude this article i would say that as a standard pillow i certainly don’t recommend it in any case but in some scenarios this pillow surely fits in. So if you are tight in budget and want a pillow just to hug or any other reasons mentioned in why you should buy this  pillow. Than go for it. Thank you. God Bless You.

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