Tips for getting a better sleep

Sleep is probably the thing that should never be overlooked. Often underestimated, considered to be a waste of time and yet sleeping poorly can have very detrimental effects on our health. Sleeping allows our body to fall into an energy saving mode so that the whole body can regenerate itself.

It happens that during our sleep our body produces new cells to replace dead cells. The lack of deep sleep affects the whole body at vital organs level. Those who never have break times are aging prematurely. This can lead to cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Sleep disorder and weight gain

Poor sleep also hinders weight loss. Studies have shown escort antalya that fatigue has a negative effect on our diet. The problem is chemical! The hormones that manage hunger (ghrelin and leptin) secretly abnormal. When we are more tired, we produce more ghrelin, which sends a message of hunger for the purpose of recovering energy from food. And leptin, the one that tells our brain that we are more hungry, is idling to save energy. It is for this reason that lack of sleep is an obstacle to weight loss and can lead to obesity.

Sleep disorder and depression

A lack of sleep also attacks our concentration, our memory and our mood. As a result, we become less effective, so lower self esteem can even lead to depression. Besides, antalya escort bayan when we lack concentration we are more likely to hurt ourselves in our daily tasks.

Types of sleep

Sleep is divided into four major phases.

1. Asleep: in this phase, we notice that the brain is still active, it still reacts to surrounding noise.

2. Light sleep: Brain activity slows down more and more. The breathing becomes slower and deeper. This is not enough for it to be a restful sleep. In this stage of sleep, we lose contact with the outside, but we do not dream yet.

3. Deep sleep: At this point, our body succeeds in regenerating itself. Brain activity is at its slowest. We may have dreams towards the end of this cycle, but most of the time, we are in the most complete sleep. Even our unconsciousness is at its lowest. If we dream, we do not remember it. This is a step that comes to shorten with age, which is why with age, it is less easy to recover.

4. REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement): This is the last phase of sleep. We are still in a deep sleep, but quietly, our brain resumes its activities. We dream a lot and we can remember it, especially at the end of this phase. For the golden age, this stage of sleep is lost most of the time. This is why many older people wake up very early and have to go back to bed in the day.

Types of Sleep disorders

The main sleep disorders:

1. Insomnia: the most common problem and the best known. This disorder is mostly associated with the first phase of sleep, falling asleep. The cause is often stress and anxiety. The consequence would be fatigue then mood swings, not to mention the lack of vigilance due to exhaustion. The solution as long as it is relaxation, a sleep routine is always suggested. Meditation works miracles. But of course, initially you have to settle comfortably in a good mattress.

2. Sleep Apnea: This is to be taken seriously. It’s not just snoring. It is imperative to be followed by a sleep clinician or a pulmonologist. The damage of an untreated apnea can be fatal. There is a muscular loosening of the wall of the pharynx blocking the passage of air. The danger is that when you reach deep sleep (stage 3 and 4), your brain is so sleepy that the reflex to breathe is less spontaneous. There are therefore respiratory stops that can last a long time and damage your heart. He adjustable bed can really help. Just raise your head slightly.

3. Restless legs syndrome: A phenomenon difficult to explain. It remains unanswered, but thankfully, not without solutions. The people who suffer from it express a feeling of heaviness, which causes them to move their legs without stopping. We have seen a decrease in symptoms with people with electric beds. Our customers have testified that, in the zero gravity position (knee-high nose) plus the vibrators, their situations were greatly improved. They now have less trouble falling asleep.

4. Narcolepsy: a disabling and far less common problem related to sleep. This is defined as extreme sleepiness during the day and causes cataplexic seizures. Cataplexy is a sudden loosening of the muscles, as if all of a sudden you become a spaghetti. This leads to falls and fractures. In these cases, doctors have found that the phases of sleep are in fact, all disorganized. If however, you recognize yourself by reading these symptoms, it is urgent to contact a specialist in sleep disorders, because it is a serious disease that can evolve very quickly. There are unfortunately no remedies to date, but there are medications that can help you sleep deeply and stay awake in the day.

The situation is very trivialized in the face of sleep disorders. These diseases are deadly slowly, but much more disabling than they may believe on a daily basis. Is it the pressure to be always more efficient? Sleeping is the basis and yet an investigation of the show J.E. reveals that 78% of Quebecers suffer from sleep disorders. We are facing an alarming situation!


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