Zinus 14 inch gel memory foam pocket spring mattress review

Zinus 14 inch gel memory foam pocket spring hybrid mattress review
Zinus 14 inch gel memory foam pocket spring hybrid mattress review

Hi folks, welcome to my blog from Amanda.  I used my current mattress for almost 10 years and on  this wedding anniversary which was on 20th March 2020, my husband gave me as a gift a new Gel memory foam mattress from Zinus. It’s been almost 6 months I have used this mattress and I thought to write a few lines and my experience with the mattress. In short there is a big YES from my end for this mattress due to its extraordinary comfort level and high suitability and stability and support it provides to the patients suffering from spinal cord related issues.

We spent almost 2 months before buying this mattress and went through almost all reviews available on Amazon and eBay before we finally concluded to buy Zinus 14 Inch Gel Memory Foam Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress. What was most important for us was that our budget for the mattress was quite tight. Under the price tag of 400 dollars it was quite impossible to find a good memory foam mattress. Initially we lost our hopes but when we found the Zinus hybrid mattress after reading the reviews and finding that it was declared Amazon choice for 2020, we were quite happy and almost decided that we would go for this mattress.

Now that we have used it as a couple I would like to highlight some of its good points that I appreciated the most.

  • We have kids and they jumped  lot on the mattress and that was part of the fun games they enjoyed at home during the cold winter days here in the United States. Even after a lot of jumping there is no sagging and even after 6 months the mattress is totally noise less. This was very important for us because our old spring mattress was making annoying noises specially when one of us leaves the bed. Our old mattress was also making noises during the romantic foreplay related activities which was really very annoying. That was one of the reasons my husband decided to give me as a gift this hybrid mattress from Zinus because most reviews appreciated that it remained soundless even after use for several years. Now I admit that we enjoy our privacy many fold without those irritating mattress noises.
  • After giving birth to two babies I gained a considerable amount of weight, so one of my major concerns was that the mattress  we buy should not sag with passage of time. The special thing that we appreciated about Zinus was its edge support that not only prevents you or the kid from falling off from the bed but it provides you a nice place to sit on and watch your favorite Netflix shows. The Zinus mattress edge supports give me and my husband more area to sleep and also prevent the mattress from sagging specially from sides
  • My husband has been suffering from sleep apnea for the last 4 years. He wakes up many times at night especially to drink water because he is also having issues with gerd, acidity and food coming towards mouth and bad smell from mouth. That is why he gets up at night and brushes his teeth. These movements were quite disturbing for me as the motions he makes are transferred to me through the mattress. However I was really amazed that the Zinus 14  inch Gel mattress is very effective in isolating or blocking the motion. This motion was blocked specially due to Gel which is infused in the mattress. Sometimes I noticed that my daughter was jumping on the mattress and I was reading a novel sitting on the side of the mattress and I was quite comfortable and the book was not shaking.
  • Finally the best thing I liked about the Zinus 14 inch gel pocket spring hybrid is the cooling effect it gives specially when I come home after my daily workout. It was a really pleasant feeling and I even threw myself on the mattress to achieve that cooling effect. When I researched this, I came to know that the gel used in construction of this mattress draws heat very effectively from your body. The secret why it draws heat from your body is that the gel is made up of small particles or beads that are designed to allow air flow and this takes away heat from your body after cycling or tough workout when your body gets heat up.


Every thing has its own pros and cons and same is the case with Zinus 14 inch gel memory foam pocket spring mattress. Some of the competitors are giving more years warranty than Zinus. Another issue is that due to high amount of sale many a times the mattress becomes out of stock but the good thing that it is restocked very quickly.

Finally some of the customers complained that the mattress is too soft and they feel restless initially using the Zinus mattress. But that was not my own observation I found it exact firm as per my requirements so I have no regrets at all.

Hi I am Amanda Mark. I am a House Wife and a patient of back ache. I made this blog to help folks find the best stuff for their bedrooms specially if you have backbone issues. I also post reviews of stuff i like on Amazon.

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