The Wellness wedge review (buy or not) 2020

The Wellness Wedge Review

Hi folks, welcome to my blog and today’s post is quite special for me as it is about a product that brought a lot of comfort in my life. That all started in 2018 when I got a back bone injury that left me bed ridden for almost one year and during that period I developed a lot of issues specially indigestion, loss of appetite and food coming towards my mouth. In this scenario a friend of mine gave me as a gift the Wellness Wedge which is complete solution for mattress elevation.

I am very concerned about my bedroom and my pillow and unfortunately I could hardly sleep at some alien place or without my own pillow. The great thing about the Wellness wedge is that I won’t had to replace my own pillow. You just need to place the wedge under the pillow and the magic will begin to work.

The elevation required is just ideal but if you need more elevation to sleep you can just put the other Wellness wedge over the first one as the two are totally stack-able. When placed over each other the elevation reaches up to five inches which is more than enough for gerd patients.

My husband was also suffering from slight indigestion so I suggested him to try the Wellness wedge just for a night and he was so satisfied that the next morning he said that from today one wedge is mine and the other is yours. I had no issues from his demand as one Wellness wedge provides enough elevation for me.

What makes them more preferred choice as compared to foam based mattress elevators is that these are totally odor free, they don’t lose height or elevation with time, they are very easy to clean and hold no bacteria or viruses. The plastic used is very high grade and totally according to health standards of United States. Not only as a citizen of United States it gave me a great confidence that this wedge is fully a product of United States and is also recyclable.

The wellness wedge not only supports and elevates your head and back but also you can use it to elevate your feet in case you had any foot or leg injury. If you are fond of read books than the two wedges stacked together give you enough elevation required to read book in a comfortable posture.

If you feel that your asthma or cough issues increases as you lay on the bed than the wedge will be blessing for you as this elevation will surely help you sleep quickly. There is no head ache of washing the elevator covers you can use any damp cloth and move it over the plastic Wellness wedge and you are done with cleaning. Overall in case yo are having any sort of stress in neck muscles, back muscles or spinal cord you must have this wedge immediately. This home remedy will surely help you to recover from gerd as well as asthma or cough.

Finally this purchase is totally risk free meaning by that you can always return it without any questions asked. As mentioned in reviews people often complain that their bed wedge pillows slip while using but this issue will not be raised. Reason is that they stay under your pillow and don’t cause any sliding. If you have undergone any sort of surgery and need to recline your upper or lower body parts than what I think that the Wellness wedge is the cheapest solution with very best results.

The patented design is so ergonomic that it is equally good for both taller and short heightened people. You can gift it to your father or mother in elderly age and they will surely find it beneficial.

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