Types of Mattresses

Hi Folks, in today’s posts i will share with you various types of mattresses that are available for sale and the main purpose of this post is to help you decide the most suitable mattress according to your need.

Following mattresses will be discussed in this article

  1. Memory Foam
  2. Gel Memory Foam
  3. Inner Spring Mattress
  4. Pillow Top Mattress
  5. Air Mattress
  6. Water Bed
  7. Latex Mattress
  8. Coconut Coir Mattress

1) Memory Foam

A fairly common type of mattress and a go-to for most casual users, Memory Foam is the poster boy for good mattresses. If you are unsure about what to buy, you can’t go wrong with Memory Foam mattresses. They are available at almost every bed, bath and beyond type store that you can think of and provide an all around complete package when it comes to comfort.

Memory Foam boasts the fact that it can conform to your body shape after you lie on it for an extended period of time while retaining the ability to go back to the way it was afterwards. Comfort is the main goal in these types of mattresses. Though there are many manufacturers of Memory Foam, they are essentially the same with negligible differences between two products from different companies.

2) Gel Memory Foam

A sub-type of Memory Foam, Gel is injected into these types of mattresses. There are a couple of different types of Gel but their overall purpose is the same – to regulate the body temperature of the sleeper so that they don’t get too hot when sleeping on the mattress. This is obviously a more expensive option and you should only consider it if you are satisfied by the comfort provided by the standard Memory Foam but are one of those people whose body gets hot during the night.

3) Innerspring Mattresses

The most common type of mattresses available in the market, these mattresses are also called coil mattresses. They are build using steel spring that go inside the mattress that help retain the original shape and prevent dipping. The springs can be made from materials other than steel but steel springs are the most common. They are padded over by soft fabrics or plushy materials so there is a lot more room for difference in quality in Innerspring Mattresses.

This is where you want to consider buying from a good manufacturer because the quality of the inner springs is often subject to shortcuts taken by companies cutting corners. So be careful of that.

4) Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow Tops are usually innerspring mattresses with an additional layer of pillow like material sewed-on on top. It provides an addition level of comfort and the same plushiness that you would find in a Memory Foam mattress. The pillow-like material on top can have a lot of variety and is different for each manufacturer.

5) Air Mattress

Air mattresses are inflatable, you pump air into them to fill out the insides through an air pump attached to the mattress. In most cases, you need an active electric supply to fill out an air mattress. The level of firmness of the bed itself can be adjusted by regulating the air pressure inside. Meaning you can have a firm or a soft mattress to sleep on by adjusting the air pressure. Though there are some concerns regarding health issues as it has been known to cause back pain in some cases.

6) Water Bed

Water beds uses water in combination with upholstery material for support. Hard sided water beds use a wooden frame attached firmly to the fabric of the bed. Water is pumped into the bed using a water motor or pump. In soft sided water beds hard foam acts as the frame while the fabric is attached to contain the water similar to the hard sided beds. In some cases water inside the bed is flowing freely which allows for a different sleeping experience than a regular bed. While in other cases the water flow is controlled through pipes which is more similar to conventional hard backed beds.

7) Latex Mattress

These are made out of latex foam while in most other cases you would get memory foam. Sometimes the latex foam is used only for the fabric though in some cases it is used for the support system as well. If looking for an alternative for Memory foam latex Mattresses are a nice second option. They are slower to heat up and come in different levels of firmness so people with different preferences have a bit of variety to choose from.

8. Coconut Coir Mattress

As the name speaks for it self the coconut coir mattress is filled up with husk of coconut and they are known for their firmness and recommended by doctors to patients having back pain or spinal issues. In some parts of world people use coconut mattresses specially for small babies. Figure shows a coconut coir mattress. The coconut coir is usually present inside PVC plastic or latex and finally a cotton covering around the mattress is also an optional thing.

coconut coir mattress for baby
Coconut coir mattress for baby


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