The Original Skin scrubber by Meeteasy review

The original skin scrubber by Meeteasy review
The original skin scrubber by Meeteasy review

It was almost three months that I had been using the Original skin scrubber by Meeteasy and I thought to give an honest pros and cons based review for my blog related to the product. Since my early teens I had been suffering from pimples and black heads on my face. Later on when I studied I found that all that was because I had oily skin. I tried different sort of treatments including cleansers and skin kits from Dermalogica. Although that gave me quite beneficial results but all that was quite temporary and seems to work unless I am using the creams.

Many years had passed and I was used to awful facial skin specially in sunny hot days. Until last year in 2019 my husband gave me the gift of The original skin scrubber by Meeteasy. After using it for almost a year I thought to write an honest review of the product. I read its manual quite in detail and started using it as per instructions. They key point is that you had to use it after softening the dead skin and black heads. The reason we soften the black heads is that it is harder to remove them when they are hard. To soften the black heads and dead cells you can take a hot steam bath or even bath using closed washroom with hot water. After continuously bathing for an hour just touch your skin and you will feel it quite soft. Now that is the time you need to use the Meeteasy skin scrubber. If you are not happy with hot water bath you can also put your face in hot towel for few minutes and that would also server the purpose.

If you have few extra bucks in your pocket then the quick solution is to use this award winning face steamer to soften your black heads. after you are done just hold the Meeteasy scrubber, turn it on and gently move it over your facial area with concentration of black heads. You will be happily amazed how quickly and painlessly it removes the black heads. At least i saw some tears off my eyes when I saw my face without those dreadful pimples which were more than a nightmare for me.

In my early teens the exfoliating of skin is very expensive and I get it done from a skin clinic almost once a month. At that time I was always wishing that if I could exfoliate my skin and get rid of dead skin more regularly my skin acne would disappear miraculously. I have never thought in my wildest dreams that after few years I would be capable of self exfoliating my skin through Meeteasy exfoliator cum scrubber.

When you are continuously removing dead cells from your facial tissues, you will feel that acne spreading had become very rare and sooner you will see one or two pimples during the period of six months.

Another benefit of The original skin scrubber by Meeteasy is that it provides total chemical free exfoliation. Continuous use on your facial cells increases the blood flow in the facial cells and produces a protein called Collagen. You would be amazed tr know that collagen not only decreases wrinkles caused by dry skin but also help reduce wrinkles that appear with your age.

The biggest mistake people make after using the scrubber is that they try saving few bucks by not using the toner and moisturizer. The toner effectively closes the pores and the moisturizer helps reduce the redness caused due to skin exfoliation. Not only that the moisturizer is anti aging, helps reduce acne and reduces skin dryness.

After regularly using the scrubber my costs on makeup have reduced a lot because previously I had to use different concealers to hide the pimples but I now apply a little eye makeup and go to my work place.

The charging is very fast and easy with the help of USB cord. Even if you have black heads on your nose it is very convenient to use. I had also white heads and I was also happy that it also removed them in the first use. Another great feature is that it automatically shuts down if it is left unattended for more than 5 minutes. This feature enhances its battery life to almost 10 hours. The suction power of scrubber is so moderate that it effectively removes the dead skin without damaging your skin.

The size of the scrubber is so compact that I mostly carry it with me every where I go in my purse. It is suitable for all sorts of skin and you need not to worry about any thing because it is made up of ABS and Acrylic materials of high grade. If you buy it from Amazon you can always return it without any issues. As it is rechargeable you can charge it and carry it along with you because of its mini size.

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