Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder review

Although I am a computer technician, I keep all necessary tools at my home so that I can do my day to day household tasks myself. Previously I had a steel folding step ladder but it got rusted as it was from a cheap Chinese brand. 

Last week I nearly broke my shoulder as I fell down while I was painting a wall in my backyard. 

My wife persuaded me to buy and order a new telescoping step ladder instantly. 

After spending almost 4 hours on amazon, while I was comparing and reading reviews of various ladders, I shortlisted “Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder”. 

I ordered this ladder somewhere mid of January 2022 and received the ladder almost 4 days later, which surprised me as I think it took too long. On Amazon, it was mentioned that you will get same day delivery within the United States. The harsh weather of Arizona, United States might be the reason for the delay of a few days.

The Xtend & Climb ladder has a lot of applications both at homes and commercial spaces. From a variety of usages some are  house/building maintenance, window cleaning, interior/interior decoration, painting, roof repairs, light bulb changes, etc. It is lightweight and really strong with weight bearing capability. This ladder has a weight capacity of 300 lbs so it means that it can carry two persons at a time easily.

The one I purchased is almost 12 feet in length when extended. 

It is compressed down to just 2.6 feet or 32 inches, which is mostly required in the kitchen to reach upper cabinets if you are little short heighted. The folding telescopic ladder comes with storage straps and  closes individually for anti-squeezing your fingers or hands. It has a magnificent length of 12 feet when it is fully open. However when folded it can fit in any SUV or sedan car bonnet/trunk very easily. A comfortable handle allows you to carry it with you for a longer distance without getting your arm strained.  

The best thing I found about Xtend & Climb ladder is totally no slippery at the most slippery tiles. Our review tried them on different types of floors like tiles and stones as well and in extreme conditions, it never slipped.

If you do a job of roof cleaning and removing ice from the rooftop this telescopic ladder can be your best friend as it can easily reach most of the roofs with its ideal 10ft height.

This step ladder is supplied with a spring-loaded lock and once locked you will confidently start your work or start picking fruits from the trees without any fear. This ladder can be adjusted to multiple heights and can be taken to different areas easily as it is very light weight.

It is one of the most lightweight ladders that our team reviewed and even a high school kid can carry it easily. It is solid enough to take indoors or outdoors for long trips and picnic parties. Even if you throw it in your garage or any other damp place, you won’t have to worry that it will catch any rust. 

Its folded size is 32 inches which is suitable for placing under the bed, or any closet with storage. You can also place it in any empty space in your kitchen due to its folding nature. The folding ladder can be taken to a different place and it can be stored in a small place so it suits those people for whom storage is a main issue.

 It has a dual-pin hinge and wide legs make the multi-position ladder more stable and safer. It has wider steps and rubber feet to increase the balance. The wider steps makes it suitable for bulky and obese people with large feet. Need not to mention we tested this ladder with heavy and fat people and the ladder had never shaken.

If you are a gardener, you need a ladder to pick fruits from the top most parts of trees, or you need a ladder to cut the parts of plants that are above your height, this aluminum ladder is an excellent choice.

With silicon grips at the bottom you will be sure that you will never get yourself injured due to slipping off the ladder. With a weight as low as 36 pounds and patented design it can be carried just like a school bag.

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